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Mediaworks professional installers are factory trained and certified in all forms of accent lighting from Phantom Lighting.

At Mediaworks we are technology-simplifiers! We empower our exclusive clientele homes and offices with the best that technology has to offer. Lights, music, video, security, networks, theaters, phone systems and more can entangle your day or empower your life! These systems each if designed, integrated and programmed well can be life-enriching.

When it comes to Phantom art lighting, cabinet lighting or cove lighting are the go to company in the Dallas Texas area for installation and service.  Nothing makes a work of art pop like a contour framing projector or a cabinet glow like Phantom cabinet lighting. Like music, lighting sets the mood!

“Employing technology well is about engineering for reliability and designing for simplicity. “Cookie cutter” methodology and box retailers continue to prove there are no shortcuts for skillful pursuit of engineering and a passionate pursuit for design.” – Richard Gustine, Technical Director

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