Designing Cove Lighting For Ceilings With The Right Fixtures

Designing Cove Lighting For CeilingsThe process for designing cove lighting for ceilings requires attention to fine details and an eye for beauty. High-end residential and commercial properties are often designed with aesthetics in mind, but their subtle features can only be brought out with the right fixtures. Likewise, an installer will need to spot the building’s interesting features before setting the system up. The aim is always to wash the visually appealing parts of the building with soft illumination, imparting a sense of tranquility and sophistication into the space. Phantom’s technology is designed with this goal in mind, offering a potent combination of grace and power.

Which of Phantom’s fixtures are best when designing cove lighting for ceilings?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra lines are the preferred choice when setting up aesthetic illumination systems. Both the Elite and Ultra use the best LED lamps available and are highly customizable for a range of settings. Even the first generation of LED lamps, perfected in the 90s, offered superior efficiency over incandescent and fluorescent lamps. This gulf in efficiency has widened in the years since, and LED lamps are now clearly the best option if power conservation is a priority. This unparalleled efficiency also makes for a safer lamp, as they produce close to zero radiant heat.

Efficiency is only one advantage Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures offer, however. Both produce some of the highest output levels in the industry. The Elite produces 130 lumens per linear foot and the Ultra creates 200 lumens per linear foot. This power only takes a few watts per linear foot as well, making for an impressive input to output ratio.

Most importantly, though, is the striking beauty Phantom’s strip fixtures offer. This beauty is possible because all of Phantom’s lamps are selected for their reliability and precise output level. Phantom’s LED lamps undergo strict binning, which eliminates any lamps that do not produce within a tight range of color temperatures and intensity levels. This strict binning means Phantom’s fixtures produce a predictable look that installers can account for when setting up a system.

How are Phantom’s fixtures used when designing cove lighting for ceilings?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strip fixtures are best when spaced at least 2 inches away from all surfaces, though it’s best to keep them within 6 inches of the ceiling. This distance provides the optimal spread of illumination, ensuring there are no hotspots or poor coverage areas. It may seem difficult to place fixtures this close to the top of the room, but Phantom’s fixtures are built in a highly compact package. Because they are so easily concealed, the Elite and Ultra strips can be installed on top of cabinetry and valences and behind crown molding. If there is no obvious concealment spot for the fixtures, Phantom can provide aiming trims that offer the ideal setup for the lamps.

This technology is also a smart choice for commercial settings, where it can be placed in lobby areas, behind corporate logos, and in meeting and conference rooms.

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