Common Questions About Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting

What Is Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting What is xenon under cabinet lighting and what is it used for?

This form of illumination is typically installed in kitchens and any workspace where some extra radiance can help during tasks. It is also used as a source of decorative illumination that can add extra layers of color in a room. Until recently, fixtures integrated into furniture normally consisted of incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Now, gas discharge lamps like those that use xenon can provide the same warm tones that people are used to with less power than incandescent bulbs. This effectively makes incandescent fixtures obsolete for this purpose.

What is the science behind xenon under cabinet lighting?

These fixtures are known as gas discharge lamps and use a combination of electricity and an ionized gas to produce illumination. Gas discharge lamps were invented in the earth 18th century, but they were not commercialized until Georges Claude, a French engineer, designed the first neon signs in 1910. During operation, tungsten electrodes in the fixture conduct an electrical current through a mixture of excitable gas and evaporated metals. Certain gases, like xenon, respond to an electrical current by releasing free electrons. These electrons strike the gaseous metal atoms in the fixture. During collision, some electrons bound to the metal atoms ascend to a higher energy level, or valence. When these electrons return to their original state, they emit energy in the form of photons. This is what people see when the fixture is switched on.

Why are these fixtures a popular choice among installers?

The reason why many people prefer incandescent fixtures is because they produce warm tones that are associated with comfort, safety and natural light. Xenon under cabinet lighting is also capable of producing these warm tones, but does it with much less power, more reliability and greater safety. As they are dimmed, these gas discharge lamps become warmer. This is unlike LED fixtures, which maintain their same color tone as they are dimmed.

How is xenon under cabinet lighting installed?

These fixtures are fairly easy to place and don’t require a lot of technical expertise to handle. Before any fixtures are purchased and placed, the homeowner should measure the cabinet and figure out how much strip lighting they will require. Phantom strip fixtures are custom cut to any length, so all a homeowner has to do is determine how many linear feet will be necessary. Once the fixtures are on hand, they can be secured under the furniture using screws. Phantom can help an installer find the right transformer and wiring method for the project, so guesswork is kept to a minimum.

Why is Phantom’s xenon under cabinet lighting superior to other brands?

Phantom premeasures all of its strip fixtures to fit each installation precisely. They are also simple to alter during installation, so they always produce a tight fit. Phantom’s illumination technology is more efficient than competing models and can be customized to the homeowner’s specifications. Also, Phantom offers a number of trim profiles in a variety of colors, as well as transformers that will be needed, so an installer can get everything they need in one stop. This level of convenience is hard to find when looking for the perfect fixture.