Designing And Installing Cove Lighting Solutions For A Home

Designing And Installing Cove Lighting Solutions For A HomeDesigning and implementing cove lighting solutions is one of the most effective ways to give a space a new look. Upscale homes often come with intricately constructed molding and alcoves, often built with graceful curves. While they look nice, curves will represent a challenge when setting up fixtures, but Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of strip fixtures can overcome this obstacle. No matter the shape of the ceiling, the Elite and Ultra can provide continuous, uniform illumination that can work in any room of the home, or even in commercial settings.

Why should homeowners consider designing and installing cove lighting solutions?

Illumination is often the last thing considered during home construction. Even in upscale homes, contractors will usually just install standard fixtures, such as recessed cans for general lighting and adjustable types for accent lighting. Introducing a hidden light source with other lighting fixtures creates layers of light that can be dimmed to create a variety of moods.

Phantom’s strip fixtures, for example, can provide an extra layer of illumination that isn’t found in most homes. Elite and Ultra strips are installed near the ceiling, usually on top of molding or inside a nook built into the upper part of the room. These fixtures offer concealment from view, so only the emitted illumination should be visible. And Phantom designs its Elite and Ultra series in a way that produces a compact, yet soft spread of illumination. This soft wash of radiance curls out from the fixtures’ concealed spot and hugs the ceiling. Typically, the illumination only extends out a foot or two, so it doesn’t cover the entire ceiling. This helps establish the edges of the molding, but it’s important to mount the fixtures at regular distances to ensure even metering. If the installer does so, these fixtures can make the room appear larger than it actually is.

And because they emit a low level of illumination, they impart a warm, inviting feeling into a room
. Phantom offers strip fixtures with incandescent, xenon and LED technology, and all of them can be set to emit gentle, warm tones.

What is challenging about designing and placing cove lighting solutions?

While most spaces are angular and accommodating, some homes feature radial designs instead. Curves are tougher to handle, and only a handful of fixtures are appropriate for these settings. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series are two of them, and because they can format to any length, they can work with any curve or angle.

Concealing the fixtures is essential to a proper installation, but this can be difficult to pull off in some settings. For this reason, Phantom has designed its Elite and Ultra series to be ultra-compact, ensuring the fixtures are not visible from all angles.

Finally, energy efficiency is a concern, as typically, these fixtures remain on around the clock. With Phantom’s LED strips, though, a homeowner will never have to worry about waste. LED technology is extremely efficient and requires only a fraction of the energy that incandescent and xenon fixtures need. It’s unlikely that a set of LED fixtures will move the needle significantly on power consumption in the average home.

Beautifully designed molding can tie a room together and give it a sophisticated appearance. A homeowner can make sure that people notice it with graceful illumination from Phantom. If you would like assistance designing your cove lighting system, the consultants at Phantom Lighting are ready to help.  Call 800-863-1184 for free design assistance.

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