Detailed Chart Of Contour Projector Comparison

Phantom Lighting Systems specializes in residential and commercial specification grade lighting products designed for the illumination of fine art and low voltage display lighting. We are recognized as one of the country’s premiere lighting manufacturers of Art lighting, Cabinet Lighting, Cove Lighting, and Adjustable Shelf Lighting. The Phantom Contour Projector with remodel housing is an exclusive and has received a US Patent for design excellence and innovation. Contact a Lighting Agent in your area to learn more about how the various Phantom Contour Projector Models can bring your art to life. See for yourself by also visiting our client gallery of completed projects using the Phantom Contour Projector and Phantom Low Voltage Light Strips.

We hope the following detailed contour projector comparison chart will be helpful in illustrating the many differences in projector performance, projector mounting methods and projector costs between optical framing projector manufacturers. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to call technical support at 800-863-1184.  We are here to help and look forward to your call!

Manufacturer Lightolier® Halo® Laymance Wendelighting® Phantom

Part Number

7052QD H7066T 1039 1176 RM131RW

Lamp Type

100W T-4 75W MR16 150W Q/CL/MC 150W Q/CL/MC 75W MR16

Lamp Life (Average hours)

2000 2000 2000 2000 4000

Supply Voltage

120 120 120 120 120/277

Operating Voltage

120 12 120 120 12


None Magnetic None None Electronic
Incandescent Magnetic Incandescent Incandescent Electronic

Laboratory Listing


Insulation Rating


Total Height

7 7/8″ 11 1/8″ 9″ 9″ 9 1/2″

Total Length

14 1/2″ 19″ 23″ 23″ N/A

Total Width

13″ 18″ 13 1/2″ 13 1/2″ 13 1/8″

Adjustable Shutters

Yes Yes No No Yes

Custom Templates

No No Yes Yes Yes
Pattern Gobos No No No Yes Yes

Remodel Housing

No No No No Yes

New Construction Housing

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Fixed Optical System

Yes Yes No No No

Offset Mounting Allowed

No No Yes Yes Yes

Ease of Installation

Basic Basic Very Difficult Very Difficult Moderate

Requires Qualified Technician

No No Yes Yes No

Travel Expenses Required

None None Market Market None

Average Cost

Medium Medium High High Modest
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LIGHTOLIER® is a registered trademark of The Genlyte Thomas Group LLC.
WENDELIGHTING® is a registered trademark of Jacksen International, LTD.
PHANTOMTM is a trademark of Rulon Electric Illuminations Company, Inc. DBA Illuminations Lighting Design