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Homes today are more like small buildings than the traditional houses of 40 years past. They contain more rooms, more furniture, and more interior custom build outs than previous designs afforded. As such, cabinets have moved beyond the kitchen and bathroom into other portions of the home as well. Workrooms and home offices contain both functional and decorative fixtures constructed to make life more convenient on a room-by-room basis. The specific purpose of cabinet lighting thus varies accordingly. It can be either exclusively task oriented, exclusively decorative, or a subtle blend of both. With specialty and custom cabinets, the decorator is often hard pressed to find standard fixtures that will fit the unique dimensions and eclectic materials used by today’s builders. Particularly on the decorative end of the spectrum, puck lights are becoming increasingly unpopular because their high visibility often detracts from the visual aesthetic of specialty design. Linear strip lights are now the dominant fixture in this discipline, and linear lighting manufacturers who can custom manufacture fixtures to fit precise vertical and horizontal dimensions becomes an increasingly valuable resource in today’s rapidly changing world of lighting design.

Phantom was one of the first cabinet lighting manufacturers to notice this movement toward specialization and customization in home interior design. We realized that in order to make truly superior linear lighting products we would have to accommodate aesthetics, practical usage, and power saving features all in one bundled value offering.  Knowing as well that cabinet lighting itself would become increasingly decorative in its intention and simultaneously mores sophisticate in functional applications as well, we designed a shelf lighting strip that would be all things to all workers, homemakers, collectors, and professionals from a wide range of vertical markets.

This resulted in the patented design of six linear strip light series, five of which will fully accommodate the demands of any commercial, office, home, or specialty cabinet lighting requirement that a client may bring to the table.  Each strip light features a specialty; niche functionality combined with features shares by all six linear strips to make them both the most unique lighting fixtures of their kind and the most readily adaptable to any environment.

The first thing Phantom Lighting accomplished when it first designed these adjustable shelf lighting fixtures was to develop a new method of conductivity that would completely eliminate visible wires.  We perfected a technique that allows us now to send current to low voltage festoon lamps by means of existing metal shelf standards that allow for reshelving without tools or risk of short circuit.  This has made them a hot item in display cabinet lighting.  Their low profile design makes them undetectable to the casual viewer, and their proprietary conductivity features allow decorators to move or replace entire shelves when the time comes to modify or switch out displays.  In the retail world in particular, Phantom cabinet LED strip lights have proven themselves exceptional accent lighting tools whose compact, wireless presence is ideal for glass accessory cabinets and specialty showcase displays.

Office managers also prefer Phantom low voltage cabinet lighting strips to traditional fluorescent linear strips when it comes to delivering essential task light to break rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.  It was proven in the 80’s that fluorescents flicker causes eyestrain and headaches, so replacing fluorescent strips with cost effective, superior lamping technology such as low voltage incandescents or super energy conscious LED festoons does a great deal to make for a more pleasant and comfortable environment.

Along similar lines, kitchen under cabinet lighting has had to evolve beyond the rudimentary task oriented focus that also relied upon fluorescent strip lights in past decades.  Kitchens now are bigger and often the center of home sponsored events.  In fact, they are often one of the first rooms that interior decorators and lighting designers pay attention to accent lighting fixtures because kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms every guest will eventually visit at some point during his or her stay.

Our technology offers a number of color trim choices that allow decorators to combine glare free functional cabinet lighting with an aesthetic sensitivity to adjoining layers of room and accent lighting and specialty interior designs. We offer each client low voltage fixtures that can be dimmed upon command to create different levels of light for different times of day and different activities.  We also provide an impressive selection of colour temperatures in incandescent, xenon lamps, and led festoon lamps.

Lighting Agents in North America, Mexico, and now Central and South America carefully listen to and assess the exact cabinet lighting needs of commercial and residential clients. They then offer two things that again differentiate us from many commercial lighting manufactures.  They custom order from our partner factory operation strip lights that meet the exact dimensions of custom and showcase cabinetry.  Secondly, at no additional cost beyond the initial point of purchase, they educate the client in lighting installations and application of our cabinet lighting fixtures and thus eliminate the time delays and additional expenses of dispatching an installer onsite.

Contact us now toll-free at 1-800-863-1184 for a complimentary consultation on even more specialized applications that Phantom Custom Lighting Systems provide.

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