Picture This: An Art Light With LED Technology

A picture light with LED technology represents the next step in art display illumination. LED lighting is rapidly becoming the first choice in illumination, and the U.S. Department of Energy, or DoE, believes this trend will only accelerate. In fact, the DoE believes that LED fixtures will represent a massive 84 percent of the lighting market by 2030, according to its data forecasts. LEDs are also gaining notice in the art lighting industry, where their safe, long lasting illumination makes perfect sense for museums and galleries. Continue reading “Picture This: An Art Light With LED Technology”

Do LED Lights Produce Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?

There has been plenty of research on LED lights and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and the bottom line is that LED lights do not produce enough UV radiation to cause health issues or damage colors in objects like paintings and furniture. That has some major implications for venues like museums and art galleries, which place a lot of importance on how safe the fixture is with their paintings. Continue reading “Do LED Lights Produce Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?”

3 Advantages Of LED Art Projector Lighting

led art lighting

Your displays can be transformed with LED art projector lighting

Phantom’s LED art projector lighting is the most advanced form of residential fine art lighting in the world. It offers a new way of looking at art, no matter its shape or color, and does so in a compact, easily installed package. Further, with a high-performance LED engine and sophisticated optics in place, homeowners can finally capture lighting once reserved for professional displays. Continue reading “3 Advantages Of LED Art Projector Lighting”

Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting

Light has the power to bring out the best in every room, so it’s no surprise that homeowners lean on it to enhance their home’s aesthetic and feel. Nowhere is that more important than in the kitchen, where people tend to gather and where a lot of time is spent. Additional lighting is a smart choice for the home’s heart, but where should it go and what kind of lighting should homeowners rely on? Those are the real questions, and fortunately, there are some excellent answers. Continue reading “Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting”

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling Ideas

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling IdeasDo I have to buy new cabinet lighting when I remodel my house?
You don’t when you work with Phantom Lighting. If you already have linear cabinet lights in your kitchen, over-the-counter areas, bathroom cabinets, and decorative displays, forget about having to spend money on all new equipment.
With Phantom’s latest generation of LED festoon lamps, you can simply purchase new LED festoon lamps and retrofit them to your existing cabinet lighting fixtures. You will start saving money immediately on two levels.
The first savings will be seen in reduced electrical cost to operate this new generation of lamps. You see, each lamp needs only 0.6 watts of power to produce a level of brightness equivalent to that of a xenon or incandescent decorative lamp.
The second savings you will see is a reduced cooling cost. One watt of power equals 1 BTU of heat, so you are already paying more than you think on any festoon-based cabinet lighting system that operates at 1 watt per lamp or higher.
These new LED lamps that we have developed produce virtually no heat, so no matter how long you operate them, they will not overheat their immediate environment, nor will they overheat the room. This will lower your air conditioning costs noticeably, if not significantly.
Where can I go and buy these new cabinet lighting bulbs?
Call our office toll free at 800-863-1133 or request a quote or contact a local lighting distributor.
My remodeling contractor has already offered replacement bulbs at a discount. What should I do?
Have a conversation with us first to obtain all the necessary technical data on our new product. Show this to you builder. The same thing goes with your interior decorator if you are working with a specialist in design. Present this information (all of which you can download or bookmark on our website) to your contractor and politely insist that they install the festoon retrofits of your choosing.
If your contractor wants to bill the retrofit under his or her invoice, reassure him or her we will sell direct to them and allow them to bundle our product under our invoice. As a cabinet lighting manufacturer, our sales are geared toward both the contractor and the homeowner based upon project, need, or demand.
What decorative advantages do your cabinet lighting festoons offer that no other kinds do?
The lumens output of these lamps is superb. Previous generations of LED were challenged in their ability to produce a light that was bright enough to compete with fluorescent, incandescent, and xenon equivalents.
We solved this problem by building a single lamp that contains 6 diodes per lamp housing. The combined light output easily equals that of any source you may currently be using under your cabinets or inside your collectibles display.
The color temperatures of these lamps are equally superb, ranging from the cool 5,000K to the warm 2,700K which for all intents and purposes is identical to xenon quality.
Order your free full color DVD catalog today.
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Lighting blog shows art enthusiasts and collectors the art of fine lighting

Lighting Blog Presents the Fine Art of LightingI recently came across your website. WOW, you have some great pictures of your work. I collect fine art and want to use some of your Phantom Contour Projectors to illuminate my collection. Which model do you prefer?

All of our Contour Projectors are built around a series of unique UL Approved housings. These aluminum housings allow you several mounting options when selecting the right fine art projectors for your home. My favorite is the float finish housing which has a very custom and clean look. After the cover has been floated, textured and painted to match the ceiling, you can hardly see it. This is particularity helpful when a clean ceiling appearance is desired.

The float finish model is one of our most popular. Phantom Lighting is a Texas based manufacturer that was established in 1981 to service the lighting and design community. Our toll free number is 800-863-1184. Over the years we have enjoyed and earned a loyal following of satisfied customers and now our products are available locally and nationally through traditional distribution channels and lighting representatives. We specialize in high performance lighting equipment designed for low voltage adjustable display lighting and precision optical framing projectors for the illumination of art.

The unique design and unparalleled performance of our products make them a favorite choice of architects, builders, interior designers and homeowners who expect only the very best money can buy. Feel free to give us a call as we would love to talk about lighting your fine art collection.

Looking for new or updated technical and design information on Phantom Lighting products? Subscribe to our RSS feed and get instantaneous results! You can also request literature on our main website, visit our mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and frequently asked questions located on our lighting blog. All of these resources contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers, interior designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

Our home lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. A network of nationwide distributorships and sales representatives fans out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA, (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, Texas (DWF), Pasadena, California, Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Home Office Display Takes On Sophisticated Look With Phantom Low Voltage Shelf Lighting


We are delighted when our satisfied customers send us pictures of our Phantom Strip Lighting in action. These beautiful before and after pictures were taken by our Georgia Agent who assisted his client with the installation in a home office. The HM SERIES strip lights were used on each of the shelves as well as the radius top. The strip lighting was field notched so that it could be installed to follow the contour of the cabinet.

All Phantom display lights are custom designed to fit your cabinets perfectly. It does not matter, if you have adjustable shelves or fixed shelves in your cabinet. The type of material used to design the shelf will not make a difference either. Wood or glass shelves do not effect how the illumination is distributed.

For more information, visit our website at www.phantomlighting.com, visit one of our lighting agents or call us toll free at 800-863-1184 for a free color brochure. We are here to help with your art lighting needs and look forward to assisting you. If you have a testimonial that you would like us to share, please contact us.

Lighting Sculptures And Three Dimensional Art Is What The Phantom Light Is All About

Sculpture_TemplateWe are often asked by our clients about lighting sculptures with the Phantom Contour Projector. They want to know if it can be done, how it is done and how difficult is the process? What is a hand cut template anyway?

Frankly, shaping the light to fit the exact contour of a sculpture is one of the most challenging installations to master. It takes patience, determination and a desire to see the end result.

Hand cutting a brass slide to fit an intricate sculpture requires the right tools. A small set of jewelers files and sharp cutting scissors. The process is completely trial and error. That means it is not easy, but by no means impossible for a rookie. We have detailed template cutting instructions to help guide you through the process.

The brass slide above was cut to light a wall hung Miro sculpture. A small vertical slot was cut in the slide to find the target and establish orientation. Then, using scissors, small triangular cuts were made on both sides in several locations to establish cutting references. Then the remaining brass removal was done with jewelers files to replicate the intricate details of the Miro sculpture. This was an eight hour project and required several attempts to get it right. Perhaps with the owner’s permission, I will post the finished product in a subsequent blog.

Positioning of the light is critical to the process. Before installing the light it is a good idea to test how the light hits the sculpture and more importantly what shadows are created. The shadows are an indicator of what will have to be cut on the template to properly outline the sculpture in light. In some instances, the sculpture may have appendages or projections that are simply impossible to cut out. In that case, all you can do is outline the sculpture in a controlled pool of light. Others can simply be cut out to illuminate only the sculpture without light on the wall or pedestal. The results are stunning!

To learn more art lighting or lighting fine art please visit our website www.phantomlighting.com or contact one of our LIGHTING REPRESENTATIVES in an area near you.

We are recognized as one of the country’s premiere lighting manufacturers of Art Lighting, Cabinet Lighting, Cove Lighting, and Adjustable Shelf Lighting.

Phantom Contour Projector Universal Rotating Ring And Mounting Cradle Make Installation A Snap

spec_proOne of the unique features of the Phantom Contour Projector is the universal rotating ring and fully adjustable mounting cradle inside all the different housings. Designed with the installer in mind, the heavy duty mounting assembly is the foundation for the contour projector making it a snap to install.

The universal rotating ring is constructed of .08 (#5052) heavy gauge aluminum and is adjustable and designed for a full 360 degree rotation with four positive locking phenolic thumb knobs to secure the projector into position. The special mounting cradle is also constructed of .08 (#5052) aluminum and has keyed anchoring slots and multiple pivoting positions for both vertical and horizontal applications up to 55 degrees. This locks the contour projector into position and allows the projector to be removed for servicing and cleaning.

Every detail of the Phantom contour projector has been refined so that you will get years of performance and enjoyment. More than just a light fixture, the Phantom contour projector delivers the mood and magic that you would only expect from quality accent lighting fixture. Click here to view a chart comparing contour projector to other projectors on the market today.

Feel free to call the art lighting specialists toll free at 800-863-1184 if you have any questions about Phantom lighting products, or to discuss which model is right for your application. Let them know what they can do to help- they have experienced technicians ready to share their knowledge about fine art lighting with you.

Before And After Images Of Fine Art Lighting With The Phantom Contour Projector


Do you have any before and after photographs showing the Phantom Contour Projector in a dining room setting? My interior designer wants us to install one for a new painting she just installed. I just want to see what a projector light looks like!

We have several nice before and after photographs of Phantom Contour Projectors in living rooms, libraries, studies, master bedrooms, dens and dining rooms. The above pictures illustrate the use of one 75-watt Contour Projector mounted inside a float finish housing. The projector cover plate was textured and painted to match the ceiling for a very clean look. The projector light is also on a dimmer control so that the intensity of the light can adjusted to match the mood of the setting.

Please let me know if you would like us to send our a complimentary color brochure or schedule a time for a consultant to call. We can be reached toll free at 800-863-1184 or online at www.phantomlighting.com. Phantom Lighting is an original equipment manufacturer who specializes in illuminating fine art with the Contour Projector or custom display lighting with light strips.

In a world of lighting manufacturers who market similar products with cliche claims to fame, Phantom Lighting stands apart as a source of proprietary technology whose adaptability makes it possible to meet each client’s lighting needs on an individual basis. This marriage of aesthetics and science has made Phantom Lighting a leader in lighting creation that enlightens the mind as much as it enlightens the room. We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art and display lighting. Feel free to contact us toll free, visit our mobile website or lighting blog to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs.

Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success!