Updating Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lights

If a homeowner wants to update the way their kitchen looks, under cabinet lights are a natural choice for the job. The technology offers both form and function, and in many instances, it can replace exposed fixtures as the primary source of illumination. Continue reading “Updating Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lights”

Different Ways To Use Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

With modern kitchen cabinet lighting, a homeowner can make the most inviting room in the home feel even warmer and cozier. No other room offers the same range of decorative possibilities, and high-end fixtures like Phantom Lighting’s Elite and Ultra systems can be customized to a great degree. Continue reading “Different Ways To Use Kitchen Cabinet Lighting”

Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting Provides Functional Illumination

Kitchen undercabinet lighting can provide an extra bit of color and function to the room. Modern xenon and LED technology makes this form of illumination a realistic choice for most homes because they are efficient and highly customizable. This is a far cry from just a few decades ago, when incandescent puck and fluorescent fixtures were the norm. Compared to xenon and LED, these fixtures are impractical and ill-suited for this task.

Puck incandescent and fluorescent fixtures are not ideal for kitchen undercabinet lighting because they can be seen from certain angles. Wiring and voltage transformers may also be present, marring their look further. They also direct illumination poorly, so they tend to create a lot of distracting glare. Finally, they are difficult to customize, even with something as simple as a dimmer switch.

Phantom’s LED and xenon fixtures, though, are perfectly suited for this kind of installation. Phantom offers several LED and xenon strip fixtures, most of which can be completely concealed from sight. They direct their radiance away from the person, so they don’t blind people with their brilliance. Instead, they use the reflective surfaced normally found in the kitchen to diffuse illumination throughout the room.

LED and xenon are highly efficient and are safer than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. Phantom’s LED technology, in particular, is extremely efficient, producing a strong 40 lumens with just 0.6 watts of energy. LED and xenon can produce a range of color tones, from the tried and true warm incandescent hues to pure white. This makes them better at color rendering, a helpful perk to have when preparing food. Phantom also builds every fixture to order, so an electrician or designer will be able to fit them perfectly into their spot.

Reasons To Add Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

An excellent blend of decorative and task light functionality can be obtained through the use of linear or ribbon under kitchen cabinet lighting fixtures.  These custom designed, adjustable devices produce superior results in the arenas of illuminance and uniformity.  Illuminance is a term that describes the amount of light that is visible on any given surface.  In most designer circles, an illuminance level of at least 300 lux is necessary to generate sufficient visibility for ordinary kitchen tasks like preparing food.   Uniformity is necessary in order to create a decorative effect that can contribute to overall kitchen aesthetic.  Ideally, such fixtures should allow users to adjust illumination levels at will so as to better blend it with luminance from other sources in the room.

Lamping options range from traditional incandescent, which is seldom used now do to poor energy conservation, to fluorescent, halogen, xenon, and LED.  Xenon typically offers the best uniformity and also adds a golden touch to surfaces much like that produced by incandescent lamps.  Xenon has long been a designer favorite for under kitchen cabinet lighting applications because of these reasons.  In recent years, however, LED lamps have developed to a level of quality that they can now be used for a wide range of decorative, as well as task oriented applications.  LEDs have the longest lamp life of any option, and they offer the best energy conservation as well.  When engineered to dissipate heat and allow users to adjust levels of luminance, LEDs offer a blend of functional and aesthetic value that is likely to become the preferred option for designers in only a few short years.

Kitchen Cabinet Lights

ls_application8Kitchen cabinet lighting with Phantom linear strips allows the architect and builder a complete freedom of application, and it allows the homeowner and interior designer to expand the decorative quality of kitchen lighting in general. Custom kitchen undercabinet light fixtures manufactured to the exact mounting requirements and dimensions of cabinet undersurfaces and interiors allow designers to source exceptional glare-free luminance thanks to a proprietary method of shielding makes it possible to light countertops, backsplashes, and cabinet interiors with true luxury quality lighting.We recommend that architects and builders give strong consideration to the benefits of using our linear lighting strips equipped with the latest LED undercabinet lighting technology. We have patented a new festoon lamp design that combines a high intensity light output with a very low heat output. This allows our kitchen cabinet lights to work as completely concealed light sources both underneath cabinets and inside closed cabinets with glass doors.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting can provide an elegant source of task lighting for cabinets and backsplashes. Because they mount on the front undersurface of the cabinet and direct the light across the countertop toward the backwash, illumination more evenly spreads across the surface. The patented shielding that we build into these strips minimize reflective glare to the greatest extent allowable by the laws of physics and reflection. Builders have long noted after they have installed our kitchen under counter lights that homeowners complimented our products on creating both a better work area and a more decorative expression the granite and marble counters commonly found in custom kitchens.

Many of these kitchen cabinets are built with glass doors that allow collections of fine china and dinner ware to be viewed and admired. Illuminating these collections has long been a challenge for builders and designers. Many xenon linear light strips are manufactured specifically for this purpose, but all of them generate heat buildup that limits the amount of time the homeowner can leave them on. Both incandescent and xenon lamps, though very elegant in color temperature and luminance levels, simply radiate too much heat for long periods of operation.

This was one of the LED lighting advantages that led our engineering team to develop the 2800K LED festoon, which is a near-identical match to the color temperature of xenon. The naturally cooler burn of the LED, linked to a unique heat sink we also engineered to work specifically with our cabinet lights, now makes it possible to have the highest quality of light shine radiantly from within cabinet interior space with virtually no forward throw heat. Even more decorative are the effects of these lights when they are dimmed. Low-level lighting can be set at night when the rest of the lights in the room are turned off, allowing late-night guests to admire collections bathed in the warm amber glow of the only high-end warm color LED cabinet lighting on the market. LED also offers the additional advantages of low-power consumption and the longest lamp life of any luminaire on the market, so homeowners can expect a return on their investment in the form of power bill savings and minimized replacement costs.

Phantom kitchen 12 volt LED home cabinet lights can be manufactured as either horizontally or vertically mounted fixtures, depending on the size and build of the cabinet. Because every fixture is cut to the precise dimensions of the surface to which it affixes, ordering these lights simply a matter of calling our factory and publishing drawings or specifications to our team. Our design consultants will answer any questions you may have about which trim mounts and colour temperatures will best work with your cabinet interior and the material build and aesthetic qualities of your counter tops and backsplashes.

Our undercabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 for assistance.

We have a network of nationwide distributorships and Phantom lighting sales reps than fan out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA, (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, Texas (DWF), Pasadena, California, Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP).

The Best Undercabinet Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Has Come a Long Way!Architects know that the homes they design have kitchens which need undercabinet kitchen lighting fixtures. Beneath these cabinets are counter tops that serve a dual purpose of decoration and multi-task utility. Shadows in these spots are both unattractive and possibly hazardous. Eliminating these dark areas with kitchen under counter lights instantly improves the aesthetic and safety of utility areas, and can play a major contributing role in a home buying decisions.

To ensure that the most important elements of kitchen under cabinet lighting are met, architects must move beyond generic puck lights and outdated fluorescent “energy savers” toward a more robust engineering and manufacturing design that captures the intentions of an artist with the precision of a scientist.

Phantom TL series kitchen under cabinet lighting is one of the few strip lights that offer LED lamping. They come in color temperatures that are aesthetically complimentary to the granite and marble counter tops common in high-end homes. Warmer color tones look best under the 2800K led festoon, and cooler temperatures can be accented using our 2950K. These options offer home buyers a long-term return on investment on the front-end costs of the strips. The energy efficiency of LED, which is up to 60% more than that of any other form of lighting, accrues a savings that offsets initial purchase costs. Also, LED lamp life of 40,000-50,000 bulb hours eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and makes bulb replacements very rare.

LED under cabinet lights can also play a contributing role in reducing cooling costs. Most people who invest in under cabinet fixtures tend to want to leave them on in the kitchen if and when it is safe to do so. A hot-burning light source is going to trigger the thermostat to activate the HVAC system, driving up power bills in the process. However, LED light bulbs emit light electronically rather than chemically through the ignition of gas in a sealed glass container. This makes them a very low-heat source of illumination, perfectly safe to burn throughout the night, and negligible in terms of impact on room temperature.

For applications that require color temperatures ranging from 3000K-5000K, Phantom also offers xenon under cabinet lighting options that offset the higher power consumption curve with dimmability options and low-voltage transformers engineered to curtail excessive electrical consumption. Our purpose is to provide our commercial design clients with the full range of necessary color temperature compliments to every cabinet build, interior decorating scheme, and general lighting requirements they may encounter in custom home design.

The linear strip lighting that powers our low voltage cabinet lights are sophisticated pieces of engineering in their own right. These linear strips are very small in comparison to most competing models, and they are much easier to conceal beneath the surfaces of a variety of cabinet sizes and custom builds. Two very important features of these lighting strips include eliminating not only shadows, but also reflective glare.

Rather than mounting in the center of the under surface like puck lights, or in the back as many fluorescent fixtures install, Phantom TL light strips fit under the front of kitchen cabinets. Special glare shields that are built into the lights direct the light backward away from the eyes and across the utility areas under countertops. Dimmer controls allow the homeowner to adjust lighting levels to match those created by general overhead lighting. This adjustability allows the end user to create a contiguous luminous that is both sourceless and seamless from the viewer’s perspective, and creates a very attractive setting for gatherings, parties, and cooking demonstrations.

Phantom Lighting makes it easy for architects to incorporate our kitchen under cabinet lighting fixtures into their custom home designs. Each fixture is custom cut to the dimensions provided to us by the architect. The choice of LED or xenon sourcing is determined (with the help of a Phantom specialist if need be), and a purchase order for custom manufacturing of the fixtures is set in order.

Our undercabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 for assistance. We have a network of nationwide distributorships and Phantom lighting sales reps than fan out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA, (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, Texas (DWF), Pasadena, California, Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP).

We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer sales representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Countertop Lighting & Undercabinet Lights

kitchen_TK-LPhantom Lighting is a manufacturer of custom under counter light fixtures committed to equipping the architect, home builder, and interior lighting designer with custom-made task lighting fixtures for kitchens that need more than simple functional lighting. The unique aesthetic created by our linear lighting strips contributes an added value to the practical demands of countertop lighting. In addition to a scalability that makes them one of the most concealed under cabinet lighting sources available anywhere, a number of proprietary manufacturer designs also make them the most versatile linear fixtures in a world of highly custom architecture, design, and interior schemes.

One of the most unique products offered by our company is a proprietary LED festoon lamp with lumens per watt ratio previously unattainable by any kitchen under cabinet lighting manufacturer. The genius of its design lies in its physical structure and advanced lighting and heat control features. Combining three LED bulbs into one physical lamp structure, the Phantom LED festoon operates at only 1.7 watts—yet it outputs the same level of light as a 5-watt xenon bulb! The Phantom LED festoon also features a proprietary heat sink that draws the forward throw heat away from the direction that the beam is travelling. With these linear lighting fixtures, an architect can furnish the homeowner with a high-end light source that is virtually heat-free and fully capable of illuminating any surface with an equally decorative and functional

Phantom manufactures under cabinet lighting systems to be far more easy to conceal than those made by other manufacturers. Our linear strips are thinner and more compact. They can be concealed behind the forward lip at the bottom of any sized kitchen cabinet. In the event that the cabinet has no such reveal in the front, a trim carpenter can usually add trim pieces that match the color and texture of the wood and thereby conceal the fixtures. This ability to assume a hidden position in almost any kitchen environment actually inspired our manufacturer brand—Phantom—and also inspired our motto, “see the light, not the fixture.”

Not only does this design produce a better quality of light, but it also produces a more controllable source of under cabinet lighting. As a home lighting manufacturer, each individual trim style is engineered with its own unique angle of light distribution. This allows builders to choose an angle of incidence directly proportional to the surface area of the countertop being illuminated. The forward mounted position of the fixtures, combined with a very precise distribution pattern of luminance, sends the light backward across the surface of the counter into the backsplash. This minimizes the reflective glare that is common when lighting marble and granite countertops, and it creates both an aesthetic and a level of comfort for the eyes that unify the dual purpose of aesthetics and function for which under cabinet lighting is intended.

Other manufacturer features that distinguish Phantom cabinet lighting fixtures include low-voltage power and user-friendly dimmability. As low-voltage devices, these luxury lights create an exceptionally chic compliment to kitchen décor without exorbitant electrical consumption. If the builder opts for incandescent or xenon lamps over LED, the dimmability of our strip lights further allows for reduction of power load and heat by reducing the wattage requirements of the lamp proportional to the level of accent lighting that the homeowner selects. This also has the additional benefit of extending incandescent lamp life and creating even more savings through reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Our xenon under cabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas, which in turn distributes these specialty linear lights through a nationwide network of lighting supply channels, distributorships, and sales representatives in cities such as Rhinelander, WI (RHI), Yakima, WA (YKM), Windsor Locks, CT (BDL), Mason City, IA (MCW), Sault Ste Marie, MI (CIU), Binghamton, NY (BGM), Lawton, OK (LAW), Pasco, WA (PSC), St Cloud, MN (STC), and Hyannis, MA (HYA). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to call a contact us toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also request literature on our main website, visit our mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and Phantom Lighting FAQs located on our lighting blog. All of these resources contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

Kitchen Countertop Lighting Fixtures

Phantom-Kitchen-300-762061Phantom TM linear strip lights are the best choice for architects and builders to use in countertop lighting applications. Particularly in custom homes where the kitchen plays a significant role in home value, it is imperative to use the very best fixtures that can be customized to any cabinet design and countertop surface for maximum aesthetic and functionality. Kitchens in these homes almost always feature a high level of customized interior architecture and a deliberately emphasis on the ornamental. This is because the kitchen in today’s custom home has become much more than a place to cook a meal. It has become the hub of entertainment and home society, where everything from family gatherings to neighborhood dinner parties require the very best kitchen cabinet lighting possible.

Countertop lighting in kitchen cabinets is a challenging task in any environment simply because cabinets always block overhead light to a certain degree. Shadows form and make it hard for people to see colors and safely work with knives and other tools. Under cabinet lights have been used for decades now to dispel these shadows and create safer, more attractive work environments. Some, like energy-saving fluorescent, mount underneath the back wall of the cabinet and shine the light forward across the countertop. Other fixtures, such as center-mounted puck lights, shine lights directly down onto the counter from the center of the cabinet above.

Puck lights and fluorescents were not developed for high-end markets, however. Their greatest value lies in energy-savings and utility in small to mid-sized homes in rural areas and suburban subdivisions. They have also found widespread use in many apartments and hotel kitchenettes that require basic countertop lighting. In these environments they often work very well because kitchen counters are usually white, non-reflective surfaces that absorb the majority of light that strikes their surface.

Custom low voltage countertop lighting, on the other hand, is an entirely different manner. Marble and granite surfaces absorb very little light, so anything used to illuminate their surfaces is going to throw out glare in some direction. Linear lighting strips that mount behind the forward lip of cabinets are preferable for this task for two reasons. First, they are concealed in this position and pose no threat to the aesthetic of cabinet design. Secondly, they can direct the light across the counter, sending reflective glare up the back splash. This of course, is provided they are built with the appropriate glare shields that will keep light from shining at a forward angle where it could then reflect back up into the eyes.

Another very important consideration to factor into countertop lighting design is the actual color of the stone work itself. The warmer reds of granite need a cool color temperature light source that will bring out the sharp sense of absolutism that granite has always symbolized. Marble has an even gentler appeal, with swirls and eddies of blue reminiscent of pools of water or even ocean waves. Warm color temperatures work better here because they help differentiate each shade of blue and add an extra golden touch to the white spaces. It helps if the builder can count on having total freedom of choice when it comes to choosing color temperatures.

Phantom TM series linear light strips have been engineered to meet all of the many concerns that architects and builders face when illuminating spaces under cabinets and fine custom stonework. Our TM series strip light is available in 5 different trim styles, with light distribution angles ranging from 88 degrees to 166 degrees. All linear strips have a special patented glare shield that directs illumination down and away from the eyes. Lamping options include incandescent, xenon, and LED festoons in color temperatures that range from the warm LED 2800K lamp to the cool LED or Xenon 5000K lamp.

All linear strips are custom-cut to precise cabinet dimensions, and they can even be painted to match cabinet color on cabinets that have no forward lip on their under surface. Furthermore, all countertop lighting with any of these fixture choices is 100 percent dimmable, allowing the homeowner to control heat output, power consumption, and aesthetics all with one simple control. An added benefit of LED festoon lamps is the patented heat sink that draws forward throw heat away from the lamp, eliminating the need to use the dimmer for heat control. Xenon festoons can be ordered in clear or frosted lenses depending on the sheen, color, and design of the counter top they are lighting.

We manufacture cabinet lighting fixtures in our Houston, Texas facility. A network of nationwide lighting supply sales representatives fans out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA (PHL), Dallas, Texas (DWF), Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to call a Phantom Agent toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also request literature on our Phantom Lighting website, visit our Phantom Lighting mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQs located on our cabinet lighting blog. All of these resources, including our online virtual lighting showroom contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Light

What do you recommend as a low-heat light source for kitchen in-cabinet lighting?
We recommend an LED linear kitchen cabinet lighting fixture with a special patented festoon lamping design made only by Phantom Lighting. These light sources have been special engineered to produce a luminance output equivalent to incandescent light sources. Phantom does not attempt to increase the lumens output of the individual LED diode, but rather uses a patented lamping configuration that combines multiple bulbs into a single festoon unit. The combined light output is comparable to xenon lamps and can compliment everything from fine wood finishes, fine china and dinner ware, and sheik, contemporary interior kitchen cabinet lighting designs. These lights produce zero UV or IR radiation, so they are the ideal light source for lighting cabinets behind wooden doors with glass windows.How attractive are these linear strip lights?
Technically speaking, the light strips themselves are never seen due to their low-profile design. The illumination they produce tends to be superior to competing models due to their forward mounted positioning. Light is directed backward and downward from a concealed locating behind the cabinet reveal. This produces a more even distribution of light along the front surfaces of cabinet contents and fills the interior with an even wash of light. When horizontal mounting is not practical, we can configure our in-cabinet display lights to mount along vertical styles to direct lighting inward from either side.What standard fixture sizes do you carry?
Phantom Lighting does not manufacturer linear strips in standard fixture sizes. We have standard mounting and conductivity options (see our cut sheets for more information) which are then customized to the precise dimensions of kitchen cabinet interiors.

What color temperatures do you have available?
Our LED in-cabinet lights can be ordered in 2800K, 2900K, and 5000K color temperatures. Many builders and interior designers prefer the 5000K when it comes to lighting the Spartan absolutes of contemporary kitchens and marble countertops. Other, more warm and traditional interior designs look better under the near-xenon quality of the 2800K LED festoon lamp. The 2950K represents the mid-point of the color temperature range and is often used to highlight special types of glass ware and china. The choice of color temperature is a highly subjective one that should be made in consultation with the homeowner. We can provide detailed photographs upon request that you can show your clients so you can be certain that the fixtures and lamps you choose work best for their personal expectations.

How well do these in-cabinet lights work with other room lights?

All of our low voltage lighting systems are dimmable, and they will work well with any type of general or overhead lighting. Our products are designed to provide high-end decorative lighting that also fulfills a functional purpose. As such, they are designed to anticipate a variety of general lighting designs and work within the boundaries of any lighting design theme.

Tell me about Phantom Lighting

Phantom Lighting is a pioneer, Houston-based art lighting company and low voltage lighting manufacturer established in 1981 to service the lighting and design community. Phantom Contour Projector and Phantom strip lights feature lighting technology that is completely unique, 100% proprietary, and found nowhere else in the world of lighting. Phantom’s revolutionary approach to decorative picture lighting and low voltage display, shelf, and under cabinet lighting has taken it from humble origins to the level of an international leader in lighting manufacturing on two continents.

Cabinet Light Fixtures

As the sophistication of interior architecture increases, the functional and the decorative intent of lighting converge more and more. Because of this, linear lighting strips are becoming the preferred form of cabinet light fixtures. They are more concealable than puck lights, and they are capable of much better color rendering than fluorescent lights, linear cabinet light fixtures feature a diversity of festoon lamping options, optional low voltage transformer, and lighting controls that make them not only the most robust type of cabinet light fixtures, but also the most energy efficient cabinet light fixtures on the market.

Many lighting manufacturers like Phantom Lighting in Houston, TX have taken the time to study these trends in the lighting industry and see where future requirements for lighting design will emerge. What they have found in both homes and offices is an increasing movement toward custom cabinet building in homes and offices that requires much more than generic or retail grade cabinet lighting fixtures. Phantom, for example, has patented 5 specific model lines of linear custom cabinet light fixtures, each featuring its own proprietary, patented transformers and wireless conductivity systems that allow each lighting strip to be custom manufactured to the exact specifications and dimensions of a cabinet or under cabinet surface. These linear cabinet lights offer choices in both vertical and horizontal mounting, and they can be fitted with any number of festoon lamps and dimmers to achieve a full range of functional and accent lighting effects.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
Today’s kitchen is no longer a place for cooking food. Even the average-size home features a kitchen that is larger and more comfortable than kitchens 30 or 40 years ago. Kitchen cabinets look much more ornate, and kitchen countertops—even white ones— are usually very decorative in appearance. Kitchen cabinet light fixtures should reinforce these aesthetics and simultaneously render colors with glare free, uniform light distribution in order to make the kitchen appear inviting and comfortable to guests.

Phantom linear cabinet light fixtures can be used for either in cabinet or under cabinet kitchen lighting. A wide range of finishes makes it possible to match them to virtually any color scheme in even the largest kitchens found in custom homes. Their low profile design makes them virtually invisible at this point, and the unique angle of incidence in which Phantom under cabinet light fixtures illuminate countertops minimizes glare and eliminates the white spots commonly created by pucks and bulky fluorescent under cabinet lights.

Dimmers on transformers allow home owners to adjust light output to any level desired, so parties, daily meal preparation, and late night low level lighting can all be done with the same cabinet light fixtures. United States Phantom lighting agents and sales representatives will help you select from incandescent, xenon, and LED lamping options most appropriate to the color of your decorative scheme and the color and material workmanship of your countertop.

Low Voltage In-Cabinet Light Fixtures
Any kitchen cabinet lighting fixture can be ordered from our factory as a low voltage unit optimized for power conservation. This allows the homeowner to leave the lights on continuously with minimal electric power use and minimal heat. Normally people simply dim these under cabinet lights to a low, ambient level when they turn in for bed. If any needs to visit the refrigerator during the wee hours of the morning, there is sufficient light to see by, but the lighting levels are dim enough not to hurt the eyes. Also, anyone hosting guests should leave kitchen cabinet light fixtures and bathroom light fixtures turned on for safety reasons. Low voltage cabinet lighting may be the best route to go if you plan on having a lot of company during summer and during Christmas.

We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our cabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, Palm Springs California, Atlanta Georgia, and San Diego California.