Accent Lighting Tools For Illuminating Any Area

If you are the owner of a lighting design firm, Phantom invites you to rely upon us as a premier vendor/manufacturer of the industry’s most unique and cutting edge accent lighting equipment. Phantom extends its services into the commercial design arena by helping lighting design contractors Coast to Coast utilize our equipment in innovative ways that will amaze their clients and increase their market base.

Two specialty products exist within the Phantom family that can address key accent lighting needs for virtually any commercial or residential client you encounter. Because virtually every office and home you enter decorates with some for of art or decorative display, both our Phantom Contour Projector series and our Phantom Strip Light series provide you, the designer, with accent lighting design motifs that none of your competitors will be able to duplicate. Our lighting manufacturer representative agents in your particular state will actually show you how to configure both lines of product to shine an entirely new, eclectic quality of accent light upon any painting, print, photograph, three dimensional sculpture, bookshelf, cove, and display case you encounter in your clients’ homes and places of businesses.

Private Libraries and Rare Book Collections

Lighting Bookshelves are often overlooked by both lighting clients and lighting design companies. This is unfortunate, because any avid reader at some point in time invests in fine hardbacks and/or rare books to showcase in an either a special display or private library. This provides the designer with a unique approach to accent lighting that is both sensible and highly personal. Executives who decorate their offices with bookshelves are sending a message to their clients and partners about the value they place on information, and a proposal that offers to install appropriate LED accent lights such a collection will instantly earn the respect of an savvy owner or business manager who has already spent a small fortune in books.

The beauty of installing accent lighting with Phantom strip lights lies in the concealed nature of the fixtures themselves. When the installation is complete, all the client will see is his or her favorite hard covers bathed in a soft, ambient light that appears to radiate from within the shelving itself.

Accent Cove Lighting

In both homes and offices with vaulted ceilings, accent lighting coves adds both an additional, soft touch of down lighting and an eclectic, decorative flair that the unconsciously impresses itself upon the eye’s peripheral vision. Phantom strips are ideal for this type of cove lighting and offer a 360-degree approach to accenting that is more balanced and holistic in form. This will especially appeal to any clients you encounter who prefer a “fung shui” approach to decorating, as it skillfully unites both light and shadow and offers a balance between down light and decoration. Under cabinet lighting fixtures, another form of accent lighting, provides glare free illumination for task lighting applications.

Paintings and Prints

Anyone who collects fine art prizes that art above most, if not all of his her personal possessions. The last thing any collector wants is a picture light that could potentially damage a piece with Ultraviolet or Infrared light. Reassure your clients that the Phantom Contour is the safest and most sophisticated fine art accent lighting projector on the market. The sophisticated—albeit highly user-friendly filters—eliminate the UV and Infrared spectrum from the projector’s beam, then focus that beam to precisely match the dimensions and contour of any frame or three-dimensional sculpture. The effect this filtration and photometric distribution process creates is called “the lighted from within effect,” and it offers both offices and homes an eclectic, almost surreal and magical form of accent picture lighting that cannot be produced by any other form of art light.

Companies who cannot afford fine art normally decorate with prints. You can help them overcome the generic look of many of these pieces by utilizing Phantom’s proprietary accent light to add mystique to the ordinary and thus elevate the visual quality of these pieces.


Photography stands as a genre of art unto itself, and many business owners prefer it as their primary decorum even above original oil paintings. Accent lighting photography has never been better than it has become with Phantom Projectors. Particularly in the realm of eclectic black and whites that depend on the interplay of light and shadow for effect, accenting with a lighted from within effect serves to magnify both form and theme of any still or landscape piece.

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