Determining The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Your Display

Any collector who is serious about their paintings and sculptures will want the very best art lighting fixture for their displays. Contour Projector For Best Art Lighting FixtureIllumination technology is not where a homeowner will want to cut corners, as inferior systems aren’t up for the task at hand. Whether they produce uneven or unreliable illumination, they won’t show off the painting or sculpture in a way the subject deserves. This can make a significant investment in a collection all for nothing, because inferior lighting will change the way a subject looks, and not for the better.

What should homeowners consider if they want the best art lighting fixture for their display?

There are a lot of challenges to overcome when setting up display illumination. The system has to produce even light that is neither too intense nor too soft. It has to deal with glare appropriately and has to blend in with the home’s aesthetic. It has to provide a long lived performance that can be relied on, and it has to be flexible. That’s a lot to ask from a system, but it’s necessary to get the most out of a collection of paintings and sculptures.

Optical framing technology, fortunately, fits into this profile perfectly, which is why most designers, architects and installers consider it the most advanced illumination technology available. Phantom’s optical framing systems, for example, are built with high-quality, MR16 halogen lamps that are an ideal choice for rendering color in paintings. This lamp is controlled with a pair of condensing lenses and a pair of focal lenses, ensuring the beam is sharp and perfectly measured.

Optical framing systems are installed inside the ceiling as well, so they remain completely unobtrusive and blend in with their surroundings, no matter what those surroundings are. The best art lighting fixture doesn’t distract from the display, and Phantom emphasizes this with its optical framing technology. In fact, the only visible sign that the system is even there is an innocuous cover plate that holds an aperture for the beam to emit through.

The technology can also be placed anywhere, as they offer superior aiming capabilities. Most installers will choose to offset the system instead of placing it directly in front of the subject. By offsetting the system, the installer can bounce any reflected light away from the display and ensure glare does not affect the painting. Glare elimination is something the best art lighting fixture installer should offer at a minimum.

As for flexibility and longevity, Phantom Lighting offers several models; including systems designed for new construction and remodeled settings. They can be fitted with magnetic or electronic transformers, both of which provide many years of performance. They can be configured in a low voltage setting as well. There are plenty of ways for a homeowner to customize their system, but no matter what they settle on, the system will offer thousands of hours of high-quality, sophisticated illumination.

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