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Thank you for visiting our exciting collection of fine art, display and cove lighting projects. We hope you enjoy our pictures and encourage you to contact us if you have questions or need help with your specific project.  For your convenience, we have carefully sorted and arranged the images by product lines: 

Phantom Contour Projectors are ideal for highlighting fine art and sculpture by shaping the light to the exact contour of the object.  In every major respect, Phantom Contour Projectors offer the most sophisticated technology and user-friendly control of any art lighting projector on the market. 

Phantom Cabinet Lighting is custom manufactured to the exact dimensions of any cabinet, bookcase and furniture.   Our products feature exclusive, patented low voltage lighting technology that conducts current like no other lighting fixture in the world.  Instead of using exposed wires to conduct electricity, our low voltage Phantom adjustable lighting strips employ exposed metal shelf standards or concealed buss bars to conduct power to small bulbs that sit low to the surface of the lighting strip.

Phantom Cove Lighting (coming soon) provides the ultimate in performance and flexibility as a seamless, indirect low voltage linear lighting source.  All Phantom lighting strips are manufactured to your exact specifications using a variety of custom metal glare shields so that the light is always perfectly controlled while keeping the cove lighting fixture out of sight.

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