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Cove lighting is one of the most dynamic ways to showcase interior architecture.  As one of the most notable forms of indirect lighting, it serves both aesthetic and functional designs.  Fixtures can be purchased on one of two engineering designs (linear or ribbon).  These custom fixtures, combined with new LED technology, have made it possible for energy efficient festoon lamps to produce color temperatures equivalent to those of traditional xenon lamps.  This allows designers to create the most intricate accents and simultaneously cut the energy costs of residential, hospitality, and service industry clients. 

Indirect lighting is essential to the dynamics of interior design.  In a typical room, the upper portion of the room’s vertical cube is used for mounting fixtures that shine down on occupants and furnishings.  This leaves a significant portion of the ceiling in shadow because the illumination is shining away from it.  Cove lighting fills this space with an ambient glow that follows the perimeter of the ceiling and accents the architectural keynotes of ceiling dimensions.  This also serves a functional purpose within the room as furnishings and occupants are bathed in a wash of luminance that provides superb color rendering and visibility without glare. 

Why is low-level cove lighting better than direct light?

In many instances, this type of low-level luminance is preferable to brighter, direct luminance.  This technique is used extensively in when illuminating bathroom ceilings, foyers, and kitchens.  Lighting controls allow users to manipulate intensity levels so that luminance is reflected from the ceiling in varying degrees.   Higher levels will emphasize the dimension and colors within the room, whereas lower levels will generate a mood that is warm, relaxed, and composed. 

How do you acheive the most effective broad spectrum lighting using cove lights?

To achieve this broad spectrum of effective lighting, cove lighting fixtures must be completely concealed from every angle of incidence at floor level.  Only their illumination should be seen—never their actual form.  Fixtures should also be customized to the surface upon which they are mounted.  There are so many different styles of interior architecture that it is impossible to compliment them all without using fixtures that are custom designed for their specific dimensions.  This is why Phantom offers these fixtures in two distinctive engineering designs, and this is why each design type is customized to its architectural environment.

Classic effects are achieved through the use of xenon or LED festoon lamps mounted on low-profile linear strips that can be concealed along a variety of ceiling cove types.  Xenon produces the traditional golden ambience that people associate with decorative cove lighting in hotels, restaurants, and luxury homes.  New energy saving LED’s however, have become so sophisticated that they can now be used in many higher end decorative applications that previously could only be done with xenon or incandescent lamps.

For cove lighting in places too narrow to conceal linear strips, designers can use LED ribbon technology to generate a continuous spread of illumination that seems to magically spring from the ceiling itself.  These trim, ultra low-profile fixtures are ideal for environments that previously could not be illuminated with linear strips.  Extra bright models are available that will accommodate both functional purposes as well as superb decorative effects. 

With the blend of superior LED lamps and custom ribbon engineering, any room can now be rendered with an elegant touch.


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