Adding Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting For Shelf Display Fixtures

Phantom strip lights function as eclectic and innovative sources of low voltage cabinet lighting. Differentiating themselves from overhead lamps and obtrusive fixtures, Phantom low voltage strip lights conceal their own appearance to render colors and details in a whole new level and quality of light. Eliminating wires and traditional mounting creates a field of glare-free low voltage light within the cabinet enclosure that is evenly distributed and casts no shadows. Phantom fixtures add mystery to low voltage cabinet lighting as well, featuring a patented conductive system that replaces wiring with metal shelf standards that conduct low voltage current safely and unobtrusively, creating the illusion of sourceless lighting that fills the empty space of the display with a warm, vibrant glow.

Different display designs require different types of mounting fixtures for optimal low voltage cabinet lighting. Cabinets built by custom designers featuring fine finish and hand carved surfaces require the most seamless possible fit to avoid a visible fixture from detracting from craftsmanship and design. They also require completely concealed power sources and electrical conductivity. The main advantage Phantom offers over any other type of low voltage shelf light is its unique ability to transfer power from a remote low voltage transformer through the mounting support clips that fasten the fixture itself to the shelf. This not only eliminates physical wires, but it also reduces heat due and power consumption because this involves a lower level of electricity conducted through clips attached to the wood, which itself serves as a natural insulator and electrical ground. Our AC series is especially designed for fine custom wooden low voltage cabinet lighting due to the fact that of our entire Phantom strip models it offers the highest level of concealment. The AC series is custom designed for new build displays, so most of AC series customers are builders or cabinet makers who order the strips pre-cut and build them directly into the cabinet during construction.

For private commercial clients and homeowners looking to retrofit existing cabinets or add decorative flair to generic cabinetry, we carry a similar model known as the AE series. Low voltage cabinet lighting allows for greater flexibility with only slightly more visibility in the fixture itself. It is ideal for retrofitted installation onto existing shelves and it can also dual function as a custom piece for new cabinets under construction. The AC series does not provide total fixture concealment, but it is nonetheless can prove a highly decorative add-on to a plain or basic display, and its many finish and color options can even add a slightly high-end touch to standard retail low voltage lighting display cabinets. Lighting levels are controlled in both series with special glare shielding that prevents light “spillage” when viewed from either above or below eye level. Both the AC series and AE series offer multiple lamping options, ranging from fluorescent to incandescent, on up to higher end xenon and state of the art LED light bulbs. The unique positioning of our smaller, festoon lamps makes for a more even “wash” of luminosity that creates a more even distribution of photons within the cabinet itself.

Even more decorative low voltage cabinet lighting and special lighting effects become possible by selectively adding vertically mounted strips (VM) series. We can also add CM lights to custom cabinet “ceilings”, transforming cove lighting into cabinet lighting and creating additional points of emphasis within the ambient field. Ask your lighting manufacturer’s representative about these options.

Phantom specialists spend a great deal of time in consultation; determining exact dimension and material build of individual display and showcase cabinet lighting design. With this data, we then custom cut each lighting strip individually to provide a perfect match for both new builds and retrofit applications.