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Believe it or not, we have Phantom Lighting manufacturer agents who can assist residents north of the U.S. border with and display lighting projects. We currently have two Canadian manufacturer agents: one stationed in Alberta, and the other in British Columbia. Phantom Lighting, along with its Canadian manufacturer agents, is bringing Canada out of the dark and throwing a gorgeous touch of illumination over their surroundings and prized processions. Specializing in the distribution of the world’s most sophisticated decorative lighting technology, Phantom manufacturer agents will help light any fine painting, three-dimensional art piece, display, and bookshelf or ceiling cove. Our lighting manufacturer agents help Canadian clients the right model for their interior design. Both for offices and homes throughout Canada, lighting manufacturer agents not only provide products, but complimentary design suggestions and detailed technical support for installation and user friendly operation.

Phantom Lighting and its Canadian manufacturer agents are all about hiding the light fixture but not the actual light itself. Phantom Lighting handcrafts all of our products to suit specific individual requirements, so choice never becomes a problem. Our Canadian manufacturer agents are available to answer questions about our unique product line and even give free demonstrations of our wonderful low voltage illumination fixtures that are engineered with the highest quality of fine art illumination and low voltage display lighting in mind.

The Phantom Contour Projector, sold throughout Canada by our manufacturer agents, is the ideal choice when it comes to fine art illumination. Cleverly crafted with two Pyrex lenses, and one or more focal lenses, the contour projector can be used to produce a focused light source over sculptures and paintings. We have detailed template-cutting instructions, which will guide any user along the right path to achieving the ultimate fine art illumination design. These instructions tell users how they can mask the light produced by the projector to fit the exact contour of the object being highlighted. Canadian may give any work of art a “lighted from within” appearance as if it were floating suspended above the wall.

Another benefit delivered by the Phantom Contour Projector is that it will never damage artwork with its light. This is because the projector filters out most of the infrared radiation produced by the halogen lamp and prevents infrared rays as well from exiting the projector. Artwork shimmers under a radiant halogen spotlight, as bright color and vivid detail are brought to life. Ask one of our Canadian manufacturer agents about the different types of housings we offer for your project. Our Canadian manufacturer agents will also be happy to assist you with your fixture selection and give you tips on how to achieve superior results with minimal effort.

Phantom Strip Lights are another great choice for Canada residents. Our Canadian manufacturer agents can tell you about the different types of trims we offer for these unique low voltage illumination devices. It does not matter whether you have glass or wood based shelves, our manufacturers can design a strip light set that will accommodate all of your needs. Our LED 12 volt strip light set produces a soft, linear illumination source over your entire display, taking showcase lighting to another dimension!

The patented adjustable shelf concept is special to Phantom Lighting. Our Canadian manufacturer agents can explain how our strip light sets deliver both flexibility and convenience. Phantom Strip Lights give users the ability to remove or relocate existing shelf fixtures without having to use tools or fiddle with any type of wiring. These low voltage strip lights, sold by our Canadian manufacturer agents, will not produce the annoying glare or shadows commonly found with other types of illumination products. Ask one of our Canadian manufacturer agents about our special glare shields, which conceal the light fixture, but not the illumination itself.

Phantom Lighting and its Canadian manufacturer agents are taking Canada by storm. Call now for more information at 800-863-1184 and to place an order today.

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