Ad Campaign – Lightfair 2005 – NYC

As a part of an ongoing campaign to promote the improved and newly patented Contour projector, Phantom Lighting has recently released a series of ads with LD &A, Lighting Design and Application, the leading publication for architectural lighting design news and trends. The ads, currently slated to run in the April and May issues of the magazine, will coincide with Light Fair International 2005 which will be held April 12-14 in New York City. Phantom Lighting will be exhibiting its latest product innovations, technological advancements and design solutions at the world renowned conference, booth 1940.
Among the Contour’s innovative features are:

A precision optical system that includes a low voltage MR16 lamp and a series of highly specialized condensing and focal lenses. These lenses create a flexible field of focus, rather than fixed as with most other projectors, allowing the projector to be placed wherever is most convenient for the designer, including off to the side of the subject.Three different options for screening the aperture. Phantom offers a series of twelve precisely contoured shutters to add flexibility of focus and combat any “keystoning” effect of the light. As a second aperture option, Phantom offers a custom cut brass slide, allowing one projector to frame multiple objects. As a third option, Phantom is proud to be the only projector on the market to offer a custom glass gobo option, which allows the projector to mask out floating objects or perfectly frame letters without stencil-like standoffs.

An innovative harness mounting system that allows for the only remodeler housing on the market.

In honor of these new proprietary features and the newly received patent, Phantom Lighting has developed a new catalog and a new look to its literature. The updated literature will not only reflect the forward-thinking philosophy of the company but will be more accessible and user-friendly for the specifier community. This new look, signaling a new age and product offering at Phantom, will be launched with the ad campaign featured in LD&A.
LD&A Magazine has a circulation base of approximately 9000 readers, which is comprised entirely of the IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) members, and offers an optimal readership for this campaign. The regular readers, who are actively shaping lighting decisions around the country, include Lighting Consultants, Lighting Engineers, Architects, Sales Representatives and Design Firm Owners.