An LED Framing Projector Turns Every Subject Into An Exhibit

An LED framing projector is a substantial upgrade over halogen, offering superior optics, efficiency, longevity and safety. LED lighting is surging into the market, according to the Photonics Industry and Technology Association, or PIDA. In a study produced by PIDA, LED lighting represented about 20 percent of the market in 2014. That number is certainly higher today as LED lighting is the most technologically advanced form of lighting available. Continue reading “An LED Framing Projector Turns Every Subject Into An Exhibit”

LEDs and Recessed Art Lighting: A Perfect Pairing

LED Art Lighting

LED recessed art lighting is powerful enough for sophisticated art displays, and compact enough to remain unobtrusive. Recessed lighting, in the form of framing projectors, is already the pinnacle of art illumination, and with modern LED lighting technology, it’s even more effective. Unsurprisingly, art collectors, galleries and museums, including the Smithsonian and the Sistine Chapel, are rapidly adopting the technology. Continue reading “LEDs and Recessed Art Lighting: A Perfect Pairing”

How Long Do LED Cabinet Lights Last And Are They Dimmable

How long do LED cabinet lights last?

LED cabinet lights, like most other LED lights, have a rated life of around 50,000 hours, though many will last far longer. How long is 50,000 hours? If operated 24 hours a day, a light rated for 50,000 hours will last for nearly six years, and if operated for 12 hours a day, that light will provide more than 11 years of illumination. Continue reading “How Long Do LED Cabinet Lights Last And Are They Dimmable”

Why LED Art Lighting Systems Are Gaining In Popularity

Art Lighting

LED art lighting systems are steadily replacing halogen technology as the first choice in art display illumination. Art museums and galleries, including the Smithsonian, are making the switch to LED in rapid fashion because of the efficiency, longevity and controllability the technology offers, as well as its low UV and infrared output. Continue reading “Why LED Art Lighting Systems Are Gaining In Popularity”

Treasured Artwork Truly Shines With An LED Picture Light

An LED picture light is the safest, longest lasting and most precise form of art illumination on the market, and it can be retrofitted into existing fixtures as well. LED picture lights have already earned an excellent reputation with art galleries and museums, and have been installed in major venues, including The Smithsonian and Sistine Chapel. LED lighting is not just available to the professionals, though, as collectors can harness its power and efficiency for their own artwork. LED framing projectors, in particular, offer an unbeatable combination of precision and aesthetics, making for a memorable display. Continue reading “Treasured Artwork Truly Shines With An LED Picture Light”

Picture This: An Art Light With LED Technology

A picture light with LED technology represents the next step in art display illumination. LED lighting is rapidly becoming the first choice in illumination, and the U.S. Department of Energy, or DoE, believes this trend will only accelerate. In fact, the DoE believes that LED fixtures will represent a massive 84 percent of the lighting market by 2030, according to its data forecasts. LEDs are also gaining notice in the art lighting industry, where their safe, long lasting illumination makes perfect sense for museums and galleries. Continue reading “Picture This: An Art Light With LED Technology”

Do LED Lights Produce Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?

There has been plenty of research on LED lights and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and the bottom line is that LED lights do not produce enough UV radiation to cause health issues or damage colors in objects like paintings and furniture. That has some major implications for venues like museums and art galleries, which place a lot of importance on how safe the fixture is with their paintings. Continue reading “Do LED Lights Produce Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?”

3 Advantages Of LED Art Projector Lighting

led art lighting

Your displays can be transformed with LED art projector lighting

Phantom’s LED art projector lighting is the most advanced form of residential fine art lighting in the world. It offers a new way of looking at art, no matter its shape or color, and does so in a compact, easily installed package. Further, with a high-performance LED engine and sophisticated optics in place, homeowners can finally capture lighting once reserved for professional displays. Continue reading “3 Advantages Of LED Art Projector Lighting”

Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting

Light has the power to bring out the best in every room, so it’s no surprise that homeowners lean on it to enhance their home’s aesthetic and feel. Nowhere is that more important than in the kitchen, where people tend to gather and where a lot of time is spent. Additional lighting is a smart choice for the home’s heart, but where should it go and what kind of lighting should homeowners rely on? Those are the real questions, and fortunately, there are some excellent answers. Continue reading “Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting”

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling Ideas

Cabinet Lighting Remodeling IdeasDo I have to buy new cabinet lighting when I remodel my house?
You don’t when you work with Phantom Lighting. If you already have linear cabinet lights in your kitchen, over-the-counter areas, bathroom cabinets, and decorative displays, forget about having to spend money on all new equipment.
With Phantom’s latest generation of LED festoon lamps, you can simply purchase new LED festoon lamps and retrofit them to your existing cabinet lighting fixtures. You will start saving money immediately on two levels.
The first savings will be seen in reduced electrical cost to operate this new generation of lamps. You see, each lamp needs only 0.6 watts of power to produce a level of brightness equivalent to that of a xenon or incandescent decorative lamp.
The second savings you will see is a reduced cooling cost. One watt of power equals 1 BTU of heat, so you are already paying more than you think on any festoon-based cabinet lighting system that operates at 1 watt per lamp or higher.
These new LED lamps that we have developed produce virtually no heat, so no matter how long you operate them, they will not overheat their immediate environment, nor will they overheat the room. This will lower your air conditioning costs noticeably, if not significantly.
Where can I go and buy these new cabinet lighting bulbs?
Call our office toll free at 800-863-1133 or request a quote or contact a local lighting distributor.
My remodeling contractor has already offered replacement bulbs at a discount. What should I do?
Have a conversation with us first to obtain all the necessary technical data on our new product. Show this to you builder. The same thing goes with your interior decorator if you are working with a specialist in design. Present this information (all of which you can download or bookmark on our website) to your contractor and politely insist that they install the festoon retrofits of your choosing.
If your contractor wants to bill the retrofit under his or her invoice, reassure him or her we will sell direct to them and allow them to bundle our product under our invoice. As a cabinet lighting manufacturer, our sales are geared toward both the contractor and the homeowner based upon project, need, or demand.
What decorative advantages do your cabinet lighting festoons offer that no other kinds do?
The lumens output of these lamps is superb. Previous generations of LED were challenged in their ability to produce a light that was bright enough to compete with fluorescent, incandescent, and xenon equivalents.
We solved this problem by building a single lamp that contains 6 diodes per lamp housing. The combined light output easily equals that of any source you may currently be using under your cabinets or inside your collectibles display.
The color temperatures of these lamps are equally superb, ranging from the cool 5,000K to the warm 2,700K which for all intents and purposes is identical to xenon quality.
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