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At Phantom Lighting, our lighting design professionals will help turn your dreams into reality. Whether you have an idea, a picture, a simple drawing on a napkin or a formal drawing created by a professional, we can custom tailor a lighting solution designed especially for you! The service is free and the results are dramatic.

Design Professionals

At Phantom Lighting, our experienced design team is available to assist you with any residential and commercial lighting application.  Let us provide cut sheets, technical specifications or product information necessary for the perfect lighting solution. We are here to help!

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Original lighting equipment manufacturer specializing in fine art lighting, art projector lights, picture lighting, custom cabinet lights, adjustable shelf lighting and low voltage display lighting fixtures.

LED Art Lighting

Illuminating fine artwork can take many forms, and proper art lighting can range from picture frame lights to low voltage spot lights, and from track lights to framing projector lights.

Spot lights are inexpensive, but they create a pool of light that not only illuminates the artwork itself, but also spills light on the surrounding wall surface. The same is true of track lights. Picture lights can somewhat confine the light to the art piece, yet are more conspicuous and tend to be distracting. A true framing projector light can craft the light to shape that matches the shape of the artwork, making the piece appear to be lighted from within. A projector can even be installed in its own recessed housing in the ceiling, so it is completely concealed and allows the focus to center on the art piece rather than the fixture.

LED Cabinet Lighting

The contents of display cabinets, curio cabinets, kitchen cabinets and bookcases are most effectively illuminated using linear strip lighting fixtures.

When properly fabricated and installed, these low voltage lights can be easily concealed due to their low profile design. They can also make a striking improvement in the aesthetics of any room. The proven technology and warmth of light produced by Xenon type incandescent bulbs remains a very popular choice for many who enjoy the amber tone of light, which results upon dimming. The desirable benefits of LED light sources are now available as alternatives, providing the same warm tone of light with constant color tones.

LED Cove Lighting

Cove lighting creates a soft continuous perimeter of light around the ceiling of any room, adding another welcome dimension and a subtle touch of distinction.

Whether the ceiling is flat or vaulted, textured or patterned, or possibly decorated with mural art, the use of custom linear lighting will enhance the visual impact of the room. Dimmable low voltage lighting permits a range of brightness, whereby higher intensity results in an effective indirect room lighting effect, and lower intensity creates a warm intimate glow. Xenon light bulbs also have the ability to achieve a more golden tone when dimmed, if desired. Newer LED lights can have the same warm tone and remain the same even when employing a dimmer.

Phantom Lighting differentiates itself from all other low voltage lighting manufacturers by engineering fine art and led display cabinet lighting products found nowhere else in the world. We have earned a reputation as pioneer lighting manufacturers by developing patented technology that delivers precise measurements and variations of light from concealed sources.

No other art lighting manufacturer devotes the amount of time that we invest in adapting our proprietary technology to the specific needs of each commercial and residential client.