Advantages of Using 2700K LED Festoon Lamps

Phantom Lighting Systems has now expanded its LED festoon lamp offerings to include new 2700K lamps. This is a significant development in our LED accent lighting technology which brings LED festoon lamps closer than ever to the warm color temperatures standard to incandescent light bulbs and to which we have all become accustomed. In fact, the color rendering index of these new festoon lamps brings lighting quality very close to that of xenon, which has historically been our most popular lamping option for cabinet lighting and LED strip lighting.

The significance of this new development will have far reaching implications for LED lighting in general in the future. To understand these implications, it is necessary to understand the basics of color temperature as it pertains to lighting. The term was originally used to describe the “whiteness” of incandescent light and related directly to the temperature of the tungsten filament used in bulbs.

The lower the number in degrees Kelvin is, the “warmer” the color temperature of a light source is said to be. This is because higher temperatures (in terms of degrees Kelvin), tend to shift toward the blue end of the spectrum. A light source with a color temperature of 2700K-3500K is ideal for lighting vivid, “warm” colors like red, orange, and yellow that appear to advance toward the eye. The major drawback to previous generations of led lamps was their inability to accurately render these colors. LED white light were actually generated mixing combinations of blue and yellow, which tended to shift their color temperature higher toward the cool colors like blue and purple that have a more soothing appearance. This made it difficult to use LED light bulbs as sources in rooms where people were used to seeing a close approximation to daylight which incandescent lights were known for.

All of this is changing as both Phantom LED lamp technology and festoon lamp technology continues to advance in sophistication and diversify in application. These changes come just in time for businesses and homes in California which are now required by law to replace incandescent bulbs of all types no later than 2010. Since xenon is a high-end form of incandescent light, architects, builders, and lighting designers have been hard pressed to come up with a viable replacement for xenon lamps in linear strips and cove lights. They have long known the power saving and extended life advantages of LED festoon lamps, but have hesitated to recommend diode-based lighting because of its heretofore inability to completely mimic incandescent light. Phantom 2700K LED festoons are changing all of that now, with some additional selling points to make the contractor’s proposal more cost effective and energy conscious at the same time. To better understand the differences visit our Choosing the Right Festoon Lamp page.

Key Selling Points of LED Festoon Lamps:

Phantom LED Festoon lamps operate on 12 volt AC magnetic transformer, not DC.

This makes them compatible with standard wiring systems. For builders, this is a very important time saver. Phantom linear strips can be installed directly into cabinets, shelves, book cases, and display cases and linked directly to a home or business’s power source without the need for an AC/DC converter. This cabinet lighting installation quicker and easier, and it results in a more concealable light strip than can do a better job than competing models with less physical equipment.

The LED Life rating is 50,000 hours at 0.6W vs. 20,000 hours at 5W for Xenon.

Clients of lighting designers will be happy to hear that their new investment is expected to last more than twice the amount of time as their xenon linear lights will perform, and will outperform fluorescent strip lights with a more natural rendition of the full color spectrum.

Negligible heat production, due to extremely low wattage high efficiency LED’s.

The unique design and arrangement of our LED’s provide optimal thermal management and makes the 2700K festoon led lamp ideal for lighting displays containing antiques, rare merchandise, or sensitive documents.

Fully Dimmable without color shift using conventional low voltage dimmers.

This is perhaps the LED festoon lamps strongest selling point with end users. Homeowners and retailers can easily adjust lighting levels themselves at will at any time.

LED Festoon lamps are backward compatible with previous generations of linear strips.

It is not necessary to throw away old linear strip lights. Simply snap out the old lamps and replace them with new energy efficient LED festoon lamps.

The search for a quality light fixture manufacturer is now over. Phantom Lighting leads the LED lighting manufacturing industry in customized application of LED lamp festoon lighting and its many benefits to a diverse clientele. Most LED lighting manufacturers give you the product, but not the high-level of service that comes with a top-notch illumination company. Contact us today at 800-863-1184 or visit with a lighting sales representative in your city to find the best solution for your business’s or home’s lighting needs.