Benefits Of Using Halogen Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

Many homeowners are always on the lookout for new illumination products that will help their abodes stand out in the limelight. Technology has advanced enough these days in the light industry to allow people the choice of taking advantage of low voltage lighting substitutions. With energy costs on the rise, it has become harder to track down energy efficient lighting that will provide the homeowner with the vibrant illumination they are seeking. Halogen bulbs have been around for quite sometime, but thanks to innovative advances in modern technology, many people are choosing to switch back to this type of illumination for their homes and businesses. Phantom Lighting offers some wonderful and innovative options, when it comes to halogen low voltage art lighting fixtures.

What is a halogen lamp?

A halogen lamp is a special type of incandescent lamp that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This style of lamp is available in both line voltage (120V) and low voltage (12V) operating currents. The Phantom contour projector incorporates a parabolic aluminized reflector (MR16) lamp, which was originally designed for the fiber optic industry, to augment light focusing. These lamps are commonly used where a high illumination for a precise area is needed, such as fiber optic light engines or the phantom contour projector. These lamps tend to be more energy efficient than standard incandescent lamps, but not as efficient as fluorescent bulbs.

Halogen or Incandescent

Low voltage incandescent bulbs have a shorter rated life than halogen fixtures. The problem with incandescent bulbs is that the tungsten inside of the bulb evaporates quickly. When halogen gas (ex: methyl bromide) is added to the bulb fixture, a unique chemical reaction occurs, which displaces the tungsten from the glass wall and places it back onto the filament. As a result, the rated life of the bulb increases.

This chemical reaction can only take place, however, if the filament burns at a higher temperature. So low voltage halogen lighting tends to function at higher temperatures than incandescent fixtures. This usually leads to an increase in the tungsten evaporation process. To counteract this a more expensive gas, such as krypton, along with a higher pressure are used. This results in low voltage halogen lighting being manufactured in hard glass envelopes, so the bulb does not break. The costs may go up because of this, but many manufacturers, such as Phantom Lighting, use small glass envelopes to absorb some of the costs. It is wise to keep in mind though that these tiny glass fixtures can heat up at high temperatures, so you need to be careful, when using these low powered fixtures.

What makes Phantom Lighting so special?

Phantom Lighting takes great pride in striving to serve a large variety of clientele ranging from ordinary homeowners to vast art galleries. All of their products use low voltage lighting for your convenience and use either incandescent, xenon or halogen to extend the overall performance of the light source. Phantom Lighting specializes in its 75-watt MR16 lamps, which are used in its contour projector. These low voltage lamps have a rated life of about 4000 hours and create a beautiful white light to accent works of art and other home furnishings.

Their halogen low voltage fixtures are more efficient, brighter, and compact than some of the other leading brands. These contour projectors are also easy to install. The many contour projector options let you select one of four categories of housing types offered by Phantom, along with the focal lenses and let this high-class manufacturer take care of the rest. In addition, all contour projector models have an electronic transformer, in case you want to install a dimmer on your low voltage lighting fixture to enhance the ambiance of your room. Your artwork will become a dazzling showcase display for all to enjoy.

The search is over!

Your home should not have to dapple in the background amongst long black shadows. There are too many hidden exhibits around your residence for showcasing. Let your artwork come to life through the use of halogen low voltage fixtures by taking advantage of the state of the art technology Phantom Lighting offers. The result will get the neighbors talking, and a home, which radiates from the inside out.