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Today’s LED light fixture manufacturers are challenged to bring the latest lighting technology to an increasingly environmentally concerned—and therefore energy conscious world—without leaving behind those who must integrate the new with the old in an incremental, transitional process. Many companies, specialty retailers, and home users must still rely on traditional lighting fixtures and incandescent lighting fixtures due to budgetary constraints. The progressively minded led strip lighting manufacturer recognizes this reality when proposing any type of upgrade. Certain key design features have to be incorporated into LED bulbs, lamps, and fixtures in order to create the lighting design equivalent of “backward compatibility” without degrading forward motion and industry evolution. It is by striking this delicate balance with innovative engineering that Phantom Lighting has emerged as a leading manufacturer of low voltage lighting that is rapidly expanding its service offerings and adding value to multiple global markets.

For the present time, Phantom Lighting focuses its energies as a led lighting manufacturer on the design and custom-ordered manufacturing of high-end linear strip lights. These lighting strips advance both decorative and display cabinet lighting by leaps and bounds without leaving the end user behind. There are several key points of differentiation that resolve this apparent paradox, and a brief understanding of led lighting itself will quickly work to clarify what we mean by this statement.

LED festoon light bulbs normally function on Direct Current only and typically require a DC power inverter to make them compatible with an AC wiring system. This, of course, presents a burden for the end user on two levels. One, the user now must purchase special dimmer controls on top of the price point of the light fixtures themselves. Two, the end user or design consultant now has to figure out just how to install the new lighting without completely rewiring the system. Phantom coordinates the manufacturing of led lights and linear light strips that resolve both of these issues by engineering its products with design features found nowhere else in the world.

We design linear strips that are powered by low voltage magnetic transformers that are fully compatible with 120/220 VAC primary current and eliminate the headache of AC to DC conversion on the low voltage side. Secondly, we manufacture led lighting strips to work independently of exposed physical wires. As the technical documents and other articles on our website discuss at great length, our utilization of existing metal shelf standards (AE Series) to transmit current keeps wires out of sight and out of mind. It also enables us to manufacture led light strips that are easier for us to have custom fabricated and simpler for our clients to adjust.

We also work very hard to accommodate those who do not have the budget to replace entire incandescent lighting strips. We have developed a special printed circuit board design that enables us to manufacture led home lighting lamps capable of completely replacing 12 VAC incandescent and xenon festoons on previously installed linear lighting systems. This has resulted in a tremendous cost savings for commercial clients who are looking to obtain LEEDS certification by reducing their wattage per square foot. Many have been postponing certification until funds become available for fixture retrofits.

Now, in most cases, it is only necessary to replace the lamps without throwing out the strip lights. We use the world’s top commercial grade led components and have them installed in our unique festoon LED lamp design. The key components to this design are the quality of the LED’s themselves and the combined output of six identical Led’s placed in close proximity to one another. The result is a combined output of approximately 50 lumens (the same as that of xenon and incandescent lamps) that easily outperforms the lamps of other led lighting manufacturers that can only produce 10 lumens each on the average.

We are also a very realistic manufacturer of led lights. We understand that that the days of a completely “green” technology world have not yet arrived, and that clients often need education and support just as much as they need new technology. Therefore, to even better serve our clients, we have placed lighting representatives in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and a growing number of countries in South America. These professional lighting agents offer expertise on commercial interior design lighting, retail showcase lighting, home decorative lighting, showcase lighting, display lighting and under cabinet lighting for kitchens and bathrooms—all at no additional cost beyond the initial point of purchase. We intend to continue our emergence not only the world’s premier manufacturer of led light fixtures, but also as the world’s leading consulting firm that combines technical and aesthetic expertise with every order.

We invite you to contact customer service at 1-800-863-1184 for literature or to visit our lighting blog to learn more about how we can help your home, your business, or your lighting design clients.

LED lighting is the future and at Phantom Lighting, the future is now!

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