Adjustable Shelf Lighting

Adjustable shelf lighting is the best way to add color and interest to a display cabinet. When a homeowner has a collection of books or other treasured belongings, they often want to show them off to others. With a display cabinet, these items can be placed in a visible spot that also protects the items. However, display cabinets have a habit of shading items and are particularly dark at night. With Phantom’s low profile fixtures a homeowner can keep their precious items illuminated day and night. Phantom offers two fixture models, one a concealable and the other an exposed design. The differences between the two are subtle, but they are each ideal in certain circumstances.

Most manufacturers produce strip fixtures that require open wiring when they are placed. This means that if they need to be moved, an electrician will have to help the homeowner rearrange their display area. Adjustable shelf lighting from Phantom doesn’t have this problem. Instead of open wiring, Phantom powers its fixtures using buss bars and concealed transformers. Buss bars are strips of conductive metal, usually copper, brass or steel, that channel electricity via a switchboard. In a Phantom fixture, the buss bars are connected directly to the festoon lamps. The electricity is delivered to the buss bar through brass support clips, and contact pads connected to the concealed transformer. In an adjustable shelf lighting design, the transformer is placed behind or at the bottom of the cabinet, well out of sight.

The major difference between a concealed and exposed design is how the supports are organized on the cabinet. There is no difference in how the festoon lamps are arranged or where they are placed. In a concealed design, the supports are placed inside of the cabinet along the inner surfaces. In an exposed design, the supports are placed along the outside of the furniture. The ideal adjustable shelf lighting design really comes down to a homeowner’s aesthetic preferences.

Both models can be fitted with a variety of festoon lamps, and can be rearranged when the owner wants to move his collection around. The buss bar supports are what give the fixtures their flexibility. They can be extended or contracted to fit any space without dealing with dangerous wiring or hiring expensive professionals to do the job. The festoon lamps are installed behind a shelf bar, so they can’t be seen from any angle.

Phantom’s adjustable shelf lighting designs are compatible with xenon, LED or incandescent festoon lamps. Incandescent bulbs produce the warm orange glow that people are most familiar with. It adds a nice touch of color to the display, and evokes a tranquil feeling. Unlike most incandescent bulbs, Phantom’s festoon lamps require very little energy. Xenon lamps output neutral white illumination that can perfectly render each item’s color. They are also energy efficient with each requiring 10 watts or less. LED lamps are the most efficient and need less than a watt to function. They can be customized to produce any color and intensity of illumination.

Precious collectibles deserve the best fixtures on the market. Phantom delivers this in a compact, safe and energy efficient package.

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