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The world renowned Phantom Contour Projector creates the unique “lighted from within” effect and is offered in the following mounting configurations to meet your specific site requirements. Phantom recessed picture lighting is easy to install and extremely versatile, because of their small, compact size and small ceiling aperture.

LED Art Lighting

LED art lighting is the next step in showcasing paintings, portraits and sculptures and is already proving effective in contour framing projectors.

Every work of art, even a historically-significant classic, is enhanced with proper lighting techniques. For years, this usually meant a combination of halogen and incandescent technology, but LED art lighting is changing this outdated approach. Framing projectors, which emit a beam of light that is precisely shaped to the subject, are an ideal vehicle for LED lights, as they offer several advantages over halogen, incandescent and natural sunlight.


Art Lighting Fixtures Recessed Remodeler Housing In An Office By Phantom

The ultimate in fine art lighting is achieved by using our recessed remodeler housing for installation in existing ceilings, even between floors. The white surface cover plate eliminates need for patching and painting.

Float Finish

Art Lighting Fixtures Float Finish Housing By Phantom

Recessed into new or existing ceiling, “floated in” for zero sight-line installation. Access panel, but  without any visible cover plate. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. The least conspicuous fine art lighting system available today.

New Construction

Art Lighting Fixtures New Construction Housing By Phantom

Essential contour art projector lights can be designed into new construction of top tier residential properties using this recessed housing which mounts to ceiling joists or trusses prior to completing sheetrock ceiling. White surface cover plate.

Top Access

Art Lighting Fixtures Top Access Housing By Phantom

When a top quality invisible picture light is required, but ceiling finish will not accommodate an access panel or cover trim, recessed housings mount to ceiling joists or trusses from the attic. No access from below and only ceiling penetration is small light aperture.

Surface Mount

Art Light Fixtures & Contour Lighting Projectors By Phantom

For mounting on a surface of ceiling, wall or beam this projector light is the system of choice. Optional white or black powdercoat finish. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. Available in remote transformer or integral transformer configurations.

Track Mount

Art Lighting Fixtures | Contour Projector With Track Mount Attachment

Art gallery lighting often relies on track or monopoint attachments for flexibility. Optional white or black powdercoat finish. Adjustable shutters or custom hand cut brass template. Works with a variety of major track manufacturers products.

LED Art Lighting versus Natural Sunlight

It’s tempting to use the free, nearly unlimited source of light available to us all – the sun. However, sunlight is not a viable choice for artwork, as many new collectors find out the hard way. Sunlight renders color perfectly and emits across the entire visible spectrum. However, the sun also emits outside of the visible spectrum, and it’s this ultraviolet and infrared radiation that is the real problem.

UV radiation is especially troublesome and difficult to control once emitted. It causes ongoing, major damage to the pigments found in many paintings, photographs and prints, resulting in fading and discoloration. The subject’s texture can also be damaged by UV rays, resulting in physical deterioration of the canvas. Oil and watercolor paintings, in particular, are badly affected, and great care should be taken when exposing them to light.

They shouldn’t be exposed to natural sunlight, either, due to the presence of UV and infrared radiation. LED art lighting is the better approach in this context, as it emits a miniscule fraction of the UV light found in sunlight, making it a safer choice for light-sensitive subjects.

LED versus Halogen

Halogen has been the go-to art lighting option for many years due to its excellent color rendering capabilities. LED art lighting, though, is challenging its position. Halogen fixtures emit some UV and infrared radiation, but there are ways to mitigate both. What can’t be mitigated is the short-lived nature of halogen. A typical halogen lamp will only provide a few thousand hours of illumination before it must be replaced. This can be a challenge when handling a contour framing projector, and may be something property owners don’t want to deal with.

LED art lighting provides the solution because it lasts about 20 times as long as a halogen fixture. This means an LED framing projector will remain brilliant and precise for years after installation. LED art lighting doesn’t lag behind halogen in performance, either. Modern LED art lights can achieve extremely high color rendering index, or CRI, scores, with many attaining 90+ ratings. While halogen may still edge LED slightly in this regard, the difference in output is imperceptible, even when put side by side. The difference in lifespan and operating costs, though, is very perceptible.

LED versus Fluorescent

Fluorescent fixtures may not last as long as LED art lighting, but they still provide about 30,000 hours of illumination, which is more than 10 times as long as a typical halogen fixture. Longevity is not the concern with fluorescent lighting. Color rendering and aesthetics are the concern. Fluorescent lighting emits only a small portion of the visible spectrum, so they cannot render color with much accuracy at all. Anything placed under a fluorescent fixture will appear discolored. Fluorescent fixtures also emit enough UV radiation to cause significant damage to artwork.

LED fixtures are superior in every regard to fluorescent, in terms of longevity, color rendering, safety and efficiency. There’s no reason to select fluorescent over LED art lighting.

High Performance LEDs are the Safe, Brilliant Option

High performance LEDs are a recent addition to the art lighting market, and they are quickly becoming the frontline option. Standout LED offerings include the Cree XHP series, which offers an industry-leading lumen output, compared to other commercial LEDs. The XHP achieves this with improved diode density and improved optics, making it the most advanced form of LED art lighting on the planet.

Cree is one of the most experienced LED lighting manufacturers in existence, so it can provide precisely binned LEDs. This ensures every XHP light looks exactly like the one before it, and consistency is an important consideration when selecting art lighting.

LED Lighting and Phantom’s Contour Framing Projectors

Phantom’s contour framing projectors have been improved with LED art lighting, and specifically the Cree XHP. Phantom’s framing projectors were already a proven design, with impressive adjustability that could be used with any painting, portrait, print or sculpture. The addition of LED technology makes Phantom’s projectors much more efficient and longer lived, and also reduces UV and infrared output.

Each contour framing projector is shaped to the subject, so only the subject is illuminated – not even the surrounding mounting surface is lit up. This creates a memorable lit-from-within effect that makes the subject appear as if it were glowing. Phantom’s contour framing projectors manage this while remaining entirely out of view, so the entire display is one of sophistication.

Phantom’s projectors also come with insulation contact, or IC, housings. An IC-rated housing is ideal for energy efficient buildings and can remain in contact with insulation without producing a fire hazard. Phantom’s projectors are also available in several housing designs which can reduce sightlines further.

Infuse New Life into Still Life

With modern LED art lighting, collectors, museums and galleries can find new depth in old works. The technology is brilliant, efficient, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Then there’s Phantom’s framing projectors, which are discreet, precise and versatile. Together, they are a masterpiece of lighting design.

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