Cove Lighting Fixtures

Cove lighting fixtures offered by Phantom represent the best option for residential and commercial indirect illumination. Hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, professional and government buildings are just a few locations where this technology can be used to great effect. In general, Phantom employs linear CM or LED light strips to produce this soft, indirect illumination. Phantom’s strips come in several varieties and can be custom fit to any shape. They are also available in a variety of colors, from warm and cool tones to brilliant white. In short, any commercial or residential building can benefit from the design flourish these products offer.

The most important trait that cove lighting fixtures must express is subtlety. The strips must be out of sight, and the illumination should calmly melt into the background. Traditional bulbs are usually too bright, and produce too much glare for this to work. Even CM strips will create too much glare if they aren’t treated in some way. Phantom dulls this glare and diffuses the illumination by installing metal glare shields with the strips. The feathering effect produced by the glare shield is more appropriate for intimate or professional settings.

Phantom seeks to provide a custom solution to every installation. While most manufacturers and installers will modify their cove lighting fixtures prior to placing them, Phantom does it differently. Providing a custom fit means surveying the area first, and determining which products will work best in the area. Once placed, they are modified further to reduce their profile, and ensure they produce the optimal level of brightness. Builders and architects often have trouble finding prefabricated cove lighting fixtures that meet their needs. Because of this, professionals will often have Phantom alter them until they will work for a particular setting.

Many builders, designers, and architects will approach Phantom before starting a project because they need the strip to meet specific dimensions. Every product that Phantom manufactures is fitted for a piece of furniture or for a certain space. CM strips and LED strips can both be sized to fit in this fashion. All of Phantom’s products can also be shaped to fit any space, from circular to serpentine. CM strips are available as incandescent lamps or xenon lamps. Incandescent lamps can be calibrated for 3 watt, 5 watt or 10 watt inputs, and are typically used to add color to a space. The warmer tones produced by incandescent lamps are better suited for residential properties or restaurants. Xenon cove lighting fixtures produce neutral white light, so they are ideal for commercial properties. Their neutral tones also do a better job of rendering color. This is why museums and galleries may prefer them over incandescent lamps. Xenon lamps are also available in low voltage models, so they inexpensive to operate.

LED strips use even less power. Most require less than a single watt to produce ample illumination. Phantom produces LED strips that group six bulbs together in a compact package, closely mimicking the illumination that xenon lamps provide.  With Phantom’s fixtures and designs, any commercial or residential space can be enhanced with a serene and beautiful wash of light.

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