Common Questions About The Wendel Projector Light

What is the Wendel projector light?

This Wendel optical framing projector is a high powered, ceiling-mounted light fixture that produces a concentrated beam of illumination. It is a popular choice for art collectors, interior designers and homeowners that expect the very best for their projects. The Wendel projector is manufactured by numerous companies and sold only by certified installers. Most of these companies use halogen lamps, though some use metal halide technology.

This fixture type has been around for several decades and has become one of the most respected names in premium fine art illumination.

What is the Wendel projector light commonly used for?

Wendel projectors are frequently installed for art displays in homes, museums, galleries, and other venues. They pair well with paintings, photographs, sculptures, memorabilia, vases, and other prized items.

What are the major differences between the Wendel projector light and Phantom’s contour projectors?

Both brands’ fixtures are usable with a variety of items and are typically used for hobby and professional use. However, Phantom’s fixtures offer additional capabilities that make them a superior choice in many respects. Phantom projectors may be purchased and installed by any local electrician for common installations such as a square or rectangle using adjustable shutters.  However, some applications require a custom hand cut template when lighting one or more objects from a single projector. We recommend you contact the factory for assistance.

Phantom’s display technology is not limited to the 120 volt option that most other brands offer. Phantom also manufactures a 277 volt fixture that is better adapted for commercial or industrial use. This makes the fixture similar to commercial grade lighting equipment designed for high end applications.

The standout feature in Phantom’s products is how quickly they adjust for every installation. Most brands only offer a single customization option, a cut metal slide. Cut metal slides are for a single piece of art or arrangement and are changed out for a new subject. To alleviate this, Phantom offers a shutter masking method to its fixtures. These adjustable shutters are for rectangular or square artwork like paintings or photographs, and are adjustable for artwork of nearly any size. This is important to eliminate all spill illumination and create the glowing effect that Phantom’s installations offer.

Why are Phantom’s fixtures popular among professional installers?

Most companies that sell Wendel projectors only provide them on an installed basis, and the installer will need to be certified in their use before they can buy, install or provide maintenance on them. Phantom’s fixtures are designed to be intuitive for a professional, so no certification is needed to install or work on them. This is also a major help to consumers who don’t have to waste extra time and money looking for a specialist when they need help with their fixtures.