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Phantom Lighting Systems infuses your home with visual elegance and a dash of drama.
Inventive Phantom lighting expertise that inspires design projects.
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Why Phantom

Phantom Lighting Systems

Innovative, custom lighting design solutions made easy for art lighting, cove lighting, and cabinet lighting.

Light was once viewed as merely a fundamental background element within the walls and spaces of homes and businesses. But, there was little thought by most as to how light impacted our surroundings. More and more upscale homeowners and businesses today use professional fine art lighting, cove lighting, and cabinet lighting to enhance the quality of their interior spaces.

The experts at Phantom Lighting Systems see light as more than a functionality. It’s a dynamic, creative discipline that has the potential to alter our world and the spaces we live, work, and play.

Lighting has become an essential tool to enhance our interiors, both functionally and aesthetically. It can change how we view things while shaping our moods and altering our frame of mind. Light impacts our experiences and influences our atmosphere, manifesting its qualities in our every day lives.

Simply put, light changes the way we live. Its power cannot be overstated.

Our custom-designed lighting fixtures and lighting design process take all of these things into consideration to deliver bold, beautiful, unique lighting solutions that will surpass all your expectations.

Phantom Lighting
Exclusive, Patented Lighting Products

Phantom Lighting’s founder is a visionary in the lighting design world. After nearly 40 years in the lighting industry, he built upon his expert knowledge to simplify lighting design while creating solutions that redefine the art of illumination. In doing so, he developed patented products that amplify light and minimize the hardware that projects it. Each of our products can be cut to fit nearly any type of lighting application, including art lighting, cove lighting, and cabinet lighting projects.

Forward Thinking Lighting Philosophy

Our pioneering vision was born from the perception of what could be rather than what has always been. We envisioned the bold expectations and grand possibilities, setting out on a mission to make it happen – every time. We created a fusion of inventive lighting solutions and paired them with extraordinary design philosophy. The results are stunning visual masterpieces in objects, art, cabinets, around coves, and architectural surroundings.

Precise Artful Illumination

Light is a vital element that impacts our everyday lives. That’s why it’s so essential that your lighting design solution is of the highest caliber. The lighting design products and services at Phantom Lighting Systems are the best and the brightest you’ll find on the market today. Our color renditions are more precise and vibrant, delivering exceptional, efficient performance no matter the focus of illumination. Phantom’s products really excel at lighting dimly lit cove areas, art, and cabinets, whether under cabinet lighting, cabinets that display collectibles, or countertop lighting.

Masterful Lighting Design

We collaborate with some of the foremost professionals in the business to deliver inspiring, innovative lighting design that is tailored to your project’s needs. Our integrated solutions help unleash the full potential of the incredible power of light. Phantom’s Lighting Systems were designed and engineered to render light right where you want it. Our revolutionary design process is elaborate, but is simplified enough for use in a variety of applications.

Customized Lighting Solutions

We care about the customer experience and want to ensure that yours is stellar from beginning to end. Your needs are unique and demand a customized lighting solution. When you reach out to us, we’ll first want to discover what’s important to you and what your goals are. Then we make it happen by leveraging our prowess and rapport with the lighting design industry’s leading experts.

State of the Art Technology

We took our decades of experience and combined our knowledge to create products using cutting edge lighting technology that effectively illuminates while hiding the fixtures that produce the light. Phantom also stays ahead of the lighting trends to modify our lighting systems to accommodate our clients’ wants and needs. In fact, we’re often the trendsetter. Our savviness in developing best-in-class lighting products has garnered us the admiration of our peers. Many come to us to purchase our lighting systems when implementing a lighting design for their clients.

Let's collaborate on your lighting needs.

Phantom Lighting