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Phantom Lighting Sales Representatives & Light Manufacturers
Phantom lighting representatives work worldwide as agents for one of the most unique and sophisticated lighting manufacturers in the world. Their responsibilities extend far beyond traditional sales and marketing boundaries. Phantom agents take a consultative approach to client relations. Sales and customer service are fused into a synthesis of product education, project development, and product customization. Lighting representatives work with corporations and individuals with equal dedication. Their ultimate purpose is to bring innovation in art and display lighting directly to the marketplace with a highly personal and customer-centered approach.
Phantom Lighting representatives primarily work in the commercial arena with architects, designers, distributors and contractors to specify commercial lighting equipment from factories they represent. In these cases, the goal of the representative is to determine whether Phantom Lighting products are an appropriate fit for the job and to have them specified in the bid package on the fixture schedule. Once that specification is written, and the builder follows the specifications during construction, the representative is responsible for working with the factory to see that the order is placed and shipped correctly.
Likewise, Phantom Lighting representatives frequently visit residential customers to verify existing job conditions and to assist with product selection. Once the lighting representative determines that Phantom Lighting Strips or Phantom Contour Projectors are a fit, the work is referred to a lighting distributor or contractor.
An international network of agents now extends itself from Canada to Argentina—offering education, support, sales, and custom ordering services in three major languages to businesses, schools, public offices, retail chains, and fine homes throughout North, Central, and South America. While Phantom primarily markets its technology through Internet channels; sales, service, installation, and support are still managed locally through our lighting representative network.

United States Phantom Lighting representatives work locally in designated geographic areas. This allows each agent to understand the unique needs of specific cities, states, and regions of the country. Agents distribute hard copy literature and attend annual trade shows such as Lightfair International in order to maintain a face-to-face presence with our highly diversified and eclectic commercial client base. It is the job of Canadian lighting representatives to take a highly consultative approach when working with any client. We feel this is important in an age where information could potentially overwhelm clients unless responsible and proactive individuals step in to manage information efficiently and conscientiously with client benefit foremost in mind.

Because our technology is adaptable to virtually any decorative environment, Phantom Lighting agents in Mexico frequently visit homes, offices, and showrooms to examine first hand the many nuances of the client’s facility. Such factors as interior architecture, style and genre of fine art, display casings, furniture build, and specific objects and merchandise to be showcased are all factors that are examined and carefully balanced with the practical demands of budget and procurement allocations.
As both homes and businesses of all types almost always contain some form of art and some form of decorative (if not simultaneously functional) display, lighting representatives often assume the role of designers by pointing out areas where linear strip lights and concealed Contour projectors can accent and enhance interior design with sourceless lighting and concealed fixtures.
This decorum-oriented approach to sales helps the lighting representative to quickly and accurately choose the exact projector or low voltage cabinet lighting strip model that best fits the needs at hand. Both Contour Projectors and Phantom Linear Strips come in six specific design builds, each developed for a unique purpose in mind.  When budgets are exceptionally tight, the agent will also recommend lighting controls and lamping options that will render Phantom’s low voltage optical technology even more cost effective for those who look to save money without sacrificing aesthetics.
Once equipment selection is finalized, the lighting representative will contact the factory with detailed information on the client’s home or office. This valuable information is then used to fabricate strip lights to fit individual display environments, or to engineer Contour projectors with special templates or custom Gobo holders.
Phantom products can be adapted to everything from fine kitchen under cabinet lighting, ornamental LED strip lighting, and fine art lighting for photography, oil originals, and three-dimensional pieces.
Phantom agents have cross-trained extensively in parallel industries such as architectural theory, interior design, and art consulting and bring this knowledge to every meeting to ensure a balance, superior outcome in design. Not only can they recommend specific recessed projector lights and strip lights for specific settings, but they can will also partner with interior designers and help develop an integrated aesthetic where light, color, object, and form all blend into a harmonious presentation.

Our reputation for excellence is rapidly growing into a leadership role not only as lighting manufacturers, but hands-on lighting consultants that work one-on-one to fit technology to client vision and personal taste.
Initial consultation with a lighting representative in your part of the world is free the first time you call. Why not speak to one now by dialing 1-800-863-1184? You may also visit our blog “Tips from the Manufacturer” for more information and advice on Phantom lighting installations.

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