Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting

Light has the power to bring out the best in every room, so it’s no surprise that homeowners lean on it to enhance their home’s aesthetic and feel. Nowhere is that more important than in the kitchen, where people tend to gather and where a lot of time is spent. Additional lighting is a smart choice for the home’s heart, but where should it go and what kind of lighting should homeowners rely on? Those are the real questions, and fortunately, there are some excellent answers. Continue reading “Why You Should Use LEDs With Under The Counter Lighting”

Undercabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces

Undercabinet lighting is usually only considered for residential settings, where it can provide excellent illumination in kitchens, studies, offices and crafting areas. However, it does have several commercial applications as well, and is a viable option in retail spaces. Retail lighting is one of the most challenging forms of lighting design, as a designer’s goals extend beyond mere aesthetics. Continue reading “Undercabinet Lighting In Retail Spaces”

Making Home Improvements With Undercabinet Lighting

One of the easiest ways to make a major visual upgrade to a kitchen is with undercabinet lighting. This technology is perfect for filling in those dark spots in the kitchen with bright, warm illumination, and it can greatly improve the room’s look and feel with no construction necessary. But kitchens are only one application, as the fixtures can also be useful in workspaces, pantries and commercial settings. Continue reading “Making Home Improvements With Undercabinet Lighting”

How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?

Light sources and lighting technology have evolved over the years. Under cabinet task lighting options from Phantom Lighting present excellent fixtures that act both as decorative and functional solutions for the home and office. This type of lighting provides an appealing ambiance, a soft glow that interior designers love to use as a way to enhance a room. Since the lights can be programmed or work off of a dimmer switch, the illumination can be adjusted to fit mood and circumstance. Continue reading “How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?”

What Are The Advantages Of Under The Cabinet LED Lights?

Few fixtures can provide aesthetics and functionality in a single package, but that’s what under the cabinet LED lights can do. These fixtures are usually installed in the kitchen, though they can also be effective in work areas, such as garages. What makes them so effective is their quality design, as they are unobtrusive yet an effective addition to the space at the same time. Continue reading “What Are The Advantages Of Under The Cabinet LED Lights?”

Under Cabinet Lighting Is Best When Using Xenon Fixtures

In and under cabinet lighting adds ambience to kitchens.Some of the most attractive under cabinet lighting uses xenon fixtures, as people appreciate the warmer hues that these fixtures produce. But while they are primarily used for aesthetic reason, these fixtures can also make things like preparing food and cleaning even easier. Normally found in the kitchen or around a workspace, these fixtures aren’t designed to overpower other illumination in the space, but complement it instead. The idea is to blend it into the room’s aesthetic and give it a sophisticated edge.

This is easy to do with under cabinet lighting that uses xenon illumination because it offers that familiar incandescent look. With its warm hues, these fixtures work well with wood and most décor. But blending them in to the room means keeping the fixtures themselves out of sight. No one wants to see a metal strip of bulbs, and Phantom avoids this problem with its ultra compact strip fixture design. They are easy to conceal behind a simple piece of trim, which can also direct the illumination to where it needs to go, like toward the backsplash or softly along countertops.

As the day goes on, homeowners may want to change the intensity of the fixtures. Phantom makes this easy with dimmer controls that allow for precise calibration of the system. Using the controls, a homeowner can get a bright look during the day and a soft, intimate look at night. With this level of control, a homeowner can keep their kitchen looking exactly the way they want it to, no matter what time of day it is.

Why You Should Find Under Cabinet Lighting Reviews

ls_application12smAll it takes is a quick search, and any homeowner will see what under cabinet lighting reviews repeat consistently. Many people reporting their experiences online are looking to replace a system, and many of these homeowners have an idea of what they want. And what these people are finding out is that LED technology is the way to go in most cases. In the past, fluorescent tubes or even incandescent pucks were the fixtures of choice, but LED has surpassed them, for the most part.

Under cabinet lighting reviews have made it clear that LED fixtures are the right pick, but why? Homeowners are sensitive to energy usage, aesthetics, and value, and LED ranks near the top, or at the top in all three categories. It is several times more efficient than traditional systems, and this alone can eventually help offset the higher initial cost. What also helps add value is LED’s longevity. LEDs last around five times as long as incandescent fixtures, and sometimes even longer. That not only means reduced replacement costs, but fewer headaches in keeping the entire system operating at once.

Aesthetics, though, is what matters most, and why homeowners often preferred incandescent fixtures when LEDs were just being introduced to the market. Now, LEDs offer comparable or superior performance in terms of output power and illumination quality. Couple this with LEDs excellent configurability and they can fit into any setting, whether bold and vibrant, or understated and sophisticated.

Adding Low Profile LED Under Cabinet Lighting To A Kitchen

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.With low profile LED fixtures installed for under cabinet lighting applications, a homeowner can completely change the look of their kitchen. When designed and installed by professionals, task illumination can make a room feel more sophisticated, more spacious, and even cleaner. Of course, the extra illumination helps with various duties in the kitchen as well, giving people the brightness they need to cut ingredients, write a quick note, or clean everything. Getting the best combination of form and function, though, takes a high quality and reliable fixture.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strips are up for the job, and offer an unbeatable mix of power, precision, and efficiency. They are low profile LED fixtures, perfect for under cabinet lighting installations and anywhere else there is little space to work with. This compact build doesn’t come at a cost of power, either, as the Elite and Ultra are some of the brightest diode fixtures available.

The installer will work with Phantom to produce a custom system, which ensures the fixtures will fit perfectly into the space, and also ensures the color matches as well. And even though Phantom’s diode strips are sophisticated pieces of technology, they can be installed quickly and require almost zero maintenance for several years after installation. In short, they are ideal for the busy family that wants a professional look without the upkeep that normally comes with it.

Adding Under Mount Cabinet Lighting To Your Home

ls_application12smWith under mount cabinet lighting, all of those interesting colors and angles a homeowner appreciates in their kitchen can finally be brought out. The kitchen is the home’s heart, and where family usually gathers to talk, entertain, and make memories. It’s only natural, then, that a homeowner would want their kitchen to be as inviting as possible. Task illumination placed over the countertops is one way to get there, and requires minimal effort to set up.

Aesthetics, though, is not the only reason why under mount cabinet lighting is a smart option. It’s called task illumination because it can be a major help in the kitchen. Because it sits just a couple feet away from the countertop, it can provide a bright spot of illumination to prepare food or clean dishes by. At night, the fixtures can provide enough illumination to see by, and if the fixtures are tied to dimmer controls, the output level can be kept low enough so they don’t annoy anyone at night. As the kitchen is normally a centrally located room, an extra bit of illumination can make the home much safer.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are a strong choice for task illumination, as they can be custom fit to any space. Prior to installation, the installer will measure out the placement spots and give these measurements to Phantom, which will then produce the fixtures to fit. And with several color temperatures to choose from, a homeowner will be able to find a form of illumination that best pairs with the kitchen’s colors and designs.

Use Fixtures With The Best Under Cabinet Lighting Reviews

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.The best under cabinet lighting reviews typically come from people who are replacing an outdated system. These homeowners know what to look for and have been through the process before, so they can explain it from a consumer’s perspective. They also have a deeper knowledge of which fixtures work best, which is something that’s hard to quantify from a specifications sheet. It says something, then, that a large portion of these homeowners are reporting positive experiences with LED technology.

Incandescent and fluorescent fixtures may be what people are used to, but LED fixtures are the future, and for many homeowners, the present. The best under cabinet lighting reviews are quick to point this out, as homeowners see it first-hand.

Task illumination has to offer a perfect balance of form and function. This means a system that produces enough illumination to help with visibility, but not so much that it ruins the room’s look. To get that perfect balance, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strip LEDs are fitted with dimmer controls, which lets the homeowner set the level of output in the space. Phantom’s LEDs also offer a range of color configurations, and matching them to the room’s décor will help the fixtures blend in and become part of the space.

Handling all of these obstacles takes experience and an eye for design, which is why homeowners that report positive experiences are usually the ones who seek help from an expert firm and lighting designer.