Best Method For Lighting Trophy Cabinets

Lighting trophy cabinets is about controlling glare with smart fixture positioning and giving a collection a chance to shine. Most of these prized possessions are made with gold or silver finishes, so they glint brightly in the presence of illumination. And while that is a challenge, there is a tradeoff. With their gold and silver finishes, these pieces glow brilliantly when brightened up with certain color temperatures, and with expert assistance, finding the right lighting arrangement is easy.

How should homeowners approach lighting trophy cabinets?

Although it isn’t always the case, homeowners usually prefer to show off these collections with glass shelving. Sometimes, there may be a mirror backing present. The idea is to show off all sides of the pieces and make them appear larger, which produces that triumphant look that homeowners want. However, this also makes it a little tougher to control the light, as it can pass through shelves and bounce off the backing. Also, glass shelving doesn’t offer any cover for a set of fixtures, so there is less space to work with. In these cases then, proper fixture placement is key.

Phantom’s Vertical Mount (VM) LED fixtures are used in a variety of displays, in part because they can be installed in a variety of arrangements. This includes multiple aiming angles from concealed spots, which are perfectly formatted for use with glass shelving. Phantom’s lights can be easily concealed behind vertical stiles or door trim, so the fixtures are completely shielded from view. It’s an especially powerful effect in these trophy cabinets because there is almost no hiding room. People will be impressed and curious, trying to figure out where the lighting is coming from. Phantom’s VM series can be installed with one of several trim options, each of which produces a different spread of illumination. With Phantom’s trim, lighting angles will range from 83 degrees to 186 degrees, which effectively sends light in two directions.

The VM series is just as customizable as Phantom’s other fixtures, as well. More control is always a good thing when installing lighting, and the VM series allows for precise handling. Specifically, homeowners can choose from a variety of color temperature outputs for their fixtures, allowing for perfect matching to a collection’s color scheme. Display cases filled with gold finished items work better with warmer hues, like those emitted by incandescent fixtures. If the subjects are finished with silver or platinum, then fixtures that output cooler or white tones will look better. Finally, output level is a concern, as too much illumination will create a lot of glare, while too little will leave the display lackluster. And because ambient lighting creates an additive effect, fixtures with dimmer controls are a smart choice. With dimmer controls, a homeowner can regularly adjust the lighting level to ensure the display provides a consistent look.

With the VM’s flexibility and sharp appearance, it can fit into any trophy cabinets, no matter their size, shape or contents.

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