Do Adjustable Retail Shelf Lights Make A Difference?

Any shop owner who has been in business for a while knows that illumination is key to presenting a product, and adjustable retail shelf lights can do it better than any other technology. Illumination is often an underrated element in a store, but it can make the difference between a sale and a product that goes ignored. People are naturally drawn to beautiful fixtures, and if these fixtures are used to illuminate product, well, it’s obvious what such a system can do. But shops need more than just a beautiful system, they need one that can be moved around as new products are added and displays change. Only high-end technologies can offer this much needed feature.

How do adjustable retail shelf lights work?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are among the few display technologies that can be repositioned after installation. Normally, if a shop owner wants to change up the fixtures after installation, they have to bring in an expensive electrician to facilitate the process. Otherwise, it’s not safe for the shop owner to handle it on their own. Phantom’s LED fixtures don’t need an electrician, though, as they can be designed with a flexible power delivery system. Specifically, the Elite and Ultra can be powered using a combination of buss bars and brass contact pieces. A concealed transformer is placed out of sight and channels power into the buss bars, which double as shelf supports. The buss bars carry the power to brass contact pads attached to the fixtures themselves, so the entire system requires no open wiring. And because the buss bars are designed with several anchoring points, the display can be moved around and secured in a new position in just a matter of minutes. This can be done without any tools or expertise, so a shop owner can create a number of displays with a single set of fixtures.

Adjustable retail shelf lights have to also provide powerful, beautiful illumination that enhances the products’ appearance. This starts with the right color temperature. For example when displaying clothing or glass, the goal is to produce a neutral wash of illumination, as this will allow the products’ colors to come through cleanly. If the fixtures discolor the product, it may frustrate a customer after purchasing a displayed item. If the shop is displaying jewelry or metal items, a cooler color temperature usually works best.

Also, high-end fixtures allow for additional flexibility when positioning the fixtures. LED strips, for example, can be installed above the products, below them, or in front of them, creating a different look in each case. Most shops choose to place the fixtures in front of the products, as this will provide even illumination coverage and ensure the products are clearly visible. This is easy to do with a small piece of trim that conceals the strips from view.

Shop owners can’t afford to use inferior fixtures with their products, and they shouldn’t consider a rigid system either. Instead, adjustable shelf retail lights are the optimal choice, providing shop owners with a wealth of display options.