Art Light Fixtures Are Not All the Same

Owners of luxury vehicles would never dream of placing generic tires on a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and likewise, fine pieces of art deserve nothing less than the most advanced art display light on the market. It simply won’t do to subject a Picasso or Rembrandt to a standard picture light when modern technology has the power to enhance the masterpiece with unparalleled brilliance and preciseness.

Art Light Fixtures & Contour Lighting Projectors By Phantom

Spectacular illumination is a form of art all in itself. Colors and angles must be considered, nuances carefully evaluated, intensity optimally adjusted. The difference between understated obscurity and radiance lies in the minutest of details.
Recessed lamps enjoy tremendous popularity, and rightfully so. Low-profile fixtures allow a masterpiece to shine without distraction. Among them, low voltage halogen art light projectors offer the most accurate and dramatic illumination available today.
Several manufacturers furnish various projector models designed to bring out the most impressive character traits in fine pieces. Notable names include Phantom®, Halo®, Wendelighting®,  and Laymance. The Phantom® lines of art light projectors create the coveted “lighted from within effect” by implementing the most advanced technology. Resulting in considerable advantages over other products:
  • Superior mounting techniques
  • Exclusive optical system
  • Remarkably compact in size
  • Unrivaled versatility
Phantom® Contour projectors adapt to practically any circumstance. A choice of different designs ensures the fixture flawlessly blends into its surroundings and allows for customized installation. The Float Finish (or Zero Sight Line) model is all but invisible, and presents a great option for homes where attic access is unavailable. The New Construction Housing and one-of-a-kind Remodel Housing versions specialize in accommodating ceiling depths of as little as 10 inches. They also feature paintable cover plates for optimal integration. When approach from below is impractical, a Top Access design is an excellent choice. Surface or track mount models are the most economical option while still offering precision optics, adjustable shutters, and elegant design.
Contour projectors work hand in hand with optional dimmer switches and gobos, further increasing customizability and adjustability of these fixtures. Whether an art aficionado desires a soft, subtle glow or a bright radiance to illuminate a masterpiece, Phantom® art light projectors matched with a dimmer deliver a customized effect. When used in conjunction with gobo templates, projectors generate a pattern of shadows and brightness.
Not only are Contour projectors ideal for bringing out the entire palette of colors in a painting, they also manage to capture the silhouette of three-dimensional works (such as sculptures) with crisp lines and unmatched precision.
Unlike incandescent sources of illumination, Contour projectors are safe to use with works of any medium. Illumination is generated through a low 75-watt MR 16 halogen lamp with built-in filters that reflect possibly harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. Oil or water colors, acrylics, and canvas will not deteriorate from exposure to halogen illumination.
Designed with user-friendliness in mind, art light projectors are generally fairly easy to install and simple setups do not necessarily require the services of an electrician. Professional installation is recommended, however, for complex projects like the illumination of odd-shaped or three-dimensional pieces to ensure utmost performance and optimal effects.

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