Common Questions And Answers About LED Recessed Lighting

When homeowners are looking to add a unique and special touch to the lighting in their homes, many are turning to LED recessed lighting. In the Houston area, Phantom Lighting Systems is the premiere provider of recessed lighting. They have experts that can lead a customer through every step of installing a lighting system in their home or place of business. Many people who are not familiar with LED recessed lighting or other Phantom services have questions before purchasing. These are answers to some of the common ones.

Q: What is the difference between a recessed lighting system and conventional lighting?

LED Recessed Lighting Common Questions And Answers

A:  When most people think of lighting their home, they think of light fixtures hanging from the ceiling or lamps positioned around the house. This form of lighting is very common and comes included with most new construction homes. While this form of lighting will help you see around your house, the fixtures themselves can be obtrusive to the architecture of the home. A recessed lighting system is designed to go unseen by residents and guests. Because the lights are tucked into cabinet openings or in between wall fixtures, the only thing people see is the indirect light coming from the system. Two forms of recessed lighting that are common in homes are cove lighting and cabinet lighting.

Q: What is cove lighting?

A: Cove lighting is often used in hotels and art galleries and adds a beautiful ambient glow to any room in the home. The fixtures for cove lighting are either linear strips or ribbons. They are tucked into recessed ceilings or tray ceilings so that the fixture goes unseen from people in the room. Cove lighting adds indirect light that is unobtrusive and highlights the architecture of the room. They are fantastic for high end homes and are often placed in bathrooms, kitchens, or foyers. Recently, technology advanced to enable LED lights to be placed in cove lighting fixtures. Phantom Lighting’s Elite and Ultra lines contain the most sophisticated LED technology on the market.

Q: What is recessed cabinet lighting?

A: Recessed cabinet lighting is lighting that is placed on the top side of openings in fixtures or underneath cabinets. It is not seen by people standing in the room, as it is very thin, and tucked underneath surfaces. This form of lighting is often used in the kitchen, where lights are underneath cabinets to illuminate countertops. They are great for people that need more light to cook or wash dishes. They are also very striking when used in wall units in living areas. A dull, dark wall unit is transformed into a gallery for family pictures or favorite collectibles just by adding recessed cabinet lighting to the unit.

Q: Why is LED lighting better than traditional lighting?

A: LED lighting is extremely energy efficient. The lights only consume 0.6 watts each so they can provide the same lighting at a lower rate than the costs of traditional bulbs. LED lights last longer than traditional bulbs – in many cases, 25 times as long. What that means to homeowners is less time changing out bulbs. Many times, once the LED lights are installed, the homeowner will move before they have to change the bulb. Phantom Lighting has created a LED lighting solution that enables people to switch from a conventional system without the need for a new transformer or wiring method.

With the excellent options that LED recessed lighting provides homeowners and business owners shouldn’t let their unfamiliarity with the product prevent them from purchasing. The professionals at Phantom Lighting Systems have been serving the Huston area for more than 30 years and can provide thorough answers for any questions.

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