Adjustable Concealed Ultra

  • Low profile, linear light source designed for new construction adjust-able shelf lighting applications
  • Exclusive current carrying design using concealed metal buss bars and brass mounting hardware
  • Multiple trim options designed for total light control, flexibility and concealment
  • Kelvin Temperatures at 1800K, 2100K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K & 4000K  at 94+ CRI
  • Polyurethane coated tape 4.2WPF standard & high-density uncoated tape 6.0WPF for enclosed trims
  • Dimmable high performance compact magnetic low voltage 24VDC drivers
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The Phantom Ultra AC Series LED Strip Lighting for Cabinet Lighting Applications respresents a revolution in strip lighting technology. These low profile cabinet lights measure as small as 3/4″ W x 1/4″ H, giving new defintion to the phrase, “See the Light, Not the Fixture!” Custom mounting trims establish the optimum aiming angle which allows the contents of any cabinet to be illuminated to a precise degree at the highest level of aesthetics yet to be seen.

The Phantom Ultra is constructed using the highest quality LED’s in the industry. They are among the brighest strip lights on the market, emitting 200 lumens per foot (4.7 watts per foot). Strips are precut to desired length to be custom fitted to movable shelves.  There are no visible wires and shelf positions can be adjustable without any rewiring whatsoever.

Strips are dimmable using a standard low voltage dimmer and produce a quality of consistent color unmatched by competing products.  Customers may choose from 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K color temperature options.  All Phantome Ultra LED Strips operate on 24VDC Magnetic Power Supplies.

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