Custom Bookcase Lighting Fixtures

Bookcase lighting can best be accomplished using low-profile linear strips that illuminate the contents of shelves from within but remain hidden themselves from the viewer’s line of sight.

In the cabinet lighting world, this form of luminance is known as sourceless lighting and produces both powerful and highly aesthetic results. Phantom linear strip lights have earned the reputation of being some of the most unobtrusive fixtures for this type of lighting, and have led to the coining of our motto, “see the light, not the fixture.” In fact, some of the finest results achieved with our lighting fixtures are found in private libraries in residential and commercial settings, where everything from antique shelving to custom-built displays for rare, collector’s hardback can be illuminated from within with wireless, low-voltage lighting fixtures that combine high-end aesthetics with user-friendly operations and optimal electrical safety.

Phantom typically lights bookcases with one of two linear fixture models: the AC (Adjustable Concealed) series, and the AE, (Adjustable Exposed) series. The AC series is designed to be built into cabinets and bookcases at the time of manufacture, whereas the AE series is designed for retrofitting existing cabinets with lights. Normally the AE series is utilized by remodeling contractors who bundle cabinet and bookcase lighting as one of many aspects of a home or office remodel. The AC series is generally used on a larger scale by a variety of contractors, including electrical specialists, general contractors, builders, and of course, cabinet makers themselves.

cabinet strip lightingPhantom linear bookcase lights feature some ingenious engineering found nowhere else in the world of cabinet lighting design. We have patented a virtually wireless cabinet lighting system that negates the need for both gangly wiring and problematic battery power. Using buss bars and metal shelf supports, we have engineered linear strip technology to use metallic structures that are either built into the cabinet or retrofitted to its surface as conductors of low-voltage current. This current neither generates heat nor presents any risk of shock, and is essentially the safest form of bookshelf lighting to utilize for eclectic displays and collections of older books whose covers and pages are exceptionally sensitive.

The process of manufacturing, customizing, lamping, shipping, and providing installation support are all handled through our network of in-house marketing and sales representatives, along with our intercontinental network of Phantom Lighting Agents. These specialists help contractors, interior decorators, and remodelers determine such things as the length of the fixture, the type of festoon lamps to use, and best types of shelf supports and contacts to use in establishing the circuit and concealing the low voltage transformer from public view. The outcome of this process results in a more flexible lighting system for bookcases and book shelves. When our linear strips lights are installed in a bookcase with the right types of shelf support pads and contact pads (one of our biggest sources of superior shelf supports is Knape and Vogt), shelves can actually be removed, cleaned, and rearranged with the linear strips still attached to them. This allows for frequent cleaning and redecorating of the bookcase without risk of electrical shock or damage to the lighting equipment.

We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art, display lighting and accent lighting tools.

Contact us now at 800-863-1184 or speak to a United States Sales Representative about your specialty, luxury lighting needs in fine art showcasing and decorative interior accent lighting.