Choose Recessed Framing Projector Light From Phantom

Phantom’s recessed framing projector technology creates a light that sets a new standard for display illumination. Setting up fixtures for showing off art or other display pieces requires pinpoint precision, and this is often difficult to achieve with conventional illumination systems. Phantom’s contour fixtures are commercial quality and are in used in many museums and art galleries. Homeowners can also take advantage of this technology, giving their prized items a proper look.

What makes Phantom’s recessed framing projector the right choice?

Recessed Framing Projector Light From Phantom Lighting

Light is a difficult thing to handle. If there are any flaws in the fixtures installation, it’s not going to illuminate the items adequately. Scallops, shadows, and otherwise awkward illumination metering can become issues if there are any problems with the fixtures or their installation. These are problems that a home or venue owner wants to avoid so that the conversation is about the subject and not the lighting.

Phantom’s art display fixtures offer technology only available to their products. For example, a proprietary lensing apparatus ensures every part of the halogen beam is on point, and a dual pivot mount allows for finer control over the fixtures direction. Phantom’s art display fixtures provide enhanced masking options for better control over the illumination, and versatile fixture housing that can accommodate one of Phantom’s several contour fixture models.

Why should home and venue owners consider contour fixtures for their display project?

When looking for a display fixture, many just consider output, color temperature, and the like, but what the fixture does with the illumination is just as important as the kind of light it provides. Shaping the beam to fit the piece can provide a greater visual impact than the color or brightness of the illumination. This is the guiding principle behind Phantom’s recessed framing projector technology. The manipulation of the light is just enough that it produces minimal spill outside the edges of the subject. This means that only the subject is lit up. This enhances contrast between the subject and the surface it is mounted on, helping it stand out from its surroundings.

It is, of course, impossible to get this delicate effect without a sharply focused beam, but Phantom takes it a step further with its customizable masks. A mask is a simple attachment that blocks out certain parts of the beam, effectively shaping it to the subject’s edges. In the past, a cut metal slide has been used for this purpose, and is still the best option when showing off intricately shaped items like sculptures. Phantom’s adjustable shutters are suitable when displaying oil paintings, lithographs, tapestries or other rectangular or square pieces. Adjustable shutters can be set to the dimensions of the subject, are just as precise as a cut metal slide, and can be recalibrated when it’s time to switch out the piece.

A strong visual punch should be the focus of any display setup; otherwise, what would be the point? With Phantom’s contour fixtures, you’ll see what light can do in the hands of an expert!