Contour Projector Lighting Fixture For Highlighting Art

Many of us love to collect precious works of art from well-known painters so we can embellish our homes with color and meaning. Any portrait or painting can always stand out a little more if you incorporate the proper type of illumination upon them. A great way to go about this task is to purchase a projector light for your artwork. However, be aware not all projector lights are the same when it comes to the dispelling process of the light beam, and how well this illumination highlights your prized possessions.

Never Trust The Sun

One thing is for sure. No matter what type of lighting device you decide to use for your artwork, never rely on natural sunlight to do the job for you. Many people have been mesmerized by the common tale that the sun offers the best type of illumination for artwork. Nothing could be further from the truth. The sun’s ultra-violet and infrared rays are anything but friendly on your hanging treasures. These rays will damage your artwork and create a washed out look over short time. If you want those radiant colors to stand out in a safe manner, then a projector light is definitely the way to go.

Not Just An Ordinary Projector

Phantom Lighting is one of the best in the projector light category. Their patented contour projector is a unique device that stands above the competition. This easy to install art lighting fixture produces a focused even illumination source so that no shadows or reflective glare are created over your artwork. When the light penetrates the picture’s colors, it pulls these colors forward toward the viewer giving the painting a “lighted from within” appearance.

The Phantom contour projector produces light, which passes through two Pyrex glass condenser lenses. The first of this lens is a 60mm, 75fl BCX (bi-convex) projector lens. The other is a 60mm, 150fl PCX (plano-convex) lens. These lenses function to gather the light and increase the overall intensity of the illumination while sojourning through the condenser assembly.

This light then flows through a masking ring, which houses the shutters or confinement plate. The illumination is then reprocessed and channeled by one or more 39mm, 75fl Pyrex glass focal lenses to the artwork itself. A user can actually control the amount of light passing through the glass focal lenses. It is the one part of the Phantom contour projector that gives the user all the versatility they will need on their art lighting adventure.

The Contour Projector uses a 75-watt MR16 halogen based lamp for illumination purposes. This mechanism traps the infrared rays inside the fixture itself, while filtering out most of the ultra-violet rays before they set their sights on your artwork. This device produces a reliable focused light source, which you can mask to fit the exact shape of the object you are trying to illuminate. This results in fewer shadows and unneeded reflective glare, which can take away from your viewing pleasure.

Two other special features of the Phantom contour projector are the universal rotating ring and the fully adjustable mounting cradle. The rotating ring can spin 360 degrees and has four positive locking phenolic thumb knobs to help keep the fixture in its proper position. The mounting cradle keeps the contour projector in place and gives the user the flexibility to remove the device for cleaning and maintenance. Constructed out of durable aluminum, this versatile light fixture is a must have for everyone!

The Introverted Artist Steps Out

There is no need to keep your artwork a secret to the world. All of those lavish colors are too precious and should be displayed. Art beautifies our surroundings with color and life, while giving us a sense of meaning in a discombobulated universe. Clear up that confusion with the illumination from a superior light fixture. Now that you realize the benefits of owning a Phantom contour projector, your art’s true color will come shining through.

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