Disney Selected Phantom Lighting To Create Their Vision

When the imagineers at Disney wanted a special lighting projector to enhance the interior of the Parrot Bay restaurant, on the cruise ship Disney Magic, they contacted Phantom Lighting Systems. What the Disney designers envisioned was a small recessed optical framing projector that would project patterns of light onto the walls and draperies to create a magical effect. They needed a framing projector that would project focused light, fit into a tight space, produce very little heat, operate at 220 volts and ship quickly. In order to meet Disney’s specific needs, the technicians at Phantom Lighting fabricated a custom gobo holder that would accept a stainless steel pattern filter, or “gobo,” which is typically used in theatrical lighting.

In addition, the Disney designers specified and are using Phantom Strip Lights in one of many display cases located in a boutique on the ship.
The small linear light source with remote transformers was perfect for the application.In addition to creating a dazzling theatrical environment for the Disney company, the Phantom™ Contour Projector, with its control and precision, is the perfect compliment to your fine art collection. It truly brings objects of art to life – colors become more vivid and rich, forms more lustrous and distinct. The splendor of your art will dazzle you when you add the artistic illumination provided by the Phantom™ Contour Projector to creatively affect the palette of mood, whether bright and illustrious or subtle and warm.

This form of art lighting intensifies the magnificence of your art with a contoured light beam that flawlessly embraces the distinct outline of your individual pieces of art. Through the use of its standard or custom designed templates and an unbroken line of direct lighting, the Phantom™ Contour Projector provides luminescence for single, multiple and irregularly shaped art objects. Three different art lighting applications – one projector. With cutting-edge technology, this unseen projector can be used as far as 30 feet away to as close as just a few feet. The richness of your art will illuminate your environment with beauty and splendor. Additionally, Phantom offers five different housings to meet the needs of any project, from a remodel to a top access to surface mount.

Because needs are diverse, the Contour Projector provides options to fit almost any situation–whether you’re one of the world’s leading entertainment companies or simply looking to beautify your own home. For more information regarding Phantom Lighting System, please visit phantomlighting.com or call toll free 800-863-1184 X 6806 to speak with one of our many Phantom lighting representatives and lighting agents.