Choosing LED Shelf Lighting To Add Focus On A Display

A set of collectibles or books can become a major conversation piece with LED shelf lighting. This technology is available as festoon lamps or flexible CM strips. In either form, the diodes incorporated into the fixture are highly efficient and customizable, making them ideal for any installation. Phantom’s festoon lamps and CM strips are also designed to maintain a low profile, so they remain invisible to observers. They premeasure all of their fixtures to custom fit every installation exactly, and manufacturers products that can be further customized by on site professionals. This flexibility and attention to design ensures that every installation produces a sharp, aesthetically on point appearance.

LED shelf lighting is much more efficient than incandescent or xenon lamps and burns cool. This greatly reduces any risk of fire, and lowers energy costs. Efficiency is not just a luxury for these fixtures, either, because they are usually left on day and night. Phantom’s diode lamps and strips are rated for up to 100,000 hours, so they can illuminate for years before they need to be replaced.

Display cabinets and shelving can’t be fitted with just any fixture. Improperly shaped or formatted illumination sources may wash out colors, provide uneven radiance or render color poorly. Inferior design may cause the fixture to jut out or look like an eyesore. All of these problems can take away the inherent beauty of collectibles and display pieces. LED shelf lighting by Phantom sidesteps these issues by developing a custom solution for contractors, architects, and installers. The fixtures are built to a specified set of dimensions so that they fit perfectly on site. If they don’t, the technician can alter them some more so that they do fit. Competing models don’t offer this targeted approach, and this leads to substandard installations.

This is particularly important when it comes to diode strips. This form of LED shelf lighting is growing in popularity because it can be placed in any shape and in any space. Ideal for curved cabinetry, Phantom’s strip models are, like its festoon lamps, compatible with metal diffusion shields that soften and spread illumination. This reduces shadows and harsh spill light, giving the space a warm glow. All of Phantom’s diode fixtures are available in several color temperatures, from an incandescent-like 2,700K to a pure white 4,000K. These fixtures can be adjusted for brightness, too, so an endless range of hue and saturation values are available.

Some display cabinets come with adjustable shelving that an owner may want to take advantage of. As a collection grows or changes, the shelves may need to be shuffled around to compensate for new pieces. Most manufacturers don’t offer fixtures that can adapt to these settings, but Phantom does. Its adjustable LED shelf lighting is placed inconspicuously so that it is invisible to the casual observer. During installation, no open wiring is required, and this is what makes these fixtures adjustable. Unlike competing models, which need to be rewired every time they are moved, these fixtures use buss bars and conductive shelf supports. They can be arranged at various heights with minimal effort and risk.

Diode fixtures are the future of illumination, and Phantom’s products incorporate it into modern designs. Together, the result is a product that will outshine all expectations.