Why Recessed Art Projectors Are A Top Choice In The Industry

There are several reasons why designers and installers are opting for recessed art projectors instead of other forms of display lighting. Chief among them, though, is how they can be shaped to fit any subject, giving them the ability to create a lit from within effect that no other fixture can match. Continue reading “Why Recessed Art Projectors Are A Top Choice In The Industry”

Use An Optical Framing Light As Your Art Lighting Solution

Homeowners are always looking for that perfect fixture for their artwork, and an optical framing light can be that technology that leaves a lasting impact. Artwork is meant to inspire, and to elevate the space it inhabits, but cheap fixtures will prevent it from reaching such heights. Hotspots and shadows can undermine a painting or sculpture’s appearance, so homeowners should always think quality when setting up an artistic display. Continue reading “Use An Optical Framing Light As Your Art Lighting Solution”

Using Projector Lighting For Fine Art Provides Options

Projector lighting is often installed for fine art because no other fixture can work with it like an optical framing fixture. Homeowners have several illumination options when setting up a painting or sculpture, and while most will provide enough illumination, few offer that visual impact that makes the display truly special. Continue reading “Using Projector Lighting For Fine Art Provides Options”

Using Optical Framing Projectors To Illuminate Art

Using optical framing projectors to illuminate art is a technique that lighting experts are starting to use for high end installations, and for good reason. These fixtures are extremely flexible and can be used with nearly any painting or sculpture in existence. That’s because they can be masked and adjusted in many ways, and even come in several models ideal for challenging settings. Additional flexibility comes with some extra considerations, though, which is something that a lighting expert can help with. Continue reading “Using Optical Framing Projectors To Illuminate Art”

Using A Projector For Art Lighting Gives The Best Results

Using a projector for art lighting purposes is catching on quickly among homeowners, and even interior designers are relying on it to create an impactful display. That’s no surprise, because no other technology can mimic an optical framing fixture’s ability to contour illumination to the subject. Continue reading “Using A Projector For Art Lighting Gives The Best Results”

Get Help Focusing Optical Projectors To Illuminate Art

There are a couple of challenges when focusing optical projectors to illuminate art, but it’s nothing that a little professional expertise can’t solve. These fixtures are designed to be easy to handle, even by people who have no confidence in their technical skills. And while installation is simple enough, securing the right placement spot takes a little planning and foresight. Consulting with an expert can solve any possible issues, and professionals have access to additional customization options. Continue reading “Get Help Focusing Optical Projectors To Illuminate Art”

Lighting Art From Within With Optical Framing Projectors

Few illumination techniques have the impact of lighting art from within with optical framing projectors, and this kind of system is almost as creative as the painting or sculpture they are designed to display. While many displays are designed to pump as much illumination as possible into the display, this technique is more surgical, honing a sharp beam of halogen illumination until it is shaped to the subject. It’s a method that is even compatible with extremely intricate sculptures, or displays that include multiple paintings. Continue reading “Lighting Art From Within With Optical Framing Projectors”

Why Is Lighting Art With Framing Projectors The Best Option

Lighting art with framing projectors is gaining steam among homeowners, though it remains one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Every designer’s goal is to produce a system for their clients that looks like a one of a kind of display. But in an industry where designers are constantly pushing new technology to its limits, achieving that goal may feel impossible. Continue reading “Why Is Lighting Art With Framing Projectors The Best Option”

Using A Surface Mount Optical Projector For Art Lighting

Sometimes, a recessed art fixture is neither feasible nor desired, and when it isn’t, a surface mount optical projector may provide the perfect solution. The fact is, when choosing an art fixture for a painting or sculpture, the decision often comes down to aesthetics. Some homeowners don’t care for a fixture that is unconcealed, while others aren’t bothered by it. Continue reading “Using A Surface Mount Optical Projector For Art Lighting”

Installation Instructions For Framing Projectors

The technology behind advanced art fixtures may be highly complex, but the installation instructions for framing projectors are not. Of course, this is not the case with every manufacturer’s art fixtures, but Phantom designs its fixtures to be as minimalistic and simple as possible so that they can be placed by anyone. And this simplicity does not affect the fixture’s capabilities or power in any way. Continue reading “Installation Instructions For Framing Projectors”