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Cabinet lighting can be functional or it can highlight a decorative centerpiece in any room. At first, this technology was primarily used to provide illumination for workspaces or for countertops. While this is still a popular reason for installing the technology, homeowners, museums, and art galleries are also adopting it for decorative reasons. It can be installed inside furniture to brighten up a set of shelves or it can be placed along an outside edge. This will better illuminate the surrounding area, and can create some dramatic, eye-catching effects. No matter the application a custom set of fixtures will ensure the right amount of illumination is produced, and that the fixtures themselves stay out of sight.

Many cabinet lighting installations are placed in the kitchen
. The most popular application is beneath a set of hanging cabinets, because this provides soft illumination in a small area. It’s perfect for food preparation, and for night owls grabbing a late night snack. The soft light isn’t bright enough to disturb anyone else in the home, but it still provides enough illumination to see clearly. This provides extra safety and security when moving around the kitchen. Homeowners can also have cabinet lighting installed inside the furniture. This helps a person see when looking for cookware, and also imparts a touch of elegance in the kitchen.

These fixtures can also be set up in other rooms, and are perfect for bookcases, closets, and display shelving. When spread throughout a home, they can provide ample illumination at night without having to waste electricity on brighter bulbs. In fact, safety and power efficiency should be considered before selecting any fixtures. For this reason, many homeowners consult with an expert in the industry before installing anything. An experienced company like Phantom Lighting will be able to produce a custom solution using the best technology available. Before setting the fixtures, the surfaces that will be attached to are measured out. This ensures the product will fit on the piece of furniture, and remain invisible while switched on. Cabinet lighting is typically low voltage, so it uses less electricity and produces less heat than traditional bulbs.

Until the late 20th century, puck lights and fluorescent bulbs were the first choice when it came to cabinet lighting
. At first, puck fixtures were popular for their high brightness, which was ideal for food preparation in the kitchen. Puck bulbs, though, were expensive to operate regularly. So, many homes started transitioning to fluorescent fixtures. Fluorescent bulbs are still common in kitchens around the country for general illumination, but they are no longer used for cabinet illumination. Their cool color hues mute other colors, and leave the room feeling cold and harsh.

This is why experts in the industry have switched over to low voltage LED bulbs and festoon lamps. These fixtures have an extremely low profile, and can be placed nearly anywhere without standing out. Their cutting-edge technology allows them to output constant levels of soft warmer hues. They are safe to use, and can create dramatic silhouettes when installed properly. This technology is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to improve the elegance and functionality of any room in the home.

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Cabinet lighting pros donít just know fixtures, they know how to get the most from them and can help homeowners work with them as well. These experts excel with display applications, providing an artistic and technical eye for any aesthetic installation.
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Cabinet lighting reviews can be found online with a quick search, and most tend to agree on a few things. For one, aesthetics are paramount, and the best way to preserve the look of a room is to pick a fixture that can be easily concealed.
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There Are Many Reasons To Install Above Cabinet Lighting
Installing above cabinet lighting can be a simple way to add extra visibility and beauty in a space. It is also something that is often overlooked. Many homeowners know about placing fixtures inside the furniture, but they may not realize that the top of the furniture needs attention too.
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Almost every home has a nook, cranny, display case, or shelving unit that could be enhanced with cabinet lighting. Furnishings such as shelves, curio cabinets, bookcases, or display cases offer a fine resting area for a family
What Makes Phantom's LED Cabinet Lights A Safe Choice
Improved technology and an active market have made LED cabinet lights a popular choice among homeowners. Diode fixtures are superior in most ways to outdated incandescent and fluorescent lamps and are highly customizable.
How To Find The Best Cabinet Light Fixtures For Displays
A homeowner that wants to spruce up some display furniture with cabinet light fixtures has many options available to them. Incandescent, fluorescent, xenon and LED lamps can all be used for this purpose, and they all have their benefits.
Where Can The Best Adjustable Cabinet Lighting Be Found?
There are a few brands of adjustable cabinet lighting available on the market, but Phantom
The Variety Of Uses Of Cabinet Lighting And Hidden Fixtures
Elegant cabinet lighting can update the look of any house or room where it is installed. There are an array of luminances available on the market with an endless amount of possibilities. When most people think of cabinet lighting, they automatically envision lighting the kitchen countertops.
Picking Out The Most Suitable Cabinet Lighting Fixtures
There are many different types of cabinet lighting fixtures, or cove illumination, out on the market and their applications are limitless. Cove illumination is extremely durable and flexible, fitting into small, confined spaces where traditional illumination cannot fit.
Cabinet Lighting Focuses on Light Not Fixtures
Cabinet Lighting from Phantom Lighting, a cabinet lighting manufacturer provides superior low voltage LED, incandescent and xenon cabinet lights for a wide variety of custom cabinet lighting installations, including concealed wiring for adjustable shelves.
LED Cabinet Lighting Is Bright, Eco Friendly and Cost Effective
LED Cabinet lighting continues to increase in popularity as more people realize the cost saving benefits and superior performance that diode-based illumination provides them.
LED Corner Cabinet Lighting Can Fix Over Heating Issues
Corner cabinets can be lit more efficiently and more effectively than ever with new LED festoon lamps that solve the problems of heat buildup, limited lumen output, and color temperature limitations that previously plague LED lighting.
The Unique Challenges With Corner Cabinet Lighting
Corner antique reproduction cabinet lighting poses unique challenges on two levels. On an aesthetic level, the color temperature of the light must be carefully selected.
Custom Cabinet Lighting With Phantom
Homes today are more like small buildings than the traditional houses of 40 years past. They contain more rooms, more furniture, and more interior custom build outs than previous designs afforded.
Choosing The Right Cabinet Lighting Systems
Linear Lighting Strips by Phantom Lighting can be used to build entire cabinet lighting systems for displays, book shelves, break fronts, antique cases, armoires, and custom kitchen cabinets.
Phantom Cabinet Lighting Installation Tips and Ideas
Partnership with Phantom Lighting makes custom cabinet light installation more efficient and precise for the lighting design and electrical contractor.
Knowing What The Cabinet Lighting Essentials Are
By definition, it is the process of lighting the interior (and, by implication, the contents) of any cabinet.
Why Choose Cabinet Lighting From Phantom
Cabinet lighting installations are found in a variety of residential and commercial environments, and they are used for both decorative and functional lighting purposes.
AC Series Buss Bar Power Illustrations
This set of photos will lead you through the Phantom Adjustable Concealed concept (AC Series).
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