Does Home Cabinet Lighting Really Make A Difference?

In the home, cabinet lighting can be that special visual flourish that leaves an impact on friends, family and visitors. It is normally installed inside the furniture or bookcase for display reasons, as it can bring out the beauty in just about any collection. From minerals to glass, books to models, premium illumination is designed to infuse life and energy into a set of subjects. However, not just any fixture is capable of this, and settling for a cheap set of fixtures is a sure path to frustration.

What are the best display fixtures for the home?

Cabinet lighting, when executed properly, is capable of establishing a focal point in the room while not taking over the entire space. This is a difficult medium to hit and is usually impossible with cheaply built systems. The installer must have complete control over the fixtures to ensure the illumination is properly balanced, and premium fixtures offer this level of flexibility. Specifically, Phantom’s LED display systems are versatile because they can be attached to dimmer controls and can be metered with the use of aiming trims.

Where the fixtures are placed and how they are metered will have an enormous impact on the system’s appearance. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LEDs can be placed in a horizontal or vertical pattern, and either option offers additional placement methods. Horizontally mounted fixtures can be retrofit, exposed, and finished with a wood reveal or placed behind a custom built aiming trim. Vertical mount fixtures can be placed behind door trim or vertical stiles, and even mounted in the middle of a display if there are dual stiles present.

The aiming trims are another component that add positional flexibility. They provide two functions in a system. For one, they conceal the fixtures from view, which is essential for promoting an aesthetically pleasing display. After all, while the Elite and Ultra may provide beautiful illumination, the lamps themselves aren’t much to look at. The aiming trims also block out certain angles of illumination so that it remains under control. Some trims can pare down the illumination to as narrow as a 40 degree spread, providing a precisely targeted look. If the illumination is allowed to escape the display, it will look sloppy. And because fixtures are additive in their intensity if they are allowed to overlap, it’s important to shape the illumination so that it doesn’t become too intense.

Phantom’s home cabinet lighting typically uses LED technology because it is extremely efficient, reliable, and beautiful. This hasn’t always been the case with LEDs, but the technology has been improved greatly in recent years. Now, not only does it offer the best efficiency and lifespan available on the market, they are comparable in power and appearance to xenon and incandescent fixtures. But unlike these systems, LEDs hold onto their color and intensity as they age, so Phantom’s display illumination can be counted on to provide excellent aesthetics for many years.

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