Contour Lighting Projectors

Contour lighting projectors feature award winning technology that creates breathtaking luminance for magnificent objects d’art. Often referred to as the “lighted from within effect,” cherished masterpieces deserve nothing less.

The secret to contour lighting projectors’ unmatched sophistication lies in the contoured light beam designed to cradle the silhouette of the art object – be it a painting, abstract or sculpture – with impeccable exactitude and museum-standard quality.

These illuminators are outfitted with LED lamps that render colors in spectacular brilliance, underscore each brush stroke and accentuate relief elements. Unlike natural sunlight, which can contribute to fading and deterioration in fine works of art, modern LED lamps filter out potentially harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, which deliver notoriously poor color rendering, LED lamps create a vastly superior aura. These lamps have an average life span of 30,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent bulb changes. They can be used alone for a bright, dazzling effect or in conjunction with a dimmer for a soft, warm glow.

Thanks to their versatility and flexibility, contour lighting projectors are not only suitable for the illumination of exquisite paintings in a rectangular frame, but are also a perfect choice for irregularly shaped pieces, abstracts, and even sculptures. Requiring only the smallest of apertures and featuring low-profile, paintable cover plates, the projector housing is all but invisible.

The fixture comes in various designs to allow for a custom fit, depending on the art work on display, technical considerations and the consumer’s preferences.

  • Float Finish/Zero Sight Line: This solution is highly inconspicuous and ideal for cases where the fixture’s cover plate may disrupt the finish of the ceiling, or where the attic is inaccessible.
  • New Construction: This fixture suits itself to installation on plaster or drywall ceilings, or in homes and offices where floors are lacking in depth and access from above is unavailable.
  • Top Access: Attic access is required for this type of installation. The cover plate design is exceptionally small in diameter for a near-uninterrupted flow of the ceiling. This model is optimal for situations when access from below is impractical.
  • Remodel Housing: Specifically designed to accommodate ceilings with a depth of as little as 10 inches, this fixture’s visible parts (i.e. the cover plate) are comparable to the New Construction version.
  • Surface/Track Mount: This model is the most economical and easy-to-install art illumination on today’s market. This device is not recessed into the ceiling but mounted in a fashion similar to home security cameras. Its polished design, however, makes this model a great choice for both commercial and residential applications.

The installation of contour lighting projectors is generally quite simple, as long as the detailed instructions provided are followed. It is recommended, however, that when the fixture is intended for the illumination of sculptures, professionals are consulted to ensure the proper and most advantageous fit.

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