Choosing To Get Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Phantom kitchen cabinet light installations allow architects and builders complete freedom of application and designThey also give homeowners and interior designers the freedom to expand the decorative aspects of kitchen lighting.  Our custom linear strips are made to fit the exact mounting requirements and dimensions of cabinet undersurfaces and cabinet interiors. Both types of Phantom strip lights emit an exceptional glare-free luminance thanks to a proprietary method of shielding that it possible to light countertops, backsplashes, and contents on display.

We respectfully urge architects and builders to strongly consider requisitioning linear lighting strips that have been fitted with the latest LED technology.  Our engineers have designed a new type of festoon lamp that combines high intensity lumens output with extremely low heat output.  This gives our kitchen cabinet lights to ability work as completely concealed light sources both beneath cabinets and inside cabinet doors with glass panes.

Phantom kitchen under cabinet fixtures provide impeccable task lighting for cabinets and backsplashes.  Mounting on the front undersurface of the cabinet and directing light across the counter toward the backwash, illumination more evenly spreads across the countertop surface.  Patented glare shields built into these strips minimize reflective glare to the greatest extent possible.  Builders have long commented after installing our 12 volt cabinet lights that our products created better work areas for homeowners and brought out the best elements of the granite and marble countertops they illuminated.

A good many kitchen under cabinet lights are built with glass doors that let people look inside and admire fine collections of china and dinner ware.  Lighting these collections has long been a problem for builders and designers.  While many under cabinet lighting manufacturers do make linear strip lights specifically for this task, almost all of them generate heat buildup and thus limit the amount of time they can be left on.  Both incandescent and xenon lamps, although opulent in quality and color temperature simply give off too much heat for to be left on for long periods of time.

This was one of the main factors that motivated our team to develop the 2800K LED festoon.  This remarkable, near-identical match to xenon lighting features the cool burning temperature of LED with the warm color temperature of high-end incandescent.  Our strip lights also feature unique heat sinks that are specially engineered to draw heat off the festoon lamps.  This design eliminates forward throw heat, and it allows the homeowner to leave the lights on in their kitchen cabinets throughout the night.  Because Phantom kitchen under counter lights are dimmable, lamps can be adjusted down to create a low-level decorative aura around dinner ware collections.  If overnight guests visit the kitchen at night, they can see these fine collections bathed in the warm amber glow of the only high-end warm color LED lighting on the market.  This high-end decorative lighting, though opulent in effect, costs virtually nothing to operate.  LED lamps use only 10% of the power as incandescent equivalents, so homeowners will receive a return on their investment in the form of power bill savings and minimized replacement costs.

Phantom can make your kitchen in cabinet lights to mount either horizontally or vertically, depending on the length, width, and height of the cabinet.  We custom cut every fixture to match the precise specifications that are sent in by our clients.  We can also make kitchen cabinet lighting fixtures with incandescent or xenon bulbs if so requested by the builder, and the low-voltage transformers fitted with dimmers can offset the higher heat output of traditionally hot sourcing.  Multiple options in trims and color temperatures are available, and our design consultants will be happy to work with you on fitting your new cabinet lighting system to cabinet undersurfaces and interiors to create a whole new world of luminance in custom kitchen accent and functional task lighting.

For help choosing the right strip series and bulb type, contact us now at 1-800-863-1184 to learn more about our products.