Display Lighting Illuminates Art, Antiques, & Collectables

Display lights illuminate pieces of art, antiques, and collectables. Their small fixture sizes and customizable ease of installation makes display lights a favored method of illumination highly valued by both private and professional art collectors. They possess an uncanny ability to bring out the natural beauty of a painting or 3-dimensional object while all the while concealing their own appearance. Phantom display lights mount directly onto a shelf or cabinet surface, concealing their own visibility while highlighting artwork and collectibles with a wide variety of energy-conscious, specialty lighting effects.

Phantom Lighting has gained world acclaim with a revolutionary adaptation of basic display lighting mounting and conductivity technology. Keeping in mind the basic principles of overhead downlighting and cabinet effect lighting, Phantom engineers have designed and patented wiring methods for display lights called “Phantom Lighting Strips.” These unique housings offer safety features and a level of customization available through no other lighting manufacturers in the world. Equally viable for both commercial and residential display lighting, Phantom strip lights differentiate themselves from previous, traditional technologies both by eliminating physical wires and conducting low voltage current safely and cost effectively through an entirely new, patented form of circuitry.

Instead of using wiring that can tangle, break, overheat, and catch fire, Phantom display lights affix directly to a shelf and conduct electricity through existing metal shelf standards. Art collectors can literally move shelves around and remove shelves altogether without turning the lights off or causing a short circuit. This is attributable to our patented delivery of current from remote transformers along the surface of the shelf or display case itself, powering display lights that burn longer with less cost and allows for on-the-spot adjustments requiring no electrical contracting or consulting specialists to perform.

Phantom display lighting strips ship pre-cut to client specifications, so they custom fit their intended environments straight out of the box. Phantom Lighting manufacturers six distinct models of strip lights, each offering key benefits specific to a variety of display housings and custom display environments. Our AC and AE series display lights prove ideal sources of lighting for any type of removable shelving, working equally well in antique cabinets and bookshelves that dual function as collectible displays. The HM and VM series completely conceal both strip light housing and physical bulbs and create a field of illumination ideal for lighting antiques and hand painted porcelain. The TL series provides task lighting that works very well with the functional demands of cabinet and under cabinet lighting, while the CM series provides a cool radiant wash of light downward from a fixed, concealed point on the ceiling above paintings and fine photography prints.

Phantom Strip Lights deliver longer-lasting illumination at reduced power costs as well. Due to the low-voltage output of our remote transformers, and because of the way low voltage current flows through our wireless conductive system, Phantom display lighting offers exceptional savings on power costs. Traditional xenon and incandescent bulbs actually consume less electricity on a Phantom system than on a traditional wired design, and Phantom LED light bulbs—the ultimate power savers in their own right—can reduce light bills as much as 80%, giving continuous light to displays throughout all hours of the night with no maintenance costs and replacements so rare they practically don’t occur.

Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184. We invite you to visit our  lighting blog or online lighting showroom to discover which Phantom low voltage lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs. Together, the cabinet light manufacturing experts at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next linear strip lighting project is an astounding success!