A Contour Projector Lights Art Displays Instead Of A Whole Room

A contour projector is reserved for situations that call for artistic illumination and isn’t meant to brighten up an entire room. Instead, it is trained on a single subject, usually a piece of art, and displays the subject in the best way possible. These devices are some of the most technologically advanced fixtures on the market, which is why museums, galleries and other venues make frequent use of them. Phantom’s models are mounted in the ceiling and feature an extremely low profile. They remain completely hidden until switched on and are extremely difficult to see even during operation.

Phantom offers five versions of the contour projector, each with subtle differences that make them ideal for certain installations. All of them, except for the SM series, consist of a housing unit in the ceiling which mounts the fixture and a cover plate that shields the fixture from view. When switched on, the cover plate descends slightly, giving the device an aperture to radiate through. The FF series (float finish) is designed to blend in completely with the ceiling and is nearly invisible when it is painted to match the surrounding space. The NC series (new construction) and RM series (remodel housing) are more compact units ideal for ceilings as shallow as 10 inches deep. Both are designed to inflict as little damage on the ceiling as possible and are suited for newer properties that want to preserve ceiling integrity. The TA series (top access) is for situations where it’s not possible to access the unit from below or when ceiling penetration needs to be kept to a minimum. Finally, the SM series (surface mount) does not come with a cover plate, leaving the contour projector exposed at all times. This is the least expensive model and perfect for venues that don’t mind visible fixtures.

Art galleries and museums are drawn to these devices because they produce illumination that bends to the subject. Phantom customizes every contour projector to the venue’s specifications, so it literally “contours” to the shape and curves of the subject. This may not seem like a big deal, but the difference between a customized fixtures and simple track or recessed lighting is stark. Standard fixtures produce a lot of spill illumination and may not render colors properly in the subject. When this happens, the subject is no longer the focus of attention or it is poorly represented.

A contour projector produced by Phantom does not generate any spill or shadows on the piece. The effect must be seen to be believed, because it looks like the subject is being lit from within, like it has a natural glow to it. The absence of spill and shadows generates a powerful illusion that will hypnotize observers. Also, traditional incandescent fixtures create warm hues that, while inviting, also alter the colors in the piece. Halogen bulbs can avoid this, but halogen tends to be too harsh and distracting. Phantom’s devices, though, come with LED bulbs that can be customized for any color temperature, including pure white. This preserves the true hues in the subject.

Phantom’s projectors are built for one purpose – to produce the perfect illumination for any artistic setting. They are sleek, reliable and can mesmerize people with a soft touch and perfect illumination.