6 Reasons Why Using Led Light Fixtures Make the Most Sense

LED light fixtures are, simply put, the latest and most advanced light bulb technology on the market. They are energy efficient with a low carbon footprint and do not emit any toxic material. This makes them the most environmentally-friendly bulb on the market. They are easy to install. They take lighting as a design feature to the next level. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Using Led Light Fixtures Make the Most Sense”

Why LED Festoon Lighting Should Be Used For Displays

There are so many benefits to LED festoon lighting that it is fair to say the technology represents a revolution in illumination. For more than a century, people have been limited to inefficient, unreliable forms of illumination. But diode fixtures have the power to change all that. Designed with highly efficient and precise semiconductor dies, diode systems offer unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and versatility in both residential and commercial applications. Continue reading “Why LED Festoon Lighting Should Be Used For Displays”

Get The Best Illumination With Modern Lighting Fixtures

Choosing The Best Option Of Modern Art Picture LightsArmed with modern lighting fixtures, an illumination designer can do some amazing things in any space. Cutting-edge illumination technology is highly precise and versatile, but it’s not only the superior choice in terms of aesthetics, it is also much more efficient and reliable compared to older systems. But it can only be executed optimally by experts who have experience with it.

For Phantom, modern lighting fixtures typically refers to its cabinet and cove LED strips. Both the Elite and Ultra make use of the latest in LED technology, and they are among the most powerful LEDs on the market. They provide this power for about 50,000 hours, which is several times longer than what incandescent and xenon systems are graded for. LEDs are superbly efficient, so much so that they produce almost no radiant heat, and are much safer as a result. And because they can be attached to dimmer controls, they offer unparalleled power conservation. Just as important, Phantom’s LEDs are customizable to a great extent, so they can be run to any length and can produce any color a homeowner would like to see.

This highly flexible approach is also part of Phantom’s optical framing projectors, which are designed for use with artwork. Optical framing projectors make use of advanced lensing arrangements and masking attachments to shape a beam of illumination and get a unique glow-like effect.

These advanced fixtures can form the backbone of an aesthetic display, and allow for some impressive effects.

Are LED Lighting Systems Right For Your Display?

Impress friends and family with the unique feature that LED lighting systems have to offer. Add illumination without any exposed wiring or hardware for a sleek, beautiful finish. Though some installations can be a possible DIY project, it is important to speak with a specialist to avoid messy installations. The experts at Phantom Lighting are here to help create the perfect plan tailored to the every type of room, cabinet, or art feature. Invest a small amount of time to research the different types of features that can be installed.

The catalog with cut out sheets is a great tool for homeowners, engineers, and designers. Every installation should begin with the cut out catalog, because it can help visualize the end result. Installing illumination can be tricky and may require some experience and an eye for illumination design. The catalog is a perfect place to begin as it includes specifications for every product and what it can do. The type of bulb is an aspect of installation that should be considered before purchase. Every product has a light source that can change the atmosphere and mood of a room. Phantom offers LED lighting systems, halogen, xenon, and incandescent illumination for a variety of uses.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to an agent for a free design consultation or for any applicable questions.

Why Festoon Light Bulbs Are A Good Selection

Phantom’s festoon light bulbs are designed for a variety of applications, and can serve as excellent replacement parts for both xenon and LED systems. Where they really shine, though, is when they are retrofitted over an existing, but aging, incandescent or xenon system. Even the best fixture technology will degrade over time, and as it does, fixtures become unreliable or inefficient. When a system reaches the end of its life, retrofitting new LEDs or xenon lamps can make a lot of sense, and can be installed at minimal cost.

Phantom offers several festoon light bulbs, including both xenon and LED fixtures. Its xenon lamps are available in a 3 watt, 5 watt or 10 watt design, while its LED lamps can be configured for 12VAC or 24VAC. Both are available with a clear fixture design, or a frosted design, which produces softer illumination.

What makes these fixtures ideal for retrofitting is that they can be installed right away, with little work needed to make the existing system compatible. Phantom’s LEDs don’t require DC inverters, and they use smaller drivers and dimmers, making them easy to conceal. Its xenon fixtures can be used with existing transformers, or switched over to a more compact one if required.

And with Phantom’s extensive customization options, a homeowner can transform the look of their display immediately, and without having to commit a great deal financially. It is, in short, a smart way to upgrade display illumination.

Reasons To Pick The Concealed LED Lighting Systems

Phantom-Bookcase-bConcealed LED lighting systems are a popular choice for home and business owners that want a new way of illuminating a room. Diode fixtures have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market years ago, and they now rival the output of more traditional fixtures. And, of course, they manage superior efficiency while doing so, something that may be of great interest to businesses. Commercial properties spend about a quarter of their energy on illumination, so relying on diode fixtures instead can make a huge impact on a company’s overhead.

The main reason why people look into concealed LED lighting systems, though, is that they offer finely crafted illumination that won’t overpower a space. There’s nothing worse than a potential client walking into your business and recoiling at the intense glare of your commercial fixtures. It’s just as bad for customers to walk into a poorly lit space and wonder why your business doesn’t care about first impressions. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strip fixtures will ensure that neither is an issue because they can be finely adjusted with dimmer controls fitted with glare shields that diffuse the illumination.

Much like any decorative implement, Phantom’s diode fixtures are there not to control the space, but to give it more cohesion and definition. They may not always command attention, but once they’re installed, you’ll wonder how your space ever did without them.

Displays For A Library Shelf Should Have LED Light Strips

How To Use In Cabinet Lighting For Display FurnitureOutfitting a library shelf with LED light strips is a simple way to infuse new life into a set of books and a space for reading and relaxing. For many people, books are some of the prized possessions they own, and the space they do their reading is nearly sacred. But books have a habit of blending in instead of standing out, and they really deserve more, especially if they are rare or classic texts that a homeowner wants to proudly show off. Fortunately, concealable diode fixtures can make that possible.

Phantom offers fixtures that are perfect for a library shelf. Phantom’s LED light strips are among the most powerful and efficient on the market, so as soon as they are switched on, they will define the room’s most important elements. Diode fixtures set to warm, incandescent tones will bring out the rugged beauty of older, worn texts. Diode fixtures that emit pure white hues will liven up colors, making boldly colored books look even brighter. And with the added illumination in the space, it will be easier to read without having to worry about switching on a poorly metered overhead fixture.

Perhaps best of all, it is extremely simple setting up Phantom’s diode fixtures, and it normally only takes an hour or two to do so. Homeowners commonly believe that setting up display fixtures is a major hassle, but modern premium fixtures are made to be intuitive, and with their incredible beauty, they are well worth the time and energy.

Use LED Hidden Adjustable Lighting Systems For Displays

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingLED hidden and adjustable lighting systems are tailor made for aesthetic applications, offering the kind of illumination that is ideal for displays. In the past, many homeowners have just relied on out of the box fixtures to add extra illumination to shelving and cabinets. These fixtures, though, aren’t custom made for various applications, and they aren’t as flexible. They can’t be concealed, they can’t be rearranged, and they don’t compare in terms of power or reliability. And now that custom fixture applications are becoming more popular, many are making the switch to Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode setups.

Concealment is an underrated aspect of an effective illumination display. LED hidden adjustable lighting systems have to remain out of sight to look their best, because they offer higher outputs, compared to standard fixtures. What this means is, if the lamps are directly visible, they will overwhelm observers with their intensity.

Versatility is also a valuable trait in a fixture arrangement, as it means a homeowner can get many looks with a single set of fixtures. To get maximum versatility from a set of fixtures, they have to be easy to move around, and most fixtures aren’t. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diodes, though, can be designed in a way that makes them easy to rearrange. Instead of cumbersome open wiring, which requires an electrician to manage, the Elite and Ultra can be set up using buss bars which double as shelf supports. With buss bars, a home and business owners can quickly pick a new spot for their fixtures as a display changes.

These smart additions take the already powerful and efficient Elite and Ultra fixtures and make them into a frontline solution for nearly any setting.

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?Updating an existing lighting system can be extremely frustrating for a company, but Phantom’s LED festoon bulbs can significantly reduce the burden. Lighting represents around 30 percent of a company’s energy costs, so business owners can save a lot of money by keeping their lighting infrastructure current with diode fixtures. This technology has grown a lot in the last 15 years, and now offers performance that is equivalent or superior to other lighting systems, and at a fraction of the operating costs.

What makes Phantom’s LED festoon bulbs the smart choice is their ease of installation. Typically, updating a building’s lighting means ripping out existing fixtures and laying down infrastructure to accommodate the new lights. However, Phantom’s diode lamps are designed for retrofit applications and can slot into existing incandescent and xenon systems with ease. This means existing transformers and wiring, as well, so no build-out is needed and minimal effort is required to set the fixtures up.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are some of the most efficient lights available on the market, as well as among the safest. They can be tied to dimmers to allow for finite control of the lamps, and they are available in both 12 and 24 volt varieties, in addition to a number of color temperature options. In short, this means a business owner can get the exact look they’re hoping for while significantly reducing the cost of keeping the building lit nicely.

Why Are LED Festoon Light Bulbs The Best Choice For A Venue?

Why Choose LED Festoon Light Bulbs For Venue Lighting?Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs can be found in venues around the world, including some of the most esteemed destinations in America. One of these venues, the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, installed 800 of these fixtures to bring their illumination system into the modern age. The Coppola Winery was in need of a new illumination setup as their existing fixtures were wasting too much power and generating too much heat. With Phantom’s help, the Coppola Winery was able to increase the efficiency of its illumination setup, which continues to save money for the venue, and improve the look of the winery.

Why are Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs the best choice for a venue?

Phantom’s diode fixtures are designed for new and existing installations, as it can easily replace incandescent or xenon systems. For venues like the Coppola Winery, where there are already hundreds of incandescent and xenon fixtures in place, ripping everything out and putting in new infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive. Phantom’s diode fixtures integrate perfectly into incandescent and xenon systems because they do not require DC inverters and can work with the existing transformers and dimmers. These benefits make Phantom’s diode fixtures an economical option compared to competing systems.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are also easily installed and typically don’t need the assistance of a professional to install, so it can be done quickly. The Coppola Winery was able to place its 800 diode fixtures on its own, making for a swift transition.

This technology is also highly customizable and can be designed to output a range of color temperatures. They can produce the warmer tones that people look for in incandescent fixtures, neutral white and even slightly cool hues if that is desired. These fixtures can also be precisely controlled when attached to dimmer switches, which makes it easy to get the desired aesthetic from them. The Coppola Winery used this to great effect, installing the fixtures in many places, including inside cabinets and around coves.

How is diode technology superior to other forms of illumination?

Because Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs use diodes to create illumination, they are extremely efficient and safe compared to incandescent and xenon fixtures. Phantom’s diode fixtures are efficient even when compared to competing diode fixtures, requiring only 0.6 watts of power per lamp. Each fixture produces 40 to 50 lumens, so this premium watt to lumen ratio means a venue can get the biggest bang for the buck.

Diode technology is also safe, in part because it is efficient. Because each fixture uses most of its power on creating illumination, very little heat is generated. At the Coppola Winery, excess heat was a major problem, creating a safety hazard and stressing its climate control systems. Phantom’s diode fixtures are much safer in comparison and can be left on for longer without fear of causing a fire or wasting too much energy.

With its ease of use and excellent efficiency, more venues, including the distinguished Coppola Winery, are switching over to Phantom’s diode fixtures.