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There are two categories of cabinet lighting: lighting for decorative appeal and under cabinet lighting with functional intent.  Most cabinet lighting manufacturers produce strip lights specifically geared toward one application or the other, making it difficult at times for consumers and professional designers to procure a single unit strip lights that can be used with equal effectiveness for either purpose.  This gap in the marketplace is what originally led in part in part to the creation of Phantom Lighting, a unique manufacturer of cabinet lighting linear strips that can be used for both functional under cabinet task illumination or decorative accent showcasing.  With Phantom technology, more options are bundled into a much more streamlined inventory that makes procurement more cost effective, time efficient, and much more easier to customize to exact user requirements at the end of the day.

It is important for us to realize that power cost is rapidly overtaking equipment costs as the primary factor in determining the value of an investment.  Energy efficient  LED lamps and newer, “green” technology becomes an matter of increasing consideration in light of alarming data on current global warming trends, fossil fuel as a energy source, and pollutants resulting from fossil fuels and incandescent gases used in traditional lighting fixtures.  Cabinet lighting manufacturers have had to answer to the demands of a global market that takes each of these factors into increasingly greater account as equivalent- if not more important- considerations to front end costs.  Today’s shift in the market is going to be a transitional process.  It cannot and will not be accomplished overnight.  Because of this simple fact, Phantom has positioned its value as a shelf lighting manufacturer in the midpoint of the spectrum, so to speak.  We cannot take an exclusionary approach to those who still feel they must rely upon older designs and technology until such time as they can cost effectively upgrade.  We therefore provide all industry standard lamp options in 12VAC configurations to accommodate both preference and energy efficiency.  We also lead our industry with a number of special patents that make certain elements of our technology simultaneously backward and forward compatible. The key to accomplishing this lies in the unique and highly proprietary process that we use to manufacture low voltage lighting strips themselves.

Beginning with six uniquely engineered template systems, we can custom manufacture any cabinet or under cabinet linear lighting fixture to the exact specifications, dimensions, and application of client requirement
.  Our strip lights do not require traditional brackets to attach to cabinet surface areas.  Instead, they utilize existing metal shelf standards to conduct electricity and do not require DC power inverters or the intrusive presence of visible wires.  Being practically invisible to the eye of the casual viewer, they hide themselves while meanwhile radiating a field of brilliant, evenly distributed illumination.  This brings glare free light with no secondary shadows to everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinets, home and office decorative displays, jewelry cases, and museum special exhibits.  In addition to our industry’s standard festoon mainstays—fluorescent, incandescent, and xenon—Phantom now manufactures cabinet lighting strips with the latest and most sophisticated cutting edge lighting option in the world–LED festoon lamps.

Selecting the right festoon lamp for the job is a choice that every Phantom agent is trained to help our clients make
.  We normally do not recommend fluorescents as power saving solutions, (except in some industrial utility cabinets and retail jewelry displays.)  Incandescent lamps produce a strong white light ideal for kitchen undercabinet lighting, bathroom lighting, cove lighting and workroom storage lighting.  These festoon lamps can be made more to use less electricity when fitted to a 12V linear strip.  Xenon lamps create a near emulation of daylight that casts something of a golden aura around the subject.  As such, they are usually recommended by Phantom and by other cabinet lighting manufacturers for more sophisticated retail merchandise displays, residential antique lighting, and bookshelf lighting.  For sensitive materials, or for commercial entities seeking LEEDS certification, Phantom strongly recommends LED festoons.  In many cases, our clients save enormous sums by simply ordering LED replacement lamps that snap into existing linear strips—thus eliminating the need for a retrofitting the entire lighting system itself.

When the time comes for the world to take that final step into a truly brighter future
, Phantom will be the light fixture manufacturer there to lead and light the way with more engineering strides that develop flexibility, efficiency, and cost effective lighting for tomorrow’s functional and design lighting challenges.  Contact us today toll free at 1-800-863-1184 to obtain more information or place a special order now.

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