Classic Cabinet Lighting Fixture

Classic Cabinet Lighting Fixture By PhantomConsumers in the market for a classic cabinet lighting fixture have several options to choose from to achieve the ideal lamping effect for their unique interior décor needs.

This type of illumination typically involves a straight, even strip of festoon lamps that is suitable for a variety of trims, but is especially advantageous for cabinets that offer arches and curvatures to camouflage the lamps. The main differences between a classic cabinet lighting fixture and more advanced versions (like those, for example, that incorporate LED ribbon technology) are flexibility, life expectancy and ease of installation.

As for the more traditional type, many retailers offer two basic sub-categories: Xenon festoon lamps and LED festoon lamps. In addition, each sub-category comes with various display options, such as adjustable concealed (AC), adjustable exposed (AE), horizontal mount (HM), task lighting (TL), and vertical mount (VM). Each option can be customized according to the consumer’s needs and preferences.


Xenon is, in simple terms, a gas. A Xenon lamp produces illumination by forcing electricity through the gas at high pressure. Lamps using Xenon technology often generate illumination that resembles the natural infiltration of the sun. When used in a festoon lamp (a straight, tubular device with contacts at each end), Xenon technology contributes to a lower operating cost than its LED counterpart. Products of varying wattage are available on today’s market and designs include both clear and frosted lamps. With the help of a dimmer, Xenon festoon lamps can achieve a golden glow that lends a perfect radiance to the display in question.


The light-emitting diode (LED) version of a classic cabinet lighting fixture, compared to the Xenon type, is usually more energy efficient and features greater lamp longevity. Consumers have the choice of several color tones and the option to adjust the level of brightness with consistency, thus avoiding the common color dilemma that sometimes affects LED devices.


LED ribbon technology is a relatively recent innovation. This technology is extremely versatile and allows consumers to illuminate difficult-to-reach areas with ease. As the name implies, ribbon technology is more flexible in design than the traditional, more rigid festoon lamping concept. Ribbon lamping usually incorporates LED lighting affixed to a thin, bendable, self-adhesive tape. It is available in various strengths and color options, including white, warm white, red, blue and RGB (red-green-blue).

Compared to a classic cabinet lighting fixture, LED ribbon lamping provides the same or superior energy efficiency, improved longevity, as well as low-cost investment and operation. This type of illumination is easily concealed in even the tightest corners and suitable for cabinets with or without arches or curves.

The classic cabinet lighting fixture by all means still serves its purpose in today’s home design in terms of elegance, a natural glow, energy efficiency and innate beauty. Modern lamping technologies, however, are increasingly user-friendly and bribe with their versatility. The best lamping solution always depends on individual circumstances and preferences. A professional consultation is highly recommended for consumers who strive to achieve the perfect look, feel and atmosphere produced by their choice of illumination.

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