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12 Volt LED Home Lighting Products

2700K LED Festoon Lamps

3 Advantages Of LED Art Projector Lighting

5 Reasons That Display Cabinet Lighting Fixtures Do the Best Job

A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Counter Lighting

A Comprehensive Guide to LED Cabinet Lighting

A Contemporary Picture Deserves The Best Lights

A Contour Projector Lights Art Displays Instead Of A Whole Room

A Framing Projector Light Should Be Used With Art

A Surface Mount Art Projector Has Many Benefits

About Phantom Lighting Sales Representatives

Achieving Mood Lighting In Your Rooms

Adding Dimension to Your Rooms with LED Cove Lighting

Adding Low Profile LED Under Cabinet Lighting To A Kitchen

Adding Under Counter LED Lighting To Your Kitchen

Adding Under Mount Cabinet Lighting To Your Home

Adjustable Cabinet Lighting: A League of Its Own

Adjustable Cabinet Lights Offer The Best Solution

Adjustable Cabinet Shelf Lights

Adjustable Lighting For Cabinets Can Fit Any Shelf

Adjustable Lighting For Merchandizing Is A Great Method

Adjustable Retail Shelf Lights Offer Stores Many Options

Adjustable Shelf Lighting

Adjustable Shelf Lights & Cabinet Lighting

Adjusting Framing Projectors Makes A Difference For Display

Advantages and Drawbacks of Rope Lights & Cove Rope Lighting

Advantages of Using 2700K LED Festoon Lamps

All About Phantom LED Strip Lighting

Always Use The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays

An LED Cove Light Provides Better Illumination With Less Energy

An LED Framing Projector Turns Every Subject Into An Exhibit

Anyone Can Use Phantom Lighting Fixture Factory Assistance

Architectural Lighting

Are Framing Projectors The Best Choice?

Are LED Lighting Systems Right For Your Display?

Art Illumination Techniques From Lighting Professionals

Art Light Placement Matters For The Best Illumination

Art Lighting Advice Can Be Found At Phantom

Art Lighting Experts At Phantom Offer The Best Fixtures

Art Lighting Experts Can Help You Create Any Display

Art Lighting Fixtures & Picture Lighting Techniques For Galleries, Fine Art Collectors And Museums

Art Lighting Fixtures Come In A Variety Of Designs

Art Lighting Suggestions Could Make A World Of Difference

Art Lighting Upgrades Can Make A Big Difference

Art Museum Lighting Fixtures, Picture Lights And Art Lights Manufactured By Phantom Lighting

Art Projectors Shape Light In Many Interesting Ways!

Attracting People Is Easy When Using Bar Light Fixtures

Awesome Shelf Lighting Makes A Difference

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Create Ambiance

Before And After Images Of Fine Art Lighting With The Phantom Contour Projector

Benefits Of Flexible Hidden Shelf Lights Using LED

Bookcase Lighting & Cabinet Lights

Bookcase Lighting Using LED Protects Your Items

Building Cove Lighting

Cabinet LED Display Lights Are Good Display Lighting Options

Cabinet Light Accessories Are Available For Optimal Illumination

Cabinet Light Fixtures

Cabinet Light Moldings Are Essential For Displays

Cabinet Light Trims Offers Concealment For Your Fixture

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting & Cabinet Lights

Cabinet Lighting & Display Lights

Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Cabinet Lighting Pros Are Worth Hiring For Your Home

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling Ideas

Cabinet Lighting Reviews Helps You Make A Good Decision

Cabinet Lighting Systems

Cabinet Lights

Cabinet Lights & Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lights & Cove Lighting Supplies

Call Shelf Lighting Experts Before Installing Display Lights

Casino Lighting & LED Cove Lights

Ceiling Flush Mount Light Using The Float Finish Contour Projector Housing

Choose A LED Framing Projector For Art Lighting

Choose Miniature Shelf Lights Using LED Technology

Choose Recessed Lighting For Your Art Work

Choosing A Low Profile Linear LED Light Source

Choosing LED Display Lighting For Sports Memorabilia

Choosing LED Shelf Lighting To Add Focus On A Display

Choosing Shelves With Lighting Built In For Displays

Choosing The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays

Choosing The Best Option Of Modern Art Picture Lights

Choosing The Best Under Cabinet Lighting Options

Choosing The Right Lighting Fixture Systems For A Display

Choosing The Right Lighting Systems For Your Display

Classic Adjustable Concealed Shelf Lighting

Classic Adjustable Exposed Shelf Lighting

Classic Cabinet Lighting Fixture

Classic Cove Mount Lighting

Classic Festoon Lamps

Classic Horizontal Mount Shelf Lighting

Classic Task Light

Classic Transformer Information

Classic Trim & Paint Options

Classic Vertical Mount Shelf Lighting

Compare Festoon Options With The LED Lamp Performance Chart

Compare the Phantom Contour Projector light to other optical framing projector lighting

Concealed LED Shelf Lights Are Subtle And Sophisticated

Concealed Mounting Specifications

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Is Beautiful Yet Functional

Contour Lighting Projectors

Contour Projector Frequently Asked Questions

Contour Projector Literature

Contour Projectors For Fine Art Lighting Have Many Options

Contour Projectors Perfect the Art of Light Display

Cordless Picture Lights Offer More Placement Options

Cost Effective LED Cove Lighting Replacement Lamps

Countertop Lighting & Undercabinet Lights

Countertop Lights & Counter Top Lighting

Cove Lighting Construction

Cove Lighting Fixtures

Cove Lighting Fixtures Phantom

Cove Lighting Manufacturing Company

Cove Lighting Supplier

Cove Lights Add A Unique Touch To Your Home

Creating Crystal Displays Isn’t Hard With The Right Fixtures

Creating Unique Cabinet Lighting In A Room

Custom Art Lighting Has Many Options

Custom Bookcase Lighting Plans

Custom Cabinet Lighting for Your New Home

Custom Cabinet Lights Take A Lot Into Consideration

Custom Cove Lighting Systems

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Light

Custom Lighting Solutions

Deciding Between Xenon Vs. LED Festoon Lamps

Deciding On Cabinet Lighting Products

Deciding To Install Cabinet Lighting To Any Room

Decorative Accent Lighting

Decorative Accent Lighting for Striking Ambience

Designing Adjustable Cabinet Lights

Designing Cove Lighting In Homes

Different Types Of Art & Artifact Lighting Methods

Different Ways To Use Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact

Displays For A Library Shelf Should Have LED Light Strips

Do LED Lights Produce Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?

Does Art Light Placement Matter When Lighting Pieces?

Does Flexible LED Cabinet Lighting Make A Difference?

Does Non-Glare Glass Really Eliminate The Glare?

Educating The Professional Design Community About Phantom Lighting Products!

Eliminate Glare & Avoid Shadows by Understanding Angle of Incidence

Eliminating Glare From Art With Glass

Eliminating Glare From Art With Gloss Finish For A Display

Eliminating The Glare From Art With Glass For Displays

Elite Adjustable Concealed Installation

Elite Adjustable Concealed Shelf Lighting

Elite Adjustable Exposed Installation

Elite Adjustable Exposed Shelf Lighting

Elite Cove Mount Installation

Elite Cove Mount Light

Elite Horizontal Mount Installation

Elite Horizontal Mount Shelf Lighting

Elite Task Lighting

Elite Task Lighting Installation

Elite Trim & Paint Options

Elite Vertical Mount Installation

Elite Vertical Mount Shelf Lighting

ETL Approved, Phantom Puts Everything On Display In A Whole New Light

Everything You Need to Know About Bookcase & Library Lighting

Expert Technical Assistance Straight from the Phantom Factory

Experts Can Help When Designing Cove Lighting In Kitchens

Experts Use A Variety Of Techniques For Lighting Artwork

Find Experts In Lighting Fine Art When Needing Help

Find Specialists In Fine Art Lighting

Finding a Custom Under Cabinet Lighting Manufacturer

Finding A Professional For Art Lighting Advice

Finding Bookshelf Lighting Ideas For Displays

Finding Help With Phantom Lighting System Experts

Finding LED Display Lighting For Figurine Collections

Finding Phantom Lighting Technical Assistance For Fixtures

Finding The Best Furniture Lighting Fixtures

Finding The Best Picture Light

Fine Art Illumination Is Done With Optical Framing Projector

Fine Art Lighting

Fine Art Lighting Is Unlike Other Forms of Illumination

Fine Art Lighting Manufacturers

Fine Art Lighting With And Without The Phantom Contour Projector

Fine Art Projector Lighting Manufacturer

Flexible Cove Lighting

Float Finish LED Projector – LED

Float Finish Projector Installation

Float Finishing Instructions

Focusing Light To Highlight Art With An Optical Projector

For A Cabinet Use Interior Display Lighting

For Precision Art Lighting Use Contour Projectors

Framing Light with the Phantom Contour Projector

Framing Projectors Are The Preferred Method Of Lighting Fine Art

Furniture Lighting

Gallery Lighting Creates An Elegant Way For Displaying Art Work

Get Assistance From Experts When Lighting Fine Art

Get Help Focusing Optical Projectors To Illuminate Art

Get Lighting Advice For Art From The Professionals

Get Lighting Inspiration on Pinterest

Get Shelf Lighting Ideas From A Professional

Get Some General Information Before Locating Art Lights

Get The Best Illumination With Modern Lighting Fixtures

Get The Perfect Lighting Fixture With Factory Assistance

Getting Assistance From Experts In Lighting Fine Art

Getting Technical Lighting Assistance Makes A Difference

Great Art Lighting is Science Disguised as Magic

Halogen Art Lighting Is An Efficient Option

Hidden Lighting

High End Art Lighting Fixtures Are Very Important

High End Light Fixtures Work For Displaying Art

Home Accent Lighting

Home Accent Lighting Fixtures

Home Accent Lighting Phantom

Home Cabinet Lighting Makes A Difference For Displays

Home Lighting Ideas For Adding Illumination To A Room

Home Office Display Takes On Sophisticated Look With Phantom Low Voltage Shelf Lighting

How Are Low Voltage Cabinet Lights A Cost Effective Option

How Are Under Cabinet LED Lights Used

How Are Valance Lighting Techniques Similar To Cove Lighting?

How Can A Cove Lighting Design Be Customized?

How Can Art Lighting Projectors Be Used In Different Settings?

How Can Designing Cove Lighting Solutions Impact A Home?

How can I eliminate reflections and glare on my art from normal viewing angles?

How Can Indirect Cove Lighting Benefit Your Home?

How Can You Minimize Glare With A Surface Mount Fixture?

How do I calculate amperage, wattage and correct wire sizes for Phantom low voltage lighting strips?

How Do Lighting Submittals Help Professionals?

How Do Recessed Art Projectors Focus Lighting Without Shadows?

How Does Architectural Lighting Improve A Room?

How does the Phantom Contour Projector compare with other optical framing projector?

How does the Wendelighting® optical projector compare to the Phantom Optical Contour Projector?

How Highlighting Art With Optical Framing Projectors Works

How Is Closet Lighting Beneficial To A Homeowner?

How Is Indirect LED Cove Illumination Normally Used?

How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?

How Lighting Shelves Effectively Should Be Done

How Long Do LED Cabinet Lights Last And Are They Dimmable?

How Phantom Products Integrate with Top Lighting Control Systems

How To Choose From The Various Options Of Artistic Lighting

How To Effectively Perform Framed Art Lighting

How To Focus Art Lights As A Homeowner

How To Perform Customized Art Lighting

How To Use Cove Molding Lighting For Highlighting Features

How To Use In Cabinet Lighting For Display Furniture

I am looking for some help designing art lighting in the Los Angeles California area

I have always been reluctant to specify or furnish Wendelighting optical framing projectors.

Illuminate Two Paintings Separately From One Phantom Contour Projector

Illuminating Adjustable Shelving With LED Lights

Illuminating Fine Art By Using Traditional Picture Lights

Illuminating Prized Collections with Phantom LED Display Lighting

In Cabinet Lighting with Puck Lights and Low Voltage Linear Lighting Strips.

Indirect Cove Lighting Designs

Inside and Under Cabinet Lighting Options

Installation Instructions For Framing Projectors

Installation Instructions On Art Lights For Homeowners

Installing an Optical Framing Projector

Installing LED Display Cabinet Lights

Installing Linear Light Sources as Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights

Installing recessed light for fine art using the top access Contour projector

Interior Cabinet Lighting Illuminates A Display

Interior Decorator Lighting FAQs

Interior Designers

Ivory Collections Need LED Fixtures

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Kitchen Countertop Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen Cove Lighting

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting Provides Functional Illumination

LED Art Gallery Lighting Systems Showcase And Protect Artwork

LED Cabinet Lighting

LED Cabinet Lighting Installation Tips from Phantom

LED Cabinet Lighting: Protect Your China Collection

LED Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Can Make A Room Stand Out

LED Cove Lighting & Cove Lights

Led Cove Lighting & LED Lamps

LED Cove Lights & Cove Lighting

LED Display Lighting For Lead Soldier Collections

LED Festoon Lamps: The Smart Choice

LED Festoon Lighting System from Phantom Lighting

LED Festoon Strip Lighting

LED Framing Projectors Are Considered The Best Way to Light Art

LED Jewelry Display Case Lighting Fixtures, Strip Lighting, Low Voltage Linear Xenon Lighting Strips.

LED Lamps & LED Light Bulbs

LED lamps from Phantom Lighting are easy to install and snap right into place without the need of a technician.

LED Light Bulbs are the Future of Strip Lighting

LED Lighting

LED Optical Framing Projectors

LED Undercabinet & Under Cabinet Lights

LEDs and Recessed Art Lighting: A Perfect Pairing

Let Phantom Art Lighting Experts Help You

Library Shelf Display Lighting

Lighting Agents – Lighting Representatives Promoting Phantom Lighting In Over 40 States

Lighting antique cabinets and other furniture using custom Phantom low voltage strip lighting fixtures.

Lighting Antique Cabinets Is Just One Of The Many Uses For Phantom Lighting

Lighting Antique Corner Cabinets

Lighting Art From Within With Optical Framing Projectors

Lighting Bookcase Cabinets Using Adjustable LED Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Cabinets & Bookshelf Lights

Lighting Cabinets With Fixed Shelves

Lighting Contemporary Fine Art With Phantom Low Voltage Projectors & Strip Lights

Lighting Crystals And Gems Makes A Difference In Displays

Lighting Curio Cabinets and Antique Furniture

Lighting Curio Cabinets Is Harder It Seems

Lighting Cut Sheets Are Important When Deciding On Fixtures

Lighting Cut Sheets Provide Detailed Specs

Lighting Factory Assistance For Homeowners & Professionals

Lighting fine art over a sofa without glare in your eyes.

Lighting Fine Art, Picture Light Experts, Art Lights & Projector Lighting Fixtures.

Lighting Fixture Catalogs Should Be Reviewed

Lighting Fixture Manufacturer

Lighting Fixture Submittals Offer Several Pieces Of Information

Lighting Fixtures Have A Wide Range Of Options

Lighting For Paintings Needs To Be Done Correctly

Lighting Ideas

Lighting Installations Using The Phantom Contour Projector

Lighting Manufacturers

Lighting manufacturers who specialize in niche markets always shine bright!

Lighting Mineral Collections Requires Planning

Lighting Mineral Collections Using LED Fixtures

Lighting Minerals And Gems

Lighting Multiple Objects Of Art From One Light Source

Lighting Paintings With Optical Framing Projectors

Lighting projector uses Rosco steel and custom gobos for creating images and patterns

Lighting Sculptures And Three Dimensional Art Is What The Phantom Light Is All About

Lighting Shelving Requires Certain Fixtures

Looking for a simple LED solution to replace your low voltage incandescent & xenon festoon light bulbs?

Looking for Cabinet Lighting?

Looking To Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Low Voltage Art Lighting Techniques, Picture Lighting Products & Artwork Lights For Illuminating Fine Art

Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Low Voltage Display Lighting, Linear Cabinet Lights, LED Strip Lighting, Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting from Phantom Systems.

Low voltage lighting transformers designed to operate Phantom light strips

Low Voltage Shelf Lighting Can Add a Special Touch to Any Book Shelf, Breakfront, or Armoire

Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting – Frequently Asked Questions

Low Voltage Undercounter Lighting

Making Home Improvements With Under Cabinet Lighting

Manipulating Focused Light To Follow The Contour Of Art

Masking Light For Art Is A Great Method

Masking Light To Fit Art For Custom Shaped Pieces

Michigan State University shines brightly with Phantom Lighting Projectors

MLV Driver Information

Moveable LED Shelf Lighting Are Great For Displays

Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products

New Construction LED Projector – LED

New Construction Projector Installation

Not All Lighting Manufacturers Are the Same

Other than picture lights, what other light fixtures can you use to light fine art?

Phantom Continues To Light The Way In Innovative, Highly Efficient Under Cabinet Lighting Manufacturing

Phantom Contour Projector Universal Rotating Ring And Mounting Cradle Make Installation A Snap

Phantom contour projectors are specified to illuminate upscale Dallas muti-use commercial development.

Phantom Halogen to LED Conversion Kits

Phantom LED Cove Light Fixtures Offers New LED Technology

Phantom LED Festoon Lamps

Phantom Light Strips and the Patented Adjustable Shelf Lighting Concept

Phantom Lighting Fixture Submittals Provide All Required Info

Phantom Lighting Is A Top Leading Fixture Manufacturer

Phantom Lighting Representatives, Lighting Agents In North, Central, South America And Canada

Phantom Lighting Sales Agents

Phantom Lighting Sales Representatives Provide Design Assistance & Technical Support

Phantom Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting Is Designed For Businesses And Homeowners Wanting To Install Display Cabinet Lighting

Phantom Offers Lighting Design Advice and Trusted Expertise

Phantom Products Come with Detailed Installation Instructions

Phantom Projectors And Rosco Gobos Create Interesting Lighting Special Effects

Phantom Shelf Lighting puts books and collectibles in a whole new, superior light.

Phantom Strip Lighting Literature

Phantom’s Optical Framing Projector Outshines the Competition

Picture Frame Lighting & Fine Art Lighting Projectors

Picture lighting using MR16 accent lighting fixtures or optical framing projectors?

Picture Lighting Using Projectors Works As A Display

Picture This: An Art Light With LED Technology

Private Library Display Shelf Lights

Professional Lighting Equipment

Professionals & Homeowners Should Use Lighting Experts

Projection Art Lights Are Best For Displaying Pieces

Projector Shutter Instructions

Projector Supplement

Projector Template Instructions

Putterman, Scharck & Associates joins Phantom Lighting family of quality manufacturer’s representatives!

Radius Cove Lights Should Be Used With LED Strip Fixtures

Reasons For Using An Art Framing Light

Reasons To Get Low Profile Adjustable Display Lighting

Reasons To Pick The Concealed LED Lighting Systems

Recessed Art Lighting Complements Any Display

Recessed Art Projectors Are A Great Illumination Option

Recessed Framing Projector Light

Remodeler LED Projector – LED

Remodeler Projector Installation

Replacing Retrofit LED Cove Lamps

Residential Art Lighting Should Be Done With Certain Fixtures

Residential Lighting: An Illumination Plan for Each Room

Retail Display LED Lighting That’s Adjustable Work Best

Retail Display Lighting, Accent Lighting Tools, Low Voltage Strip Lights, Linear Lighting Products from Phantom Light.

Saving Money And Energy With LED Strip Lighting

Sculpture and fine art lighting

Selecting the right housing for your Phantom Contour Projector light

Setting the Mood: A Guide to Accent & Architectural Lighting

Shelf Lighting Offers You The Best Options

Showcase Adjustable LED Lighting Benefits The Display

Specialty Art Lighting Requires The Right Fixture

Specialty LED Lamp Manufacturer

Specifying Optical Framing Projectors Makes A Difference

Surface Mount LED Projector – LED

Surface Mount Projector Installation

Task Lighting: How & Where It Can Enhance Your Home

Technical Assistance Is Available For Lighting Questions

The Advantages Of Kitchen Counter Lighting

The Benefits of Adjustable Display Lighting for Retail Applications

The Benefits Of Choosing Indirect Cove Lighting

The Benefits Of Lighting Framed Art With Contour Projectors

The Best Art Deserves the Best Art Lighting from the Best Lighting Manufacturer.

The Best Art Lighting for Different Styles: Traditional vs. Contemporary

The Best Undercabinet Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

The Different Types Of Art Lighting Fixtures For Illumination

The History of the Phantom Lighting Systems Contour Framing Projector

The Interior Designer’s Guide to Phantom Lighting

The Many Advantages of an LED Art Lighting Projector

The Variety Of Types And Styles Of Under Cabinet Lights

There Are Limitless Possibilities With Under Shelf Lighting

There Are Many Options For Fine Art Lighting Fixtures

Things To Consider When Lighting A Football Display Case

Tom Kretzschmar & His Personal History of Cabinet Lighting

Top Access LED Projector – LED

Top Access Projector Installation

Traditional Art Lighting Has Come A Long Way

Treasured Artwork Truly Shines With An LED Picture Light

Trophy Cabinets Need Certain Fixtures For Proper Lighting

True Picture Lighting Illuminates The Picture And The Frame Without Glare Or Shadow And Without Revealing The Source

Ultra & Elite Tape Instructions

Ultra & Elite Wiring Accessories

Ultra Adjustable Concealed Installation

Ultra Adjustable Concealed Shelf Lighting

Ultra Adjustable Exposed Installation

Ultra Adjustable Exposed Shelf Lighting

Ultra Cove Mount Installation

Ultra Cove Mount Lighting

Ultra Horizontal Mount Installation

Ultra Horizontal Mount Shelf Lighting

Ultra Task Light

Ultra Task Lighting Installation

Ultra Trim & Paint Options

Ultra Vertical Mount Installation

Ultra Vertical Mount Shelf Lighting – VM Series

Ultraviolet light and infrared light can be detrimental to fine art and oil paintings

Under Cabinet Lighting Is Best When Using Xenon Fixtures

Under Cabinet Lighting Lights

Under Cabinet Lights Are Categorized As Either Puck Lights Or Linear Strip Lights

Under Counter Kitchen Lights

Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces

Undercabinet Lights Can Be Used In A Kitchen Or Workspace

Understanding Cabinet Lighting Components

Understanding The Optical Characteristics Of The Phantom Contour Projector

United States Lighting Agents

Updating Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lights

Upgrade your Halogen Systems to LED with our Retrofit Products

Use An Optical Framing Light As Your Art Lighting Solution

Use Cabinet Lights That Are LED And Adjustable With Shelves

Use Fixtures With The Best Under Cabinet Lighting Reviews

Use LED Hidden Adjustable Lighting Systems For Displays

Use Optical Framing Light For Art When Illuminating Pieces

Use Optical Framing Lights For Illumination Of Art

Use Remodeler Art Lights For Your Illumination Solution

Uses Of A Surface Mount LED Art Lighting Projector

Uses Of Cabinet LED Lights

Using A Focused Art Light Is Great For Displays

Using A Projector For Art Lighting Gives The Best Results

Using A Surface Mount Optical Projector For Art Lighting

Using Cove Lighting To Enhance A Room

Using LED Display Lighting For A Butler’s Pantry

Using LED Display Lighting For Statuary Collections

Using Optical Framing Projectors To Illuminate Art

Using Projector Lighting For Fine Art Provides Options

Using Specialized Art Lighting Techniques For A Display

Visit Phantom Lighting Site Map For Detailed Link Summary Of Informative Lighting Articles

Visit the Virtual Lighting Showroom

Ways To Improve A Home With Over Cabinet Lighting

We developed our technology specifically to enhance art with a timeless and mythic sense of eternal lighting.

Wendelighting® Optical Projectors – Phantom Contour Projector – How Can You Tell Them Apart

What Are Benefits Of Cabinet Light Fixtures?

What Are The Advantages Of Adjustable Display Lighting?

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Track Lighting Fixtures

What Are The Advantages Of Under The Cabinet LED Lights?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Fine Art Picture Lights?

What Are The Attributes Of An Optical Framing Projector?

What Are The Best Choices Of Adjustable Cabinet Lighting?

What Are The Best Under Cabinet Lights?

What Are The Cabinet Light Components For A Display?

What Are The Concerns When Setting Up Modern Art Lighting?

What Are The Options With Low Profile Cabinet Lights?

What Are The Two Options Of Cove Lighting?

What Cabinet Light Shields Do In A Fixture

What Does Inside Cabinet Lighting Offer For Displays?

What Is Available In A Colored Cove Light?

What Is The Best Way To Illuminate Fine Art With Multiple Lighting Fixtures?

What Is The Installation Process For Recessed Cabinet Lighting

What Options Are Available With Strip Lights?

What Options Are Offered When Buying LED Light Strips?

What’s New in Under Cabinet LED Lighting?

When Should The NC Series Be Installed?

When Showcasing Rocks And Minerals Use Strip Fixtures

When to Choose the Surface Mount LED Projector

Where Can Someone Purchase Optical Framing Projectors?

Where To Shop For The Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting Options

Where To Start For Unique Art Lighting

Where To Start With Art Illumination

Why A Phantom Lighting Catalog With Cut Sheets Is Needed?

Why A Surface Mount Art Light Is The Best Option

Why Adjustable Merchandise Lighting Fixtures Should Be Used

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?

Why Are LED Festoon Light Bulbs The Best Choice For A Venue?

Why Are Recessed Lights Preferred For A Soft Illumination?

Why Choose LED Display Lighting For Gun Collections

Why Consider Buying Lighting Direct From Manufacturers?

Why Festoon Light Bulbs Are A Good Selection

Why Have Fluorescent Lights Not Been Replaced By Newer, More Advanced Technologies Like Xenon And LED?

Why Hidden Art Lighting Is Preferred Over Traditional

Why Is Lighting Art With Framing Projectors The Best Option

Why Is Lighting Oil Paintings Different From Other Artwork?

Why Is Phantom Low Voltage Display Lighting So Popular With Interior Designers?

Why LED Art Lighting Systems Are Gaining In Popularity

Why LED Festoon Lighting Should Be Used For Displays

Why LED Lighting is the Best Option for Nearly Every Application

Why Recessed Art Projectors Are A Top Choice In The Industry

Why Should Customers Consider An Under Cabinet Light?

Why Use An Optical Framing Picture Light For Art

Why Use Art Lighting Fixtures From Phantom

Why You Should Consider Buying Art Lights

Why You Should Find Under Cabinet Lighting Reviews

Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting

Will The Phantom Contour Projector Effectively Light Art From Across The Room?

Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures

Wireless Undercabinet Lights

Xenon Linear Strip Lighting Works Well for both Direct & Indirect Lighting Applications.

Xenon Under Cabinet Lights Brighten Tasks More Naturally

Xenon, Incandescent & LED Strip Lights For Under Cabinet Lighting Projects

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FAQ (123)

Are Phantom contour projectors UL Approved?

Yes! Phantom Contour Projectors are ETL Approved in the United States to UL Standard 1598 and to Canadian Standard C22.2 NO. 250.0. All LED models recessed housing are IC Rated.  Phantom LED Conversion kits are ETL Classified.

Are you affiliated with any professional groups?

Yes, we are longstanding members of the American Society of Interior Designers or ASID as Industry Partners. For additional information see our showcase in the ASID product directory at

Are you available to come to the jobsite for technical advice and sales assistance?

Yes, if you are in the Houston area representatives are available to visit your jobsite, provide technical advice and help with sales if needed. If you are outside of Houston, we may or may not have sales representation in your area to provide onsite assistance.

Are you looking for new Phantom™ Sales Agents to promote your products?

Yes, we are actively seeking sales representation in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Please give us a call at 800-863-1184 if you are interested in joining the Phantom Lighting team.

Are you open to sharing professional photography fees of projects with your products?

Yes, we would be open to the idea. Of course, we would like to see the project, understand the scope and discuss fees before committing. We are always looking for good photography for our gallery even it come from your cell phone.

Are your LED linear strip lights UL or ETL Approved for closets?

Yes, all our LED cabinet lighting products are approved and listed for use in both residential and commercial closets by ETL.  If you have any questions or concerns, just contact us. we would be happy to answer any questions.

Here is an excerpt from the official ETL report:

Approved Applications:
The products covered by this report is an LED lighting systems intended for installation in
cabinets, curios, display cases, shelving units, alcoves and closets in both residential and
commercial applications.

Are your LED projector conversion kits ETL Classified?

Yes, our retrofit LED conversion kits been tested by ETL Standards and meet all the requirements for luminaries to UL standard 1598C & CSA STD C22.2 NO.250.1

Are your products UL or ETL Approved?

Yes, all our custom lighting fixtures are ETL Approved. Our recessed LED framing projectors and LED conversion kits are both IC Rated which means they can be used in a ceiling that is insulated without running the risk of overheating. Our LED lighting strips are also approved for use in all cabinets, coves and closets.

Can a Contour Projector illuminate a sculpture?

Yes, contour projectors are the best products currently available for lighting sculptures. The custom template can be trimmed to follow the exact contour of the object within reason. This type of installation requires prior knowledge of the equipment and is generally intended for trained lighting professional.

Can Elite or Ultra be used in a radius cove?

It depends on the radius size of the cove.  Large radius applications are certainly doable however, smaller radius coves are a bit more of a challenge. Classic Series lights may be a better alternative since the trim has the flexibility to be notched in between the LED festoon lamps.

Can I count on your help if I have a big job and need design or technical assistance?

Yes, we’re are here to support you and your customer. Just get us involved early so we can work with you or your team to engineer a solution and provide the necessary documentation to ensure a successful installation. Feel free to reach out to one of our Phantom sales agents if you are outside of Houston Texas or call us toll free at 1-800-863-1184.

Can I get my Phantom trims painted a custom color?

Yes, if you provide us a SKU number of your paint color we can accommodate your request for a small setup fee.  Our standard Ultra and Elite trim paint colors are available at no additional cost. Please review to our paint color chart for additional information.

Can I load a Phantom magnetic driver to full capacity?

Technically, yes. However, it is always a good idea to allow a 20% safety factor to avoid overload or nuisance trips when selecting drivers by multiplying total wattage by twenty percent. (Wattage x 1.20)

To calculate amperage, divide total wattage by secondary voltage or 24 volts. (Watts/Voltage = Amperage).

Refer to LED driver specifications for specific load requirements and voltage drop information.

Can I place an order for Phantom light strips over 10’ long?

Yes, you can order our Phantom light strips in long run lengths over ten feet and we do this all the time for Phantom Cove Lighting products. We fabricate the lighting strips and cut them into equal sections and provide the correct lead configuration so that you can connect them without interruption. This is true for task lighting or other applications that exceed ten foot in length.

We ship lengths up to 10 feet (including packaging) via UPS.  Anything over 10 feet adds additional costs for shipping and handling. Consult the factory online or call us toll free at 800-863-1184 for more information.

Can I use any LED or halogen MR16 lamps in my projector?

No, Phantom Contour Projectors were designed and engineered for use with Ushio 75/MR16/FO halogen lamps. We do not recommend installing any brand LED MR16 lamp as a substitute for the Ushio halogen lamp. Light output and focus will not be the same. Contact customer service if you are having trouble finding replacement 75-watt MR16 fiber optic lamps. We have limited stock! As an alternative, we do offer halogen to LED conversion kits for customers wishing to move away from halogen light sources. Our Phantom LED light engine used in conjunction with our achromatic focal lenses produce impressive light levels for throws up to twenty feet away.

Can I use my own transformer, driver or other components with your products?

All of our products are ETL Approved and Listed as complete assemblies and are engineered with magnetic transformers, drivers, lighting and wiring methods. Use of alternate components or deviation from approved methods WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

Can I use the trim 3 on a shelf without a reveal?

Yes, the Phantom trim 3 extrusion is a unique solution specifically designed for shelves without reveals. The extrusion has the ability to be painted to match shelves or customized with matching wood veneer on site. It acts as a shelf reveal to disguise the light from plain view all while directing the light at the objects on display. The unique design of the trim shields the light at 90 degrees minimizing any hot spots and spill light outside of the cabinet.

Can I use two Contour projectors to light one large painting?

Yes! Depending on the size of the art and the ceiling height conditions may vary. The two projectors are usually positioned at oblique angles to cross light the art for lighting large paintings. By overlapping the fields of light, you can create a blending effect which can be adjusted to fit the exact contour of the art. We recommend you contact us for design assistance for large works.

Can Phantom Elite or Ultra strip lighting be used in closet applications?

Yes, Phantom Elite and Ultra strip lights are ETL Approved, and listed for lighting closets, storage closets and other enclosed display applications.

Can Phantom Lighting Be Used in a Cabinet with a Mirrored back?

No, because the reflection of the lights in the mirror will be unsightly and distracting. The best way is to light a mirrored cabinet is from the top down, provided that the cabinet has a reveal on top to conceal the lights. We offer a host of LED lighting trim options that provide various degrees of shielding and well as light diffusion for any display.

Contour projector vs. low voltage pin-hole lights?

The primary reason to use a framing projector is to shape the light exactly to the contour of the object of art without illuminating the wall or floor around it. The art takes on a three-dimensional, lighted from within look, which is spectacular in the right environment. In contrast, pin hole accent lights can be an effective lighting tool if used with the correct MR16 lamp. Pin hole lights display the art in a pool of light  which is the main difference between the two light sources. Recessed LED framing projectors are considered the most dramatic form of art illumination on the market today!

Do Phantom™ Sales Agents have quotas?

Phantom™ Lighting does not have a specific quota to meet. However, we expect our sales agents to generate consistent and reasonable sales volumes in the given market on a monthly basis.

Do Phantom™ Sales Agents receive printed or digital sales materials?

Most marketing materials will be provided in digital format. All spec sheets, installation instructions, gallery images and instructional videos are available for viewing, sharing or download on our website

Do you accept payment online?

Yes, we have a secure portal for making payments. We take all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Please have your quote number or invoice number available when making payment as that is a required field.

Do you have a secure portal for Phantom™ Sales Agents to check inventory?

No, not at this time. All our products are assembled to order from a large inventory of raw materials we keep on hand. We can answer most inquiries about lead times with a quick phone call or email.

Do you have cut sheets or shop drawings of your products?

Yes, we have individual cut sheets that provide an overview of the various products as well as detailed shop drawings for cabinet lighting applications. All of our Phantom cut sheets can be found in the resource section of our website.

Do you have IES files for your lighting products?

No, we understand that this data is useful to lighting designers because it allows calculations to be made on how many luminaires are needed to achieve the desired illumination in a specific installation. However, our products are unique and we feel prior art and experience is a better tool for product placement and validating performance. Just give us a call to discuss your specific application.

Do you have technical videos detailing your products?

Yes, we are in the process of producing technical videos detailing all aspects of our products. They will include topics such as applying our products, selecting the right product, installing our products and troubleshooting our products.  If you have a specific topic of interest, just let us know and we will add it to the list.

Do you offer a variety of LED kelvin colors in your contour projector other than 3000K?

All of our Phantom Contour Projectors come standard with a high-performance 3000K, 90+ CRI LED light engine. We do offer three clip-on accessory glass dichroic  filters that shift the color temperature from 3000K to 2700K (warmer),  3000K to 3500K (cooler) or 3000K to 4000K (coolest). Please consult technical support at 800-863-1184 for additional information regarding our CCT color shifting filters.

Do you offer custom paint colors on your products?

We offer a selection of popular trim paint colors to choose from. If you would like to match a specific color (enamel only) just send us the manufacturers paint code and we would be happy to accommodate your request. Additional fees may apply.

Do you offer factory assistance with hand cut templates or adjustments on projectors

Yes, we are available to assist with cutting templates and adjusting projectors during regular business hours. Send us some pictures of the project and chances are we can walk you through it on the phone. If not, we do charge for these services and would be happy to provide a quote that includes any necessary travel fees.

Do you offer incandescent, xenon and LED festoon lamps for Phantom Classic?

Yes, we offer all three types of festoon lamps for our Classic lighting products. The incandescent and xenon festoon lamps are available in 3, 5, 10 watts in clear and frosted varieties in both 12 and 24 volts.  Our 0.6-watt LED festoon lamp is the equivalent of a 7-watt xenon or festoon lamp. Our Phantom LED festoon lamps are designed as a direct replacement for any festoon lamp with pointed ends. Our LED festoon lamps are not designed for rigid loop replacements. All Phantom festoon lamps will dim for setting light levels and are designed as direct retrofits for any lighting system that utilizes a standard festoon lamp.

Do you offer surface mount and recessed optical framing projectors?

Yes, we have both surface mount LED projectors as well as recessed LED optical framing projectors. Surface mount are available with round or square mounting canopies. Our recessed projector models are available in four unique housings for new construction, remodeling, zero sight line and custom Wendel style installations where no cover plate is desired.

Do your prices include tax and shipping costs?

Prices represent F.O.B. Factory, Houston, Texas and are in US Dollars and do not include shipping or tax. Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

Does Home Cabinet Lighting Really Make A Difference?

LED Cabinet lighting, when executed properly, is capable of establishing a focal point in the room while not taking over the entire space. This is a difficult medium to hit and is usually impossible with cheaply built systems. The installer must have complete control over the fixtures to ensure the illumination is properly balanced, and premium fixtures offer this level of flexibility. Specifically, Phantom’s LED display systems are versatile because they can be attached to dimmer controls and can be metered with the use of aiming trims.

Does Phantom Elite and Ultra come in different color temperatures?

Yes, Phantom Elite is available in different color temperatures 1800K, 2100K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. The most popular color temperature is 2700K which closely relates to an incandescent light source. We also offer 3000K for more contemporary settings which compares to a halogen light source. The 4000K is used for high task areas or possibly commercial settings where fluorescent lighting would be commonly used. Lower temperatures such as the 1800K and 2100K are designed for commercial applications such as restaurants or night clubs who desire a soft golden look.

Does Phantom Elite or Ultra come in RGB or only monochromatic colors?

We do not offer any of our LED light strips in color changing RGB (Red, Green, Blue).  However, we do offer monochromatic LED colors in shades if white, blue, red, green and amber. Blue is a popular color for media room cove ceilings. For more information, please refer to any of our cabinet lighting spec sheets for detailed information about various kelvin color tapes we offer.

Does Phantom Lighting have a social media presence?

Of course, you can follow us at one or more of our social media channels below. We hope you will tag us when posting or sharing you photos or projects.

Has the Phantom Contour Projector with halogen lamp been discontinued?

Technically, yes, the halogen model was discontinued in January 2019.  However, we have ample inventory on hand if you are interested in purchasing a halogen model or if you need spare parts or replacement lamps. Please be aware that Ushio discontinued production of the 75MR16/FO lamp and supplies are limited. However, we do offer Phantom LED conversion kits for all existing Contour optical framing projectors. The LED conversion kit is not a simple lamp change! It is a major upgrade that vastly improves light levels, energy efficiency and overall performance.

Help! How do I eliminate a blue line around my painting?

The blue or red line on the edge of the confinement is a byproduct of the optical system and is present in all projection equipment. Most of the time this colored edge can be minimized or eliminated by adjusting the focus or trying a different combination of focusing lenses. We now offer achromatic lenses that eliminate these spectral abnormalities.

How Can Art Lighting Upgrades Change An Appearance?

Illumination designers have a number of advanced fixture technologies on hand, like track and recessed fixtures. These fixtures will improve the display’s aesthetic, boost the level of illumination around the subject, and effectively frame them. People are drawn in with contrast, and anything that is under intense illumination will naturally stand out in a home. Optical framing projectors thrive on producing an extreme degree of contrast and are gaining favor among homeowners for that reason. Optical framing projectors are installed in the ceiling or mounted in an elevated, concealed position. They are built with robust aiming components, so they can be precisely aimed and focused on a subject of any size or shape. But, unlike other fixture options, they can be designed to contour to the subject, and not just hit it with a pool of illumination

How Can Getting Art Lighting Advice Be Helpful?

Phantom’s fixtures, for example, are made to be as easy to install as possible. However, homeowners are still encouraged to speak with one of Phantom’s experts to determine which display fixture will work best for them. Not only can an expert provide sound art lighting advice when picking a fixture, but most also have a showroom where homeowners can see the fixtures in action. When buying off the shelf, that’s impossible, leaving the homeowner without any idea of what to look for. Once the homeowner has settled on a fixture, they will have to figure out how to best arrange and place it. Of course, experts can provide art lighting advice here as well. For example, the optimal fixture placement will prevent glare from becoming a problem, and will also eliminate the likelihood of hotspots or shadows from forming.

How can I eliminate frame shadows?

Unfortunately, the only way to remove a shadow from the art is to change the angle of the projector, adjust the mounting wire on the art or re-frame the art. Occasionally you can shim out the bottom of the art to minimize this effect.

How Can Recessed Cabinet Lights Improve Furniture?

Phantom produces a number of fixtures that can be placed below, above or inside the furniture to create an eye catching look. These can be combined to create a dynamic, multilayered aesthetic that brings the furniture out from the wall. When installed inside the furniture, it is designed to illuminate each shelf and all of the items on each shelf.

How difficult are your strip lighting products to install?

All our Phantom lighting strips are customized to your specific project which simplifies the entire installation process. We have created step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for each application. In addition, our technical support department is ready to assist and can be reached at 800-863-1184.

How do I arrange for a demonstration of your products?

Simply call our office at 713-867-1184 and customer service will arrange a meeting at your office, project or remote by facetime or video conference. How we schedule the meeting will depend on your location, representation and timing.

How do I become a Phantom™ Certified Installer?

Submit a completed application form that includes owner information, company information, three references and territory request. If approved, you will be asked to supply a certificate of insurance, sales tax certificate and purchase a discounted sample kit.

How do I get an update on my order or a tracking number?

Please submit all order updates or tracking requests to Be sure to include your Phantom™ proforma invoice number for reference. In a hurry, just call us toll free at 1-800-863-1184.

How do I know which trim is right for me?

We have designed a variety of mounting trims to accommodate a wide range of custom mounting orientations. The application cut sheets clearly display each trim in a section view as well as wiring methods for better understanding. Our trained lighting experts would be happy to guide you to the right trim for your project. Check out our cabinet lighting gallery for inspiration.

How do I request samples of your products and what are the costs?

We are happy to provide samples of our products. However, we do require a refundable security deposit on all projectors and a small fee for strip lighting demonstration kits. Just give us a call and we would be delighted to process your request.

How do I sign up or manage my digital preferences with Phantom™ Lighting Systems?

Use our newsletter sign up form to receive monthly updates on such things as promotions, products, events, technical advice or project case studies. You can manage your preferences or unsubscribe at any time by clicking the links at the bottom of your newsletter.

How do you handle shipments out of the country?

Depending on your location or country, orders may be shipped direct from our factory or to a freight forwarder of your choice. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges, taxes, tariffs or duties.

How do you market your products to the design community?

Products may be purchased through normal distribution channels or directly depending on the circumstances. Let’s discuss it.

How do you market your products to the trade?

Products may be purchased through normal distribution channels or directly depending on the circumstances. Let’s discuss it.

How do you work with contractors on projects?

We are happy to assist electricians, carpenters, millworkers or other trades with designs, recommendations, specifications or pricing. Just send us your CAD, PDF or JPEG files of the project. Once we have reviewed the documents, we will call to discuss the project and help design a solution. Don’t have any drawings, just call us at 713-863-1184 and ask for customer service.

How do you work with design professionals on projects?

We are happy to assist our design professionals with designs, specifications or budgets. Just send us your CAD, PDF or JPEG files of the project. Once we have reviewed the documents, we will call to discuss the project and help design a solution.

How Does Adjustable Cabinet Lights Work For Homeowners?

Phantom’s Elite LED adjustable cabinet lights are perfect for homeowners that collect artwork or glass, as both come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. With plenty of shelving arrangements available, it’s easy to find a setup that works perfectly with oddly shaped pieces. However, flexible illumination is also a smart choice for things like bookcases, as more and more books tend to find their way into prized collections. It’s better to plan ahead and choose a system that can adapt to a homeowner’s needs, rather than settle on an inflexible set of fixtures.

How does the LED Contour Projector compare with the Halo® Projector?

The two optical framing projectors are close in design but vastly different in lamp type, optics, flexibility and performance. The Halo projector has a fixed optical system, which limits the performance and prohibits mounting the projector off center to compensate for key stoning, glare or frame shadows. The large housing is designed for new construction or installation where attic access is available. The Contour Projector on the other hand, has a variable optical system that can be adjusted to accommodate most art. The simple mounting techniques and multiple confinement methods make even a novice look like a lighting professional.

How hard is it to install a LED Contour Projector?

Selecting the right housing and focal lenses is the most important aspect of the design and installation. It is really quite simple if you understand the concept, challenges and limitations of the equipment. We provide customer service and step-by-step instructions to ensure a successful installation. Send us some drawings or a picture of your room with the art displayed and our consultants will assist you every step of the way.

How long has your company engaged Phantom™ Sales Agents to promote your products?

For over 20+ years, we have enjoyed solid relationships with sales agents in various markets around the country. We would be happy to provide references to any interested parties by calling our office.

How long should I order the buss bars?

That depends on your cabinet. Phantom Buss bars are designed to run the full height of the cabinet to allow for multiple access points at each drilled pin location. Please refer to the Elite AC Series spec sheet or Ultra AC Series Spec sheets for additional information.

We recommend that you extend the buss bars 2 to 4 inches above or below the cabinet so that the installer can connect the power leads to the terminal on the bar.  Code requires access to these terminals for servicing. Top header kits are also required for making connections to light strip at top of cabinet.

How much clearance do Contour Projector housings need?

You will need a minimum of 9 ½” of clear space. All recessed housings are designed to fit in standard 2” X 10” framing. All recessed projector housings are IC Rated and all surface mount projectors are IP Rated. Please refer to our Phantom spec sheets for specific housing details.

How Much Installation Room Is Needed for Cove Lighting?

You need at least three inches of space away from the wall and three inches down from the ceiling for the light to provide smooth continuous illumination. The bigger the space the better the effect. Send us your design for an opinion!

How much installation room is needed for Cove Lighting?

You need at least three inches of space away from the wall and three inches down from the ceiling for the light to provide smooth continuous illumination. The bigger the space the better the effect. Send us your design for an opinion!

How will you promote Phantom™ Certified Installers?

We will post your company information on our website in the resource section as well as refer clients to you that have requested installation assistance. Typically, we will contact you in advance to discuss project specifics and requirements.

How will you ship my Phantom LED optical framing projector?

All orders are shipped UPS Ground. Other shipping methods are available if requested!

I am in the process of building/remodeling a house. How do I know where to install my Contour Projector in the ceiling if I haven’t purchased the art yet?

The safe bet is to plan for something large and the projector can always be adjusted to something smaller. I would recommend that you position the projector back from the wall to center approximately 36” on an 8’ ceiling, 42” on a 9’ ceiling, 48” on a 10’ ceiling, and 60” on a 12’ ceiling. Please refer to our Phantom LED projector spec sheets for more specific information.

I just calculated where to locate my Contour Projector in the ceiling but there is something in the way. Should I move the housing towards or away from the wall?

If in doubt, always move away from the wall! If your angle is too steep the light will not be evenly distributed and a frame shadow can be disastrous. The optimum aiming angle is 45 degrees unless the art is positioned above eye level. You can test for shadows and glare by using a flashlight or temporarily connecting the projector and holding it in position.

Is Phantom Classic lighting trim available in brass or stainless steel?

Yes, by special order, we are one of the only manufacturers that offers both brass and stainless steel. Our trims are available in two finishes: Polished and satin.

Is Phantom Classic Lighting UL or ETL Listed?

Yes, Phantom Lighting has been tested by ETL and meets all the requirements for miscellaneous fixtures to UL standard 1571 & 1574.

Is Phantom Contour Projector UL or ETL listed?

Yes, Phantom Lighting has been tested by ETL and meets all the requirements for luminaries to UL standard 1598 & CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-00 First Edition.

Is there a minimum distance down from the ceiling to the top of my artwork for your projector to work?

Yes, any artwork mounted less than 12″ down from the ceiling is a potential problem. When the Phantom optical framing projector is aimed to the artwork (max 40 degrees) a bell shaped field of light is projected on the wall. The goal is to get the artwork inside the field of light. For large works of art, it is difficult if not impossible to light the top two corners of the art with one projector. It may be necessary to use two projectors to address this issue. We provide a handy formula on all our product literature to help you find the perfect mounting location and performance specifications. Please consult technical support if you encounter this condition and we will be glad to assist you.

Must a Contour Projector be installed perpendicular to the art?

No, by design our three various confinement methods allow for offset installations. The shutter method for example, has curved blades, which corrects for distortions created by the curve of the focal lenses. Hand cut templates allow for unique mounting positions. Using an offset mounting your projector is a best way to address reflective glare.

Phantom Contour Projector vs. the Wendel optical framing projectors?

The two framing projectors are very similar in design except for the light source, housings and mounting techniques. Phantom Contour projectors utilize a proprietary 3000K 90+ CRI LED light engine with custom lenses to collect, condense and focus the light to levels far exceeding the 150-Watt lamp used in Wendel optical projectors. This has allowed us to reduce the size of the housings by 50% and design five different mounting methods to handle any installation condition. The Phantom RM Series remodel projector housing, a first in the industry, is perfect for applications where drywall repairs are not practical or desired.

The Contour projector vs. the Lightolier® projector?

The two projectors are close in design but vastly different in optics, flexibility and performance. The Lightolier projector has a poor optical system, which limits the performance and prohibits mounting the projector off center to compensate for key stoning, glare or frame shadows. The shutter system cannot be locked into position and is always out of adjustment. The large housing is designed for new construction or installation where attic access is available. The Phantom LED Contour Projector on the other hand, has a lens system that can be adjusted to accommodate most art. Our customers find that the simple mounting techniques, optical system and multiple confinement methods blow the Lightolier projector away!

What are the benefits of joining the Phantom™ Certified Installer network?

As a specialty lighting company we reside in some pretty good company. Our customers are savvy, affluent and enjoy the finer things in life. This opens the door to many opportunities or other services your company may provide.

What Are The Best Options For Residential Art Lighting?

Several fixtures can be used to drive this effect. For the most part, they can be categorized into recessed or mounted fixtures. Recessed fixtures are placed in the ceiling or wall and are usually set flush with the surface they are installed into. Because they do not stick out, they promote a more streamlined, clean aesthetic that is popular in contemporary homes and lofts. Recessed fixtures can also produce some dramatic effects when placed correctly. For example, a recessed can situated directly over a sculpture will create a column of illumination that plays off the subject’s edges and makes it appear otherworldly.

What are the requirements to be a Phantom™ Certified Installer?

Must be in business for more than 3 years and have the proper credentials to install electrical or lighting systems. We do check references and services you provide to make sure we are a good fit.

What are the requirements to become a Phantom™ Sales Agent?

Submit a completed application form that includes owner information, company information, three references and territory request. If approved, you will be provided marketing materials, trained by a factory representative and may be required to purchase a discounted sample kit.

What CRI are Phantom Elite & Ultra strip lights?

All Phantom Elite & Ultra LED tape products are 94+ CRI. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a scale from 0 to 100 percent indicating how accurate a “given” light source is at rendering color when compared to a “reference” light source. The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability. Light sources with a CRI of 85 to 90 are considered good at color rendering. If you have any questions on our Phantom LED Lighting Strips, please contact us at 800-863-1184 or refer to our Phantom Spec Sheets for product information.

What do you expect from your Phantom™ Sales Agents?

To actively promote Phantom™ Lighting in a designated territory and use their best efforts to obtain maximum exposure, solicit business and promote goodwill for the Company and brand.

What does “Lead Wire” orientation mean in your ordering matrix?

Leads are simply the wires that you connect from each light strip fixture back to the power supply.  Phantom LED strip lighting products come with many different lead configurations for both adjustable and hard-wired applications. This is very important because of our unique shielded trims must be installed correctly to achieve the desired results. For example, our vertically mounted LED lighting strips can be ordered for top or bottom left and top or bottom right orientation.

When ordering, always discuss lead configurations as if you are facing the cabinet or shelf.  That way we are all talking a common language when ordering or discussing wiring methods.  Left means left and right means right!

What does Elite or Ultra require in terms of power?

All Elite and Ultra Lighting Strips operate on 24VDC Magnetic Drivers.  This allows for longer runs without voltage drop.  We offer Drivers ranging from 20 watt to 300 watts.  The Driver requirements are job specific based on the watts per foot multiplied by the amount of feet. Please refer to the Phantom magnetic driver page for load calculations and physical dimensions. In terms of power consumption, the load is minimal.

What does lead orientation for Phantom light strips mean?

All our products are custom built and made to order.  Lead orientation is simply where you would like the wires placed on each light strip as you face the application.  In other words, do you want the leads on the right or left, top or bottom?  This in important because your products will arrive completely assembled and we want you to have the best experience possible when installing our light strips. Not sure, refer to ordering matrix on each specific model.

What if I need my order rushed shipped?

Rush orders will be shipped within 7 business days from the date the deposit is received for $125.00 rush fee plus any applicable shipping charges. For parts and accessories, a $25.00 rush fee plus shipping charges will be added to all rush orders.

What if my artwork is various colors and I want to balance the light levels?

Our LED optical framing projectors may be ordered with an individual 0-10V on-board dimmer control inside the fixture to address these types of issues. This is particularly handy when you have multiple projectors in one room on a common switch leg.  Rather than dimming all the projectors at the same time, this option gives you the ability to control them separately allowing you to balance the lights. Contact customer service if you have any questions illuminating your art or balancing light levels using any dimmer controls.

What if my customer doesn’t want to buy a projector for every painting in the collection?

That is a common response from customers and one you should expect. Not every painting needs a projector due to a variety of reasons. We can help you with a lighting design that will enhance their collection using a combination of projectors and other accent lighting fixture types to fit their budget. This is a service we provide as a courtesy to our Phantom™ Certified Installers.

What is a soft-focus installation? When is it needed?

A soft focus is typically used on art or sculpture when a sharp line is not desirable or practical. Illuminating contemporary art without frames, traditional art with ornate frames, or three-dimensional sculptures are several examples where a soft focus can minimize spilled light or spectral effects.

What is the angle of incidence and how does it affect my placement of the contour projector?

The angle formed by a ray incident on a surface and a perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence. In other words, when light is pointed at a reflective surface the light or glare is reflected at the exact opposite angle. By moving the projector forward or back, left or right you can redirect the glare out of your viewing angle. This is very important for viewing enjoyment!

What is the average lamp life of a halogen MR16 lamp?

Our lamp manufacturer has given these lamps an average life of 3,000 hours. This means that one half of the lamps fail or burn out during testing at 3,000 hours.

What is the feed through capacity of Phantom Classic lighting?

You can connect multiple sections of Phantom together for a continuous look as long as you do not exceed a total of 13.33 amps per feed. Divide total wattage by voltage to find amperage. Examples: 320 watts /24 volt = 13.33 amps for 24-volt systems. 160 watts /12 volt = 13.33 amps for 12-volt systems. Please refer to the Phantom MLV Transformer Cut Sheet for more information or contact technical support toll free at 800-863-1184.

What is the normal lead-time for delivery?

Our normal lead-time is two to four weeks upon receipt of deposit and purchase order. Need something faster, just give us a call. We want to earn your business!

What is the Phantom LED Contour Projector?

The Phantom Contour Projector is the premier LED accent light and LED optical framing projector on the market today! Recessed LED Contour Projectors are primarily used for illuminating fine art, sculptures or creating pattern effects. Phantom LED art lighting is about featuring the art – not about washing the walls.

What Is The Process Of Designing Cove Lighting Systems?

For the do-it-yourselfer that wants to organize a custom installation, it can be downright overwhelming. There are many things to consider before a set of fixtures can be placed, and the best way to start is by looking at completed jobs in magazines or online galleries. This will help a do-it-yourself understand what a proper installation looks like when complete and aid in the placement process. A homeowner taking on the project alone can also contact local illumination companies like Phantom for help. Phantom’s experts can show a homeowner the best way to install fixtures and confirm that a homeowner’s ideas will work before they commit to a number of fixtures.

What is the warranty on Phantom Contour LED projectors?

PHANTOM™ LIGHTING SYSTEM warrants its products against defects in any material and workmanship for (3) three years from the invoice date. PHANTOM™ reserves the right to either repair or replace without charge, any properly installed PHANTOM™ product which falls under normal operating conditions within the specified warranty period for fixtures (excluding lamps) and transformers, provided it is returned to the factory, transportation prepaid, and our inspection determines it to be defective under the Phantom terms and conditions of the warranty. This warranty covers only equipment manufactured by PHANTOM™ and does not extend to transportation, installation, or replacement charges, nor does it apply to any equipment of another manufacturer used in conjunction with PHANTOM™ equipment. In a progressive policy of research and development we reserve the right to vary and modify specifications without prior notice.

What is your commission policy for Phantom™ Sales Agents?

Our commission policy and rates is something we can discuss privately. I will say that our policies are consistent with industry standards and we value our sales agent relationships.

What is your credit policy for established customers?

Customers with a regular purchase history of 6 to 12 months and a volume average of $2500 or more may request to apply for credit. The credit application will be verified and approved for future ordering. The normal terms on an account are Net 30 Days.

What is your normal delivery time?

Allow 2 to 4 weeks after receipt of required deposit for order to be shipped.

What is your payment policy and terms?

Our payment terms are “Due Upon Receipt”. A 50% deposit is required on all orders. A purchase order and a sale and use tax certificate is required with all company orders. If you are tax exempt, we must have your exemption certificate on file prior to shipment. Final payment is required prior to shipping orders including international customers.

What is your Phantom lighting adjustable shelf concept?

The AC Series adjustable shelf concept is a revolutionary shelf lighting wiring mechanism that allows the collector complete flexibility to remove or relocate shelves without tools or disconnecting wires. The lights are attached to the individual shelves and are electrified through hidden connectors utilizing safe low voltage current. We offer two versions depending on your wattage or overall lumen requirements.  Elite AC Series LED light strips and Ultra AC Series LED light strips. Both LED lighting systems use a variety of mounting trims, hidden buss bars and proprietary shelf supports.

What is your preferred shipment method?

All products are only shipped by UPS® or USPS® unless otherwise specified. You may provide your company’s UPS® account number when placing an order.

What is your return policy?

Custom fabricated PHANTOM™ products are non-returnable. All other returns (Warranty and Non-Warranty) must be accompanied by an approved RGA form. Please submit all RGA requests to (See Terms & Conditions for specific details)

What is your warranty policy?

Our warranty period is (1) one year on all products against defects on materials and workmanship from the original invoice date. (See Terms & Conditions for specific details)

What makes your Contour Projector different from others?

The Phantom LED Contour Projector has three light confinement methods: Adjustable shutters, brass templates and pattern gobo. The locking shutter assembly allows for easy adjustment without the worry of slipping. The hand cut brass template is designed for irregularly-shaped objects or multiple objects.  The pattern gobo is can be used to create theatrical lighting effects in both residential and commercial applications. Our product is often compared to the Wendel projector which is also for lighting art.

What shipping address do I use for returns?

Phantom Lighting Systems
8850 Jameel Road, Suite 170A
Houston, TX 77040-5095.

Ship all returns prepaid using your preferred method and include the RGA NUMBER on the package or packing slip. If the product is determined as “defective”, the product will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer by UPS® -Ground prepaid by Phantom Lighting. (See Terms & Conditions for specific details)

What size wire is needed to connect Phantom Classic lighting?

We recommend that you consult a licensed electrician for information about calculating amperage or designing wiring methods! Just remember the lower the voltage the higher the amperage and wire must be sized accordingly!  Examples: 14-gauge wire is rated for 15 amps, 12-gauge wire is rated for 20 amps, 10-gauge wire is rated for 30 amps, 8-gauge wire is rated for 40 amps. Our Phantom magnetic transformer cut sheet contains a variety of helpful information related to load calculations.

Phantom Lighting can be wired in a number of ways and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

What support do you provide your Phantom™ Certified Installers?

We will properly train you on the “Do and Don’ts” of our products and various installation methods we recommend. Sales support is as simple as a phone call away! Our installer support team will work with you to help with the design, quote and installation if needed.

When did you introduce the LED Phantom Contour Projector?

We introduced the Phantom LED Contour Projector in January 2019.  With the evolution and advancements in LED technology, halogen light sources are now less desirable and being discontinued. LED is much more efficient and provides years of trouble-free maintenance with no bulbs to change.

When should I consider using Ultra over your Elite product?

Phantom Ultra light strips is typically used in commercial applications or in displays that require higher light levels.  This is true in retail, jewelry stores and when lighting mineral collections where you want to see sparkle and pop for the objects on display.  You can always dim the lights if they are too bright.

Phantom LED Lighting products are geared towards residential applications where a softer look is desired.  Both products offer a wide assortment of popular color temperatures and the only difference between the two is the overall lumen output.

Where can I see some examples of your product in use?

Check out our image gallery which is divided into three sections: Art, Cabinet & Cove lighting. Here you will see an assortment of Phantom Lighting techniques for inspiration on your next design. See something particular you like? Just let us know and we will share how it was done, what products were used and how it can be applied to your project.

Where is your main office located in Houston?

Our office is located at 8850 Jameel Road, Suite 170A Houston, TX 77040 which is one block south of Highway 290 off Fairbanks North Houston Road. Head west on Jameel and we are located in the last  building on the right just before the small retention pond. Our neighbors are Sherwin Williams Houston and Coastal District Office and Eyeon Solutions.

Which social channels does Phantom Lighting promote?

We have a presence at Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz and ASID. We invite you to join the conversation, follow us and share our pages with your friends and colleagues.

Why Choose An Art Light Fixture That Is Customized?

An art light fixture can be more than a simple ceiling mounted installation. Creative artisans can integrate beautiful radiance into a workable installation that also provides improved visibility. While these can be effective, Phantom’s products are specifically designed to display a creative piece. Contour projectors can provide precise illumination while still being flexible. They can provide premium illumination for years with only minor maintenance.

Why do I need to use an on-board 0-10V dimmer control?

Our exclusive on-board 0-10V dimmer control allows for individual dimming by projector to perfectly balance and fine tune light levels. This is really useful when lighting art collections that contain both light and dark colored artwork on one switch leg. The optional low voltage 0-10V dimmer is located on the face plate of the electrical junction box inside the projector housing for easy access. The 0-10V dimmer can be installed after the fact using the purple and gray low voltage wires inside the electrical junction box. See projector supplement for wiring diagram or additional information.

Why Is LED Cove Lighting The Best Choice For Lights?

Diode technology has been around for a couple decades, but it wasn’t suitable for most applications until recently. Now, it can be installed in nearly any setting for decorative or functional reasons. LED cove fixtures are designed to be an ideal lighting source for any space, whether it is commercial or residential.

Why is the light on the edge of my artwork fuzzy?

Try adjusting the focus first, then check to see that the lamp and condensing lenses are properly seated in the lens cradle. If this doesn’t work than try a different combination of focusing lenses to alleviate the problem. Sometimes this occurs when the lenses are not seated properly. In other words, make sure the focal lenses are tight in the cone and the lens clip is fully engaged.

Why Use Concealed Cove Light Fixtures From Phantom?

Phantom’s LED strips are usually installed close to the ceiling and given a few inches of clearance from all surfaces. This placement ensures the perfect spread of illumination across the ceiling while gracefully sweeping around the edges of the room. When placed correctly, Phantom’s LED strips can sharpen the room’s edges, providing order and a sophisticated touch to the space. With Phantom’s dimmer controls, a homeowner can also precisely set the output level of the system, so it will never be too much or too little. This combination of aesthetics and fine control makes Phantom’s products an ideal fit in bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, game rooms or media rooms.

Will a dimmer work on Phantom Classic lighting?

Yes, Phantom Classic lighting can be dimmed by the use of a dimmer. Since Phantom is a low voltage lighting system that requires a low voltage transformer, a low voltage style dimmer designed for an inductive load must be used.

Will a dimmer work with your LED projector?

Yes, Phantom Contour Projectors can be dimmed with all dimmer types. Our projector is powered by an energy efficient auto-sensing 120-277V, 50/60Hz, 1750mA constant current electronic LED driver, tri-dimming (MLV forward phase, ELV reverse phase, 0-10V) and a non-dimming 12VDC fan power supply. Optional on-board 0-10V dimmer control available for setting individual output levels.

Will any dimmer work with the Elite lighting system?

All Elite light strips operate on Phantom 24VDC Magnetic Drivers that are dimmable.  Please refer to our Driver Cut Sheet for a list of compatible dimmer controls, as well as minimum and maximum load requirements for each size driver.

Will I receive preferred pricing as Phantom™ Certified Installer?

Yes, as a member of our team you will receive preferred pricing and may qualify for additional discounts on large orders.

Will Phantom lighting work in my antique cabinet?

Yes, since Phantom Lighting is custom fabricated we can design a fixture that will fit perfectly and give you years of trouble-free enjoyment in your antique cabinet! Our HM Series Elite is the perfect LED lighting solution for horizontal applications. We also hand fabricate our Phantom HM Classic Lighting products for antique furniture with radius shelves and Phantom VM Classic Lighting products that require vertical mounting methods.

Will the light from the LED Contour Projector fade my artwork?

No, one of the main advantages to LED technology is the absence of forward throw infrared heat or ultra-violet radiation.  You have nothing worry about when specifying or installing our LED projectors to illuminate your art.

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