Art Lighting

Phantom is pleased to make high end, high quality art lighting projectors that are perfect for the builder, the architect or the home owner.

Please review each of the projectors' specification sheets to determine what works best for each situation.

Float Finish (FF Series) Art Lighting Projector Float Finish (FF Series)   Top Access (TA Series) Art Lighting Projector Top Access (TA Series)
New Construction (NC Series) Art Lighting Projector New Construction (NC Series)   Surface Mount (SM Series) Art Lighting Projector Surface Mount (SM Series)
Remodel (RM Series) Art Lighting Projector Remodel (RM Series)      

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The Contour SM Series Is Perfect When Lighting Artwork
The Contour Surface Mount, or SM, Series, is the ideal projector for a home or business owner that wants maximum visual impact at an economical price. Unlike Phantom’s other projector models, the Surface Mount model is fixed directly to a ceiling, wall or other surface
How Does The Contour FF Series Stand Out From Other Fixtures?
The Contour Float finish, or FF, series is designed for homes where preserving the space’s aesthetic is essential. It is also a smart choice for buildings where attic access is not available, but most homeowners appreciate it for its extremely streamlined appearance.
Phantom SM Series Contour Projector
The Phantom Contour Projector SM Series (surface or track mount) is the most economical, easy to install framing projector for the illumination of art on the market today.
Phantom TA Series Contour Projector
Zero sight line recessed lights are the best way to maintain a clean ceiling appearance. The Phantom Contour Projector TA Series (top access design) is perfect for custom applications that require a smooth ceiling appearance.
Phantom NC Series Contour Projector
The Phantom Contour Projector NC Series (new construction housing) is designed for installation between floors as shallow as 10 " deep when access is not available from above.
Phantom RM Series Contour Projector
A first in the industry, the Phantom Contour Projector RM Series (Remodel housing) is specifically designed for installation between floors without damage to the ceiling and the low profile design will fit in joists as shallow as 10 " deep.
Phantom FF Series Contour Projector
The Phantom Contour Projector FF Series (float finish or zero sight line) housing is used for custom applications when a visable cover plate would be inappropriate for the ceiling finish.
Contour Projector Template For Installing Art Lighting
The Phantom Contour Projector is designed with the installer in mind and cutting confinement templates has never been easier. Sure, practice makes perfect but that can only be made simpler by knowing the tricks of the trade.
Photometric Data For The Contour Projector
Photometric data shown for the Contour projector is derived from measurements of luminous intensity at various angles measured from the projector aiming direction.
Choosing Lighting With The Contour Projector Overview
There are five major options available when considering lighting systems to highlight paintings and fine art.hey include the following: Float Finish (our FF Series); New Construction (NC Series); Remodel (RM Series); Top Access (TA Series) and our Surface Mount (SM Series) Contour Projectors.
Contour Projector Supplement
Installation instructions for the Phantom Contour Projector art lighting.
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