Advantages Of Using A LED Festoon Lighting System

An LED festoon lighting system is one of the most flexible illumination setups available, as it can be placed in new installations or used to replace an existing, obsolete setup. Installing a new set of fixtures can be a daunting task, and home and business owners may be reluctant to commit to a massive overhaul. Dismantling the existing installation, designing a layout for the new fixtures, wiring them and placing them can take a long time. Phantom’s diode lamps are designed to mitigate these concerns and are easy to install, reducing the financial cost and time of the job.

What makes Phantom’s LED festoon lamps a smart lighting system option?

Use A LED Festoon Lighting System

Phantom’s diode lamps can either be used to retrofit over an existing incandescent or xenon system or used in a new installation. Many homes and businesses still use incandescent or xenon lamps, and owners typically don’t want to start from scratch, even when the fixtures are plainly obsolete. Phantom makes this choice much easier, as our diode lamps can adapt into any spot currently accommodating a 5-10 watt xenon or incandescent fixture operating at either 12 or 24 volts. Phantom led festoon lamps are a direct retrofit to existing festoon lighting systems regardless of the manufacturer. There is no need to change the transformer or the wiring. This is perfect for homeowners who are tired of replacing traditional fetton lamps. LED festoon lamps generate very little heat, consume consideralblt less energy and will last for years compared to xenon or incandescent festoon lamps.

New Phantom diode lamps can integrate into Phantom’s Classic line of strip fixtures. The Classic series is compatible with incandescent, xenon or diode fixtures, so the homeowner can quickly switch between these three technologies at a moment’s notice. For example, a homeowner may prefer the lower upfront cost of incandescent fixtures at first, but may want to move onto something more reliable and versatile in the near future. With Phantom’s Classic series, this is a viable choice that requires minimal effort.

The primary benefit of using LED festoon lamps in a lighting system is their efficiency and tremendous lamp life. Though incandescent bulbs are warm and inviting, they generate a lot of heat and waste power with their obsolete metal filament technology. Diode fixtures have a precisely configured semiconductor die, so they produce close to zero heat and run at a consistent brightness level. Unlike incandescent lamps which turn golden when dimmed, LED festoon lamps remain the same color and lumen output is reduced when dimmed. Phantom’s diode lamps are even more efficient than competing diode lamps. Each lamp produces 70 lumens of illumination using half a watt of power, making them some of the most efficient lamps available anywhere. With their combination of power, efficiency and low profile, Phantom’s diode lamps are ideal for areas where there is little space available.

Indirect fixtures are often placed near the ceiling or in other areas that are difficult to reach. This can make replacing expired bulbs a major hassle. This frustration compounds with the unreliable nature of incandescent lamps, which burnout after just 20,000 hours. Diode fixtures provide around 50,000 hours of top performance and are much more consistent and resistant to impact or being jostled around. This means fewer replacements and fewer headaches.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are the ideal solution when power, efficiency and reliability are all priorities.