Art Lighting Fixtures

The world renowned Phantom Contour Projector creates the unique “lighted from within” effect and is offered in the following mounting configurations to meet your specific site requirements. Phantom recessed picture lighting is easy to install and extremely versatile, because of their small, compact size and small ceiling aperture. Please click one of the images below to discover which Phantom Lighting installation technique will best adapt to your particular lighting needs.

Remodeler Housing
Float Finish Housing
The ultimate in fine art lighting is achieved using our recessed remodler housing for installation in existing ceilings, even between floors. White surface cover plate eliminates need for patching and painting. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. Recessed into new or existing ceiling, “floated in” for zero sight-line installation. Access panel, but  without any visible cover plate. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. The least conspicuous fine art lighting system available today.
New Construction Housing
Top Access Housing
Essential contour art projector lights can be designed into new construction of top tier residential properties using this recessed housing which mounts to ceiling joists or trusses prior to completing sheetrock ceiling. White surface cover plate. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. When a top quality invisible picture light is required, but ceiling finish will not accomodate an access panel or cover trim, recessed housings mount to ceiling joists or trusses from the attic. No access from below and only ceiling penetration is small light aperture. No surface cover plate. Custom hand cut brass template only.
Surface Mount Attachment
Track Mount Attachment
For mounting on a surface of ceiling, wall or beam this projector light is the system of choice. Optional white or black powdercoat finish. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. Available in remote transformer or integral transformer configurations. Art gallery lighting often relies on track or monopoint attachments for flexibility. Optional white or black powdercoat finish. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. Works with a variety of major track manufacturers products.

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Optical Framing Lights Are Perfect For Most Art Pieces
Optical framing lights are considered by most experts to be the superior choice for art displays. Artworks, particularly wall hangings, have a tendency to fade into the background if they do not have proper illumination.
High End Light Fixtures Should Be Used With Art
There are plenty of high-end light fixtures that can be used to display art, but they donít all work in the same settings. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of selecting a product before they are familiar with how art displays work, and the results can be extremely frustrating to deal with.
High End Art Lighting Fixtures Includes Optical Projectors
Often what separates a boring painting display and one that really sings are high end art lighting fixtures. Collectors and enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on a single piece, some of them one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.
Who Can Help Find The Best Techniques For Lighting Artwork?
The techniques put into lighting artwork are incredibly varied, and this can prove to be difficult for an untrained person. Proper lightings is an essential part of displaying paintings, photographs, sculptures and the like because illumination is what frames the subject.
What Are Some Common Fixtures Used For Lighting Framed Art?
Lighting framed art takes planning and skill, as even the smallest misstep will result in an inferior look. Owners will have a number of fixtures to choose from, but each option has their limitations. Some are inflexible, some are hard to manage, and others are unsafe to use near some paintings.
Guidelines To Follow When Looking For Modern Art Lighting
Although there are a number of approaches to modern art display and lighting, most techniques focus on integrating the fixtures into a cohesive aesthetic whole.
Use Techniques Like Masking Light To Fit Art
Why are illumination experts masking light to fit art? Illumination designers are always looking for a better way to display paintings, photographs, sculptures and other creative subjects.
Projection Art Lights Are A Top Choice
Many illumination design companies now incorporate projection into their art lights for better performance and customization. While it isnít the most practical solution for everyone, this method offers an incredible look that exudes professionalism and visual impact.
How Are Art Lighting Fixtures Used?
Phantomís art lighting fixtures offer a level of illumination that other technologies just canít match. Most lighting sources are designed to fix to the subjectís frame, or suspend above the subject.
Use The Appropriate Art Lighting For Illuminations
Professional quality art lighting is the perfect way to showcase every piece, whether it is a painting, photograph or sculpture. Poor illumination can make a subject appear dull or lifeless. Unfortunately, most lighting options are unsafe, unreliable, or unable to produce the desired look.
What Are The Advantages Of Using Art Lights?
Even the smallest painting or photograph can be infused with new life using Phantomís customizable art lights. A precious painting, photo or sculpture, is often the focal point of the room. Each artistic piece has a story behind it, a collection of memories that make it worth showing off.
What Are Some Challenges When Placing A Lighting Gallery?
What are some of the challenges involved in placing a lighting gallery in the home?
Where Can The Best Art Light Options Be Found
Art collectors are always looking for that perfect art light to bring out the best in their pieces. There are many options out there, but not all of them offer the high quality performance a high end piece of artwork deserves.
Why Choose An Art Light Fixture That Is Customized?
An art light fixture can be more than a simple ceiling mounted installation. Creative artisans can integrate beautiful radiance into a workable installation that also provides improved visibility. While these can be effective, Phantomís products are specifically designed to display a creative piece....
Looking For A Variety Of Art Light Fixtures
Displaying priceless paintings, sculptures, and other treasured creations requires specific art light fixtures, also known as optical framing projectors. Expert collectors and galleries prefer them because their beams precisely enhance the pieces they are illuminating.
Picking Art Lighting Fixtures For Highlighting A Display
Art lighting fixtures differ from regular illumination in that they are designed to turn a simple viewing into a presentation. The fixtures and their positioning are meant to showcase.
What Is The Purpose Of Artistic Lighting?
Artistic lighting has the power to make a treasured masterpiece shine and glow from within. For collectors and lovers of fine works of art, the illumination they choose can spell the difference between a painting (or sculpture) fading into the background or dazzling with unprecedented beauty.
Gallery Lighting Creates An Elegant Way For Displaying Art Work
Gallery lighting is usually reserved for museums, art showings and any rooms reserved for elegant displays. It is functional and used to highlight colors and shapes inherent in a piece of art. To accomplish this, the fixture needs to produce soft illumination in a targeted area.
The Purpose Of Decorative Lighting
Decorative lighting is intended to magnify special works of creativity and enhance keynote features of the general environment within a room.
How To Select The Best Art Lighting Fixtures
The best art deserves to be shown in the best possible light! Lighting your artwork may present a challenge because there are so many art lighting fixtures and lamps to choose from that it can be very hard to determine which models will provide the truly best art lighting for your collection.
Art Lighting Fixtures Come In A Variety Of Designs
Art requires lighting fixtures that are specifically designed to render color in exquisite detail, operate with minimal heat, and eliminate harmful ultraviolet and infrared light that can damage more sensitive pieces.
Looking Into Art Lighting With A Contour Projector
The Phantom contour projector is a bit different from other art illumination fixtures offered by some manufacturers. This projector produces an even focused light source over your painting so that all of those hidden rich colors are able to flood forth.
Using The Best Art Gallery Lighting Is Important
Phantom Lighting has helped light art galleries in Houston and around the country to select with the highest level of technical quality and design innovation possible.
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