Display Cabinet Lighting With Light Strips Enhance Items

Phantom strip lights take display cabinet lighting to an entirely new level of sophistication and functional design. Consisting of 12-volt or 24-volt LED bulbs mounted on versatile, customizable conductive strips, they prove ideal for lighting cabinets, displays, bookshelves, and eclectic fine furnishings. Because they operate at very cool temperatures, LED’s light cabinets and displays safely and aesthetically, producing no heat and producing superior illumination without the distracting visibility of equipment and fixtures.

Linear strip lighting conceals the light source from the viewer’s line of sight. LED lamps and light bulbs are concealed by a custom-cut lighting strip that affixes itself to the surface of shelving in bookcases and displays, and cabinets. Light appears to radiate from the shelving itself, as the conductive strip lies unobtrusively camouflaged within the display. Cabinets light up like never before as strips blend in with the painted background and light seems to spring up from the surface when the cabinet door opens. The strips that house display cabinet lights sit snugly against the wood, so you don’t have to worry about hitting an object against a fixture or bulb as often happens with more cumbersome, bulky under cabinet lights. LED cabinet display lights will work with cabinets of any size at any location in the building provided you have access to a nearby power source and place to hide a small low voltage transformer.

Even the wiring is less obtrusive when you use Phantom display cabinet lighting strips. The laws that regulate electrical wiring differ considerably in reference to low voltage lighting versus high voltage lighting. Installers are far less restricted in their actions when working with Phantom LED display cabinet lights because of their low voltage requirements. Installers can work with a variety of techniques that conceal unsightly wiring that are simply not possible or legal to accomplish with high voltage systems. This results in further benefit for the viewer and keeps the eye from wandering off the subject onto the site of stray or dangling wires. This method also keeps wires out of the way, so hands and objects don’t become entangled.

Cabinet display lighting can often be accomplished effectively with only small or recessed surface-mounted lights placed along the top of the cabinet. This proves especially true in cabinets with mirrored backs. Traditional lighting consists of fixtures that will reflect back to the eye and distract the viewer. They also reflect too much light back to the viewer in the form of glare. By contrast, Phantom display cabinet lights nestle so closely to the mounting that the mirror does not reflect the appearance of either the strip or the low-profile LED bulbs. The only disadvantage that you might encounter is shadowing that results from placing too many objects on the lower shelves to the extent that light becomes blocked. This technique works best when the larger objects sit on top and the smaller objects less prone to shadowing funnel gently toward the bottom of the display. The same principles of shadowing apply, so arrangement of your display is vital to an aesthetic outcome.

Books, art objects, family memorabilia, or collectibles will all look great with display cabinet lighting. Contact Phantom Lighting at 800-863-1184 and bring those dark shelves to life so that you may more richly enjoy your most prized possessions. Looking for examples of our lighting products? Visit our client gallery for ideas and understanding of our strip lighting fixtures.